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Business Idea with complete outline

  1. 1. Business Plane Entrepreneurship Submitted to: Mam Rameeza Ejaz Submitted By:Muhammad Hamid Raza (10050920-066)Hassan Taimoor Dar (10050920-079)Adnan Shamas (10050920-078)Adil Aslam (10050920-105)Sheikh Salman (10050920-096) BBA 5th Section (B)
  2. 2. The Royal PerfumeGeneral Description:Business Idea:The world is beautiful and everyone wants to look beautiful. And if some fragrances are mixedwith beauty of people then they look more attractive. And here our business is also about the mixof some different fragrances that will increase the beauty of a person. We are going to launchthree in one perfume. We are launching three in one perfume because all the men and womenwho use perfumes, they buy different perfumes to fulfill the need of different flavors. Everyonehas different tastes and therefore we are going to solve their problems by providing them theonly one perfume bottle with three different flavors. There is no need to buy three differentbottles to fulfill the need of their tastes of different flavors.We are aimed at developing an ethical and responsive environment in all our endeavors andmaintaining a continued Innovative and creative product base for improving the lifestyle ofcustomers.Vision Statement:To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume in the whole world
  3. 3. Mission Statement:Our mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application ofknowledge, skills and technology. Our Company is committed to the pursuit of excellencethrough world class product, innovative processes and empowered employees to provide thehighest level of satisfaction to our customers.Company goals and objectives:We have different goals and objectives to achieve.  Identifying the target customers of the perfume market  To study the willingness of the people to buy the perfume Identifying market segments.  Identifying the channels and outlets for distribution of the product  Identifying the raw materials for establishing the perfume market  Determining the potential sources of capital, money, finance and other financial support to perfume business plan.  Determining the viability of rate of return on investment, profit-volume ratio, break-even analysis and other financial analysis.  Determining location and utility facilities for establishing the industry.  To determine the cost of establishing such determining the customer’s attitudes toward the perfume market identifying customer’s level of income.  Identifying acceptable pricing policy.  Determining potential promotional strategy
  4. 4.  Determining the availability of working force.Target market:Our target market includes people of all ages in Pakistan even they are young, old or child. Atstarting point we will target our Province Punjab but as we will succeed in this province we willlaunch our products in whole Pakistan. We will continue to grow in our geographical area untilwe provide our product to every country of the world.Industrial Analyses:Description of our Perfume company:We are dealing with perfume industry and this industry has been used since the beginning ofhuman history and its use has been recorded as far back as the ancient Egyptians and ancientChina. The use of scented oils and perfumes were used in religious ceremonies and as a pre-lovemaking ritual, which is not much different than our uses today. We are providing three differentflavors of fragrance in one perfume bottle. Whenever the strength of customer will increase, wewill increase the size of our company.Industry trends:The rapid pace of globalization has modernized the perfume industry scenario worldwide. Manyperfume companies are providing at large scale better quality perfumes with very broad and deepproduct and service assortment.As more and more perfume companies are opening, the customers prefer to buy perfume withbest fragrance and easily available perfume. Many perfume companies are providing productsand services different from other perfume companies.The main focus in this perfume company is on the provision of a wide array of customersatisfaction instead of competing on the basis of price. The combination of distinctive, appealingmerchandise and customer satisfaction are the main attributes that attract consumers towardsRoyal Perfume.
  5. 5. Industry size:There are only few industries in big cities of Pakistan. These all are providing better fragrantperfumes to their customers.According to a survey report there are about 100 perfume companies in Pakistan, most ofcompanies are situated in major cities e.g. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. These are further sub-divided into the following categories. Perfume Industry Analysis Category Size No. Of Hostels Type A Large 10-20 Better Services B Medium 50-60 Average Services C Small 20-40 Poor ServicesSome perfume companies in Pakistan:These are some known perfume companies in Pakistan:  Aroma Perfumes  Ayesons Perfumes  Euphoria Perfumes  Perfect Scent  Halley Berry Perfume  Luzi Perfumes  Black BoosThe fragrance industry affects a variety of markets, which include cosmetics, household cleaningitems, fabric care and air fresheners.Legal form of ownership:Our business is partnership based and in this business we are four partners from differentdepartments. We started partnership business because every one of us is from differentdepartments. And there will be no chance to failure in any of the department because everyoneleading in a department will be the owner. Therefore everyone will work with full devotion.
