2012 self asia with ases proposal eng


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2012 self asia with ases proposal

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2012 self asia with ases proposal eng

  1. 1. May 18, 2012
  2. 2. 1_Outline SELF Asia with ASES※ SELF Asia (Social Enterprise Leaders Forum in Asia)Starting from July 2012, attempts have been made to hold it annually in variousparts of Korea, with Jeonbuk being its first venue. It strives to create a consistentforum in which Asian social enterprise leaders, policymakers, supportingorganizations, youths, corporations, academics, NGOs, and local governments canactively participate.※ ASES (Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit)ASES, which is held biennially and has recently celebrated its six-year anniversary,was held in 2010 with about 300 participants from 15 countries in order toencourage cooperation and solidarity between social entrepreneurs. This year,SELF Asia will be co-hosted as a forum and a fair.‘SELF Asia with ASES’ attempts to create an ecosystem - including a policy agenda, asupporting structure regarding the development of sustainable communities, andglobal cooperation - in order to encourage social entrepreneurship in Asia. This yearstheme is ‚Creating solidarity among Asian social enterprises and an environment thatpromotes sustainable growth.‛ The main agendas of the forum include: I. Creating public and private governance (Innovative Partnership) II. Defining the roles of community regeneration and social enterprises III. Creating measures to foster solidarity in Asia to secure the sustainable growth of social enterprises IV. Defining the role of the younger generation in revitalizing the social economy.It will especially strive to provide a venue in which discussions regarding commonissues related to Asian social economy and community regeneration can be held. It willalso attempt to encourage the sharing of knowledge on the fostering of solidarity inAsia, intensify capacity, and create networking opportunities for Asian social enterprise
  3. 3. leaders.This year’s forum will include various individuals who thrive in the social enterpriseenvironment, provide opportunities to expand and reinforce innovative partnerships,and introduce cooperative models by invoking the government and other privateorganizations. Summary| Theme |Creating solidarity among Asian social enterprises and an environment that promotessustainable growth| Subtitle |The roles of social enterprises in creating sustainable local economies and an Asiancommunity| Dates |July 2, 2012 (Monday) ~ July 4, 2012 (Wednesday)* ASES Youth Pre Camp: June 30 ~ July 2; Post-Conference Tour: July 5| Place |Jeonju, Jeollabukdo| Participants | 1 Domestic and foreign social enterprise leaders (Networks for vitalizing social enterprises, social entrepreneurs) 2 Policymakers, government affiliates and local governments 3 Asian youths who are interested in social entrepreneurial activity 4 Anybody interested in making contributions to the society, supporting organizations, and citizens| Hosted By |Korea’s Network for Social Enterprise, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Jeonbuk ProvincialGovernment| Organized By |Korean Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KOSEA), Work Together Foundation| Format |
  4. 4. ASES Youth Pre Camp Forum WorkshopForum Pre-Camp for Youths in Asia Plenary Session1,2,3 SE Boom-up Workshop 1,2,3 Closing Ceremony andBanquet Welcome Reception Gala Dinner Performances Asia Social Enterprise Fair Fair Fair & Showcase for Collaboration Tour Post Tour (optional)
  5. 5. 2_ Goals and Strategies Goals‘Creating solidarity among Asian social enterprises and an environment that promotessustainable growth’Creating an event in which development strategies and foundations for cooperation andsolidarity to reinforce the social economy of Asia are established Strategies○ Mutual Learning: Sharing carious information and knowledge based on experiences from all areas of Asia○ Depth: Building a discussion through social enterprises and social economic communications○ Sharing & Expanding: Raising awareness and public accessibility of social economy by sharing instances of grassroots movements○ Solidarity & Network: Establishing a network between public and private spheres in order to secure a fertile environment for Asian social enterprises○ Youth Engagement: Developing a social economy model by encouraging the participation of Asian youths
