Adding An Avatar


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Adding An Avatar

  1. 1. Avatars in Forums This guide demonstrates how to add an avatar to a profile in the new Glow Forums. An avatar is a computer user's representation of themselves, usually in the form of a computer graphic, cartoon or photograph. Finding an Avatar There are many free websites that allow you to create a cartoon Avatar. Some of them ask you to sign up – be careful to check the authenticity of the website if it is asking for you personal details. Some of the ones you might want to try are listed below: Block head iconizer Lego based website – face only The Mini Mizer Lego based website – whole body My Avatar Editor Based on Nintendo‟s wii mii Simpsons Avatar Click Create a Simpsons Avatar from the home page There are many more websites available. Alternatively, you might want to use an image that you have already saved to your folder. Most of these websites will create your Avatar but you are not ready to use them yet – you must save the image as a JPEG and there are rules for how big (or small) the image should be. 1. Choose a website to create your Avatar and follow the onscreen instructions to create your Avatar before reading on. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Avatars in Forums Saving an Avatar You should now see your Avatar on the screen. I have chosen My Avatar Editor and I followed the instructions on screen to produce the following Avatar: You now need to „capture‟ your picture and resize it: 2. Press the print screen button on the keyboard to capture the screen 3. Open Paint (found in programs | Accessories) 4. Select Edit | Paste from the menu 5. Choose the select tool 6. Drag the curser over your Avatar 7. Select Edit | Copy from the menu 8. Select File | Open from the menu to open a new document 9. Select File | Paste from the menu 10. Select File | Save as and save your Avatar to your folder Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Avatars in Forums 11. Open your folder so that you can see your new file 12. Right click on the new Avatar file and select Open with… Microsoft Office Picture Manager 13. Select from the toolbar 14. You now need to resize your picture 15. Click Resize and then Custom width x height – the sizes will depend on how square your original picture is – it is important to make sure that the biggest number is no bigger than 90 (the other number might be smaller than 90 – it will change by itself 16. Select File | Save to save your file You are now ready to upload your Avatar to the Glow Forum! Uploading an Avatar 17. Log in to the Glow 18. Go to the S1 ICT Glow group 19. Go to your class page 20. A forum has been created for you in your Glow group – click to access it 21. A new window will open – the first time you will see a message saying “shibboleth authentication” – don‟t worry – it‟s normal! Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Avatars in Forums 22. Select 23. In options, select Profile 24. Select Edit Avatar 25. Click Browse and find your Avatar in your own folder 26. Click Submit You should get the message “Your profile has been updated” 27. Click Return to the User Control Panel 28. Click on the logo to take you back to your forums; we will reply to a discussion together Page 4 of 4