  6. 6. Keys to Success:Our business plan has shown that, while there are a lot of new entrants into the perfume market,there is still a lot of opportunity for our company to compete. Because we are introducing a newform of perfumes where only one bottle of perfume will contain three different flavors. We havean opportunity to lead because we are completing the needs of customers with providing themdifferent flavors in one bottle. And there is no need of spare bottle of perfume to change theflavor for different occasions.Logo and Slogan:Logo
  7. 7. Product and services:Royal perfumes provide a best product and service to its customers. We will sell eachcustomized bottle of perfume as a product, with the service being the added value we give it withcustom labels and jars.These are the features that a customer will be able to customize:1. Custom scent2. A selection of jars3. The color of perfumeHere are the benefits to our customers if they buy our product:  Their very own scent they can show off to their friends  The feeling of being unique  They can use our perfume as a gift for friends.  Our product will be durable, reliable and comfortable. HR Plan ORGANIZATIONAL CHART
  8. 8. CEOFinance Marketing HR Manager OperationsManager Manager ManagerFinance Sales Person Coordinator WorkersAssistant Job Description: Our organization consists of following post: 1. CEO 1 2. Finance manager 1  Finance Assistant 1 3. HR manager 1  Coordinator 1 4. Operations manager 1  Workers 22 5. Marketing Manager 1  Sales Representator 1
  9. 9. CEOCEO is a person who is responsible to check the performance of others and to run the business. Actuallythe CEO of our company is the owner of the company. Actually the CEO has to take the decisions and toconduct meetings for planning, leading, organizing and controlling in the organization to make betterperformance.Job Title: HR and Operations ManagerManager is responsible for the daily operations and then regularly report to other partners.Summary of Work:Provides leadership, support and guidance to ensure that standards, inventory levels andcustomer service expectations are met maintains records of income, expenditures, suppliespersonnel and equipment.Job Description: Supervises, coordinates and evaluates work of all employees and workers in about their works and services. Conducts planning and budgeting. Manages a cost-effective program. Responds to customer preferences and industry trends to plan new services and schemes. Maintains required records including inventory, income/expense, and home delivery income / expenses and personnel records. Ensures that established sanitation and safety standards are maintained.Education Requirements:Minimum Masters Degree in Business Administration from a recognized university of PakistanExperience:Experience in relevant field, Preference will give to those candidates who have experience towork as manager in any reputable cosmetic indusrty.General Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Manager must possess the following:
  10. 10. Skill in motivating and supervising the Employees and Workers. Basic computer skills. Ability to maintain records and complete reports as required. Written and oral communication skills. Ability to interact positively to public. Ability to Recruiting of Employees. Have skills to check the performance of employees.Job Title: Marketing ManagerPlan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs, such as determining the demand for productsand services offered by a firmEducation Requirement and Experience:For this purpose, candidate must have Master Degree (Preference will give to Candidates whohave Business administration Degree in Marketing. Minimum 3 years experience as marketingmanager in reputable organization.Job Description: Enhance the business through promotional mix tools. Ensure all the marketing activities which help to growth of business. Meet with all advertisers in order to make advertisement. Establish marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Evaluate customer research, market conditions competitor data and implement marketing plan changes as needed. Assign the duties to subordinates.Skills Required for a Marketing Manager:Marketing manager requires some skills to become successful in their jobs such as: Ability to lead and can work in stress condition. Having strong interpersonal communication skills Having skills to motivate workers Ability to work in unfavorable circumstancesJob Title: Finance ManagerFinancial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financialactivities.