  6. 6. 3_ Program
  7. 7. ① Pre-Camp for Youths in Asia2012 SELF ASIA with ASES hopes to work with the younger generation to carry outthe Asian social enterprises’ progressive movement. This year, we are organizing YouthPre-CAMP prior to the main event to serve as a meeting place for the young socialentrepreneurs around Asia. Youth Pre-CAMP is designed to engage Asian participantsto raise Asian spirit and be inspired by Asian social entrepreneurs from various fields.We would like to support youth participants to grow into an influential socialentrepreneurs practicing ‘Think Asia, Act Local’ and build a strong network.| Goals |•Gathering of young Asian social entrepreneurs and bring up Asian spirit•Meeting social entrepreneur participating SELF Asia with ASES| Outline |1) Dates/Place June 30 ~ July 2 / Jeonju University2) Participants 40 young Asian social entrepreneurs| Program | June 30 (Sat) July 1st (Sun) July 2nd (Mon) BE THE ASESIAN Intercultural Learning (Role of ASESian)Morning Special Lecture ARRIVAL Youth in ASIA (Working at NPO) Lunch Lunch What is SELF ASIA withAfternoon Opening & Orientation ASES? (Introduction) Oh! My Enterprise (Fair Preparation) Get to know Mission Tour in (Ice Breaking) Han-ok village Dinner Sharing Mission Tour Let’s Conference Joining Welcome Reception Evening WORLD CAFE (Sharing your experience) for 2012 SELF Asia wit ASES (Linking Asian Youth)| Detailed Layout | Purpose Program Details 7
  8. 8. -Orientation on Pre-Camp Opening & Orientation -Event venue guide and introduce staffs Ice Breaking -Becoming friends by playing gamesGathering of youngAsian entrepreneurs -Share travel experiences Map of Hope -Create ‚Map of Hope‛ from the shared stories -Share personal experiences and stories Let’s Conference -Build networking through learning about each other -What does ‚Asia‛ mean to us? Youth in ASIA -Importance of the cooperation between brining up Asian countries and Asian spirit building Asian spirits -Learn each other’s culture through various Intercultural Learning activities What is -SELF Asia with ASES Introduction SELF ASIA with ASES? -Discuss role of the youth in Asian World Cafe cooperation (Linking Asian Youth) -Draw up a report BE THE ASESIAN -Reinforce the motivation to become ASESian Be the ASESIAN through cooperation Mission Tour -Tour around the Han-ok village in Han-ok Village Meeting with -Special Lecture by Kudo Kei, ‘Working at social entrepreneurs NPO’ Meeting social entrepreneur Oh! My Enterprise -Introduce participating social enterprises 8
  9. 9. ② ForumThere are three plenary sessions creating a field where development strategies andfoundations for cooperation and solidarity to reinforce the social economy of Asia areestablished. Discussion session follows to summarize ideas generated during theplenary sessions as well as ASES Youth Pre Camp.| Goals | _Plenary Session 1 Creating public and private governance (Innovative Partnership) Public-private partnership program in order to discover foundations to develop a fertile environment for social enterprises _ Plenary Session 2 The roles of community regeneration and social enterprises Introducing and sharing case studies and initiatives of grassroots movements for community regeneration _ Plenary Session 3 Measures to foster solidarity in Asia to secure the sustainable growth of social enterprises Offering strategies to establish an Asian hub through offline and online discussions _Discussion As an entire group, the agendas of the events that were discussed in the Youth Pre-Camp and Plenary Sessions 1, 2, and 3| Program | July 3, (Tuesday) / Riviera Hotel [Vision] Create an ecosystem for Asian Social Enterprise Opening Speech Director of Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KSEPA) 5‘ (9:00~9:05) Congratulatory Welcome Remark 10‘ Employment and Labor Minister Reception (9:05~9:15) 09:00~09:30 Welcoming Remark10‘ Governor of Jeonbuk (9:15~9:25) MC 5‘ To be updatedKeynote Speech Keynote Speech Dr. Alex Nicholls (Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Said 09:30~10:20 25‘ (9:30~9:50) Business School University of Oxford) 9