  11. 11. Education Requirement and Experience:For this purpose, candidate must have Master Degree (Preference will give to Candidates whohave Business administration Degree in Finance). Minimum 3 years experience as financemanager in reputable organization.Job Description: * A finance manager has to make estimation with regards to capital requirements of the company. * The finance manager has to decide to allocate funds into profitable ventures so that there is safety on investment and regular returns is possible. * Finance manager has to make decisions with regards to cash management * The finance manager has not only to plan, procure and utilize the funds but he also has to exercise control over finances * Finance manager taking the decision about financing, budgeting and investing activities. * Assign the duties to their subordinates.Skills Required for a Finance Manager:Finance manager requires some skills to become successful in their jobs such as: * Ability to lead and can control financial activities of the organization. * Having strong analytical and financial skills * Having skills to motivate workers * Ability to work in unfavorable circumstances.Workers:There is a need of at least twenty workers in the organization who have to work in theorganization for the production of perfumes.Qualification of workers must be at least matric and preference will be given to those who havemore education and more experience of work in the organizations like this one.PeonHe is responsible to clean the office of all the staff members and also of serving tea and food to theemployees and management time. There is one peon in the organization.Security guard
  12. 12. The security guard is responsible for the security of all the faculty members and employees of theorganization. There are two security guards in the organization, one for day timing and one for night.Recruitment Process:As our focus is the whole country of Pakistan. Therefore, we had to convince the people from everycorner the country. For this purpose we used different sources of advertisement. The sources which weused are: Print Media(Newspapers, Bill Boards) Electronic Media (TV, Radio) InternetRECRUITMENT BUDGET:We used different mediums for recruitment which may include T.V media, Radio, print media andinternet etc. In news papers we advertise our ads once in a week. In weekly magazines we advertised our ads once in a week for two months. We used billboards for advertising in different cities. Our ads were shown on different sites for two months. Our one and a half minute ad was shown on different TV channels for two times in a week. This ad was also continued for two months. Medium Per ad cost(Rupees) Total ads Total cost(Rupees) News Papers & 500 24 12000 Magazines TV & Radio 1000 68 68000 Bill Boards 2000 10 20000 Internet 500 20 10000 --------------- --------------- --------------- 110000Selection process:
  13. 13. Our selection process included different steps that are: Initial screening Compilations of application form Test Before Employment Interview Conditional job offer Back ground investigation Physical and medical examination Permanent job offerSelection cost:For selection a recruitment agency was hired and all the work for selection was worked by the recruitmentagency. Cost of recruitment agency 50000 Rupees Cost of recruitment 110000 Rupees Total Cost of Recruitment and Selection 160000 RupeesForm of Ownership:Business Partnership:The name of the business is Royal Perfume and it will be established as “partnership at will”.The right, duties, authorities and profit sharing ratio is predefined and stated in “Deed ofPartnership”.The total capital will be Rs. 4 million and each of them will contribute 25% individually.There will be four partners: Each will assume an equal ownership in the business; it means equalcontribution in profits and losses.Partnership has many benefits over sole-proprietorship like
  14. 14.  Partnerships are relatively easy to establish; however time should be invested in developing the partnership agreement.  Diversified management  It is easier to raise capital in a partnership  The business usually will benefit from partners who have complementary skills.  By sharing in the profits, partners work harder and strive for success.  Enjoy additional revenues  Risk DiversifiedSalaries of Employees:In 1st year:SR. JOB Description No. of Employees Monthly Pay(Rupees)no.1 CEO 1 50,0002 Marketing Manager 1 30,0003 HR Manager 1 25,0004 Operations manager 1 28,0005 Finance Manager 1 30,0006 Finance Assistant 1 20,0007 Coordinator 1 20,0008 Sales Representator 1 20,0009 Workers 20 15,00010 Peon and Guard 1,1 10,000Salaries for First Year:
  15. 15. Job Description Pay for 1st YearCEO 600,000Finance Manager 360,000Marketing Manager 360,000Operations manager 336,000HR Manager 300,000Finance Assistant 240,000Coordinator 240,000Sales Representator 240,000Workers 3,600,000Peon and Guard 240,000Total Pay for 1st Year 6,516,000 RupeesIn 2nd Year:Company Increased 10% income 2nd year than 1st year.SR. JOB Description No. of Employees Monthly Pay(Rupees)no.1 CEO 1 55,0002 Marketing Manager 1 33,0003 HR Manager 1 27,5004 Operations manager 1 30,8005 Finance Manager 1 33,0006 Finance Assistant 1 22,0007 Coordinator 1 22,0008 Sales Person 1 22,0009 Workers 20 16,50010 Peon and Guard 1,1 11,000
  16. 16. Salaries for Second Year:Job Description Pay for 2nd YearCEO 660,000Finance Manager 396,000Marketing Manager 396,000Operations manager 336,000HR Manager 330,000Finance Assistant 264,000Coordinator 264,000Sales Person 264,000Workers 3,960,000Peon and Guard 264,000Total Pay for 2nd Year 7,134,000 RupeesIn 3rd Year:Company Increased 15% income 3rd year than 2nd year.SR. JOB Description No. of Employees Monthly Pay(Rupees)no.1 CEO 1 63,2502 Marketing Manager 1 37,9503 HR Manager 1 31,6254 Operations manager 1 35,4205 Finance Manager 1 37,9506 Finance Assistant 1 25,3007 Coordinator 1 25,3008 Sales Person 1 25,3009 Workers 20 18,97510 Peon and Guard 1,1 12,650