  10. 10. LEE Keun-Sik (Permanent representative of Korea’s Keynote Speech Network for Social Enterprise, Professor of Development 25‘(9:55~10:20) Economics at The University of SEOUL) [Topic 1] Creating public and private governance (Innovative Partnership) NAM Bu-Won (Steering committee of Korea’s Network for Plenary Moderator Session 1 Social Enterprise, Secretary general of Korea YMCA)10:25~12:30 · Yamada Kiyoshi (Vice President of Tokai Univ) · Prof. KIM Jong-Gul (Chairperson of Japanese Studies, Panels Graduate School of International Studies at Hanyang Univ) · To be determined Lunch Luncheon · Public Administration and Security Minister12:30~14:00 Speech 10‘ [Topic 2] The roles of community regeneration and social enterprises · WON Do-Yeon, Professor at Wonkwang University Moderator (Jeollabuk-do) Plenary Session 2 · Rosevi S. Mojica (Philippine Cabuyao, ‘11 PROJECT14:00~15:30 COORDINATOR ASIAN BRIDGE PHILIPPINES) Panels · LEE Sung-Soo (Director-General, Investment Promotion Bureau, Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government) · To be determined [Topic 3] Measures to foster solidarity in Asia to secure the sustainable growth of social enterprises Moderator · To be updated · Sunit Shrestha (Managing director, Change Fusion) Plenary · LEE Kwang Taek (Prof. of College of Law at Kookmin Univ., Session 3 Board member of Work Together Foundation)15:40~17:40 Panels · Dr. Denison JAYASOORIA (Chair, Asian Solidarity Economy Forum) · Zekai Wang (Director of Business Development, China Foundation Center) Discussion and Reflection (Q & A)Discussion & Reflection Moderator Prof. LIM Hyun-Chin, Seoul National University17:40~18:00 Keynote speakers and moderators of each sessions Panels (Including the discussions from Youth Pre-Camp) 10
  11. 11. ③ FairFair represents a significant opportunity to enhance brand and product visibility,promote new and existing products, generate leads, and drive incremental sales. TheAsian Social Enterprise Fair will not only provide an opportunity to show case productsto other social entrepreneurs and public, but also help to create solidarity with others.Each exhibitor is categorized into one of 8 clusters, so they can generate closerrelationship with others in the same cluster. The fair will be held in Han-ok setting,generating more traditional and unique environments for participants and exhibitors.| Goals | •Select eight major clusters that are in need of solidarity and encourage participation from Asian social enterprises •Show case to registered participants as well as to the public| Outline |1) Date July 3, (Wed) ~ July 4, (Thurs), 10:00 ~ 18:002) Participating exhibitors (30 Foreign, 10 Korean)•A showcase in which Asian social entrepreneurs participate (Introducing demo products and testing services)•5 social enterprises per each cluster3) Organization of clusters Create clusters according to their industry, targets, and topics that center around the necessity for solidarity in Asia and the feasibility of actual entrepreneurial activities Fair Trade Environment Education Responsible Tour Food & Business Health Care Culture Design & ICT 11
  12. 12. ④ Social Enterprise Boom-Up Workshop 1 [Smile Together Partnership 2012]Since 2011, the Work Together Foundation has been promoting its Smile TogetherPartnership, a project that supports the establishment of social enterprises andprovides operational assistance to developing countries. Through the project, it hasbeen working to alleviate poverty in various developing countries. In addition, theSmile Together Partnership attempts to create more employment opportunities whilerespecting the local culture and maintaining its sustainability. We wish to share successstories Asian social entrepreneurs in hoping to find future partners at the 2012 SELFAsia with ASES.| Goals |•Introduce and promote the Work Together Foundation’s ‚Smile Together Partnership,‛ which provides funding, consulting and general support for establishing social enterprises in developing countries•Search for candidates for future projects and outline the 2012 Selection guideline| Outline |1) Date July 4, (Wed) 09:00 ~ 12:002) Participation Total of 70 registered participants Interested social entrepreneurs and potential donors| Program | Timeline Topic Details *Background, purpose, and expected results of Smile Together Partnership 1st Segment Overview *Outline of 2012 Selection guideline: application process, 09:00~10:00 important dates, selecting criteria, etc. [Presenter] Myung-Hee LEE, Kyung-Ah, JANG *Effect and outcome of Smile Together Partnership, nd 2 Segment Uniqueness of Smile Together Partnership Case Study 10:00~11:00 [Presenter] Charisma(Camp) / Khamsone or Tia (PYC) Benteay (to up updated) / Lotus (to up updated) *Break 11:00~11:15 3rd Segment Q&A *Question and answer session 11:15~12:00 12
  13. 13. ④ Social Enterprise Boom-Up Workshop 2 [Asian SE Star]We like to provide an opportunity for future social entrepreneurs preparing a projectsor business to actively promote at the Asian SE Star workshop. Selected participantswill have a chance to give presentation and demonstration to venture investors andcorporate CRS personnel, and in turn, the panels will provide feedbacks to thepresenters. We hope to raise possibility of cooperation between the two partiesthrough this workshop.| Goals | • Provide an opportunity for Asian social entrepreneurs to promote their enterprise by introducing them to funding resources and CSRs of various corporations •Provide an opportunity for corporate CRS personnel and venture investors to meet new social enterprises| Outline |1) Date July 4, (Wed), 13:00 ~ 16:002) Participants 70 Pre-registered participants Venture investors and corporate CSR personnel (including policy makers and other supporting bodies) as panel members| Program | Time Details 13:00~13:10 (10‘) Asian SE Star! Introduction (Explain the voting process) Presentation (10 teams) 13:10~15:40 (150‘) Office Hour* (5/10 min) Collect feedback from audiences 15:40~15:50 (10‘) Vote the Asian SE Star 15:50~16:00 (10‘) Announce the Asian SE Star and prize award*What is ‚Office Hour?‛Office hour is the scheduled time specifically granted to students by professors outside 13
  14. 14. of class. Office hour gives students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and toexplore points of confusion or interest that cannot be fully addressed in class. They areworking with students to uncover the source of their questions through discussions,asking questions, and giving feedbacks. For workshop 2, we hope to project similaroutcome between the panels and participating social entrepreneurs. 14
  15. 15. ④ Social Enterprise Boom-Up Workshop 3 [Asia INSERT: Asia IN! Social Entrepreneurs Relay Talk]After 3 days of discussing and learning about each other and their key social activitiesthrough various programs at the SELF ASIA with ASES, we like to open up the stagefor everyone to freely engage and discuss further. Participants within the same clusterwill gather and talk on the practicality and specific actions to ensure the ‘solidarityamong Asian social enterprises.’| Goals | •Open-stage and no-format relay talk between participants within the same cluster in search of innovative and practical plans| Outline |1) Date July 4, (Wed), 17:30 ~ 20:002) Participants 30 registered participants per each cluster, a total of 240 participants3) Procedures Through a Collaboration Brain Storming Hour, various ideas for solidarity-enhancing enterprises will be discussed within each Han-ok based on its designated clusters topic. * The executive office will only designate the facilitator and encourage free discussions. Dinner will be served in each Han-ok so that the discussions can continue during dinner. 15
  16. 16. ※ Post Conference TourWe invite you to join a one-day post conference tour after the conference. Participantswill visit Korean social enterprises located in Jeonju and Wanju and have anopportunity to explore Korea culture. For many participants the post tour offers muchinsight into some of Korea’s great social enterprises. Please note that the tour will endin Seoul.| Goals | • A tour with the purpose of creating foundations for solidarity among social entrepreneurs and promoting friendship • Visiting social enterprises that were selected as outstanding cases of community regeneration| Outline |1) DateJuly 5, (Thurs), 10:00~17:00 *This is charged program and pre registration is required. 16