  17. 17. Salaries for First Year:Job Description Pay for 3rd YearCEO 759,000Finance Manager 455,400Marketing Manager 455,400Operations manager 386,400HR Manager 379,500Finance Assistant 303,600Coordinator 303,600Sales Person 303,600Workers 4,554,000Peon and Guard 303,600Total Pay for 3rd Year 8,204,100 RupeesThese are the salaries of employees for 3 years. Operational PlanLocation:For finding the best location where we can perform our production activities we visited differentcities. After visiting different cities we assigned different numbers to different factors which weneed to complete our production and marketing procedure.For finding the best location we used the procedure that is: Needed Weights (1 to Islamabad Gujranwala Sialkot Gujrat Factors 10)Raw Material 9 4*9 6*9 5*9 4*9 Labor 8 3*8 6*8 5*8 4*8
  18. 18. Transportation 7 4*7 4*7 3*7 3*7Total Weights 88 130 106 89Best Location:As we have highest rate in Gujranwala that is 130. Therefore, we will make our Head Office inGujranwala and we will make plant in Gujranwala because we can get most benefits inGujranwala as compared to other cities.Why to Produce in Gujranwala?We will make our production Plant in Gujranwala because:  Raw Material is easily available in Gujranwala which is needed for the production of our product.  Labor is cheap in Gujranwala and is also easily available.  We have also transportation benefits in Gujranwala.  Gujranwala is an industrial zone. Therefore, we can easily make productions there.Area:The area that company covers is nearly 3 Canals. Our company is located in Industrial zone inGujranwala.Market Access:We can easily access to our customers while producing our product in Gujranwala. There are alot of customers in Gujranwala. We can easily access to our customers by providing our productsto different outlets of the region and these products will be provided through transportation to theoutlets.Layout:Production Plant:As we are on startup point therefore, the production plant which we have organized for theproduction of our product is on Rent. If we are succeed to grow our business then we willpurchase our own building otherwise we will continue to produce our products in a building thatis on rent. We are paying 50,000 Rupees per month as a rent of the building.
  19. 19. Operations:Suppliers:Suppliers are important for every type of business because if the raw material is good thenproduct will also be good. They are very important for business because they had to provide rawmaterial to the company. We have different suppliers who provide different type of raw materialthat we use to produce our product.Dealers:We have different dealers and distributors from whole Pakistan. We also have made our outletsin different cities from where customers buy our product.Equipment and Tools:We need different tools and equipment to produce our product:  Drums  Steam engine  Nose for blending  Absorption TankCost of tools is as follows:Drums…………………………………………………….Rs.150,000Steam Engine……………………………………………..Rs.100,000Nose for Blending………………………………………...Rs.50,000Absorption Tank…………………………………………..Rs.50,000Total Cost…………………………………………………Rs.350,000Quality Control:Because perfumes depend heavily on harvests of plant substances and the availability of animalproducts, perfumery can often turn risky. Thousands of flowers are needed to obtain just onepound of essential oils, and if the seasons crop is destroyed by disease or adverse weather,perfumeries could be in jeopardy. In addition, consistency is hard to maintain in natural oils. The
  20. 20. same species of plant raised in several different areas with slightly different growing conditionsmay not yield oils with exactly the same scent.Problems are also encountered in collecting natural animal oils. Many animals once killed for thevalue of their oils are on the endangered species list and now cannot be hunted.Synthetic perfumes have allowed perfumers more freedom and stability in their craft, eventhough natural ingredients are considered more desirable in the very finest perfumes. The use ofsynthetic perfumes and oils eliminates the need to extract oils from animals and removes the riskof a bad plant harvest, saving much expense and the lives of many animals.Start up Cost:We started our business with 4 million rupees. All the startup cost was equally invested by thepartners of the company. This startup cost includes all the machinery, equipment, tools and otherfactors involved in production and selling of product.Business Model:Business model is very important for any organization which produces anything. A businessmodel is made to see that how the business will run.Partnering Key Activities Offer Customer CustomerNetwork Relationship segmentation Key Resources Distribution channelCost Structure for one month Revenue statement
  21. 21. There are different steps for Business model:  Partnering Network  Key Activities  Key Resources  Offer  Customer relationship  Distribution Channels  Customer Segmentation  Cost Structure  Revenue StatementPartnering Network:As we are producing perfumes therefore, raw material is most necessary for our company toproduce perfumes. This does not mean that we don’t have any need of labor. Labor is alsonecessary for our company but not as much as Raw material is important for our company.We need different things to produce our product like fruits, wood, flowers and oils etc. We havemade a contract with different gardens and oil making companies that we will buy at least thislimit of your products for our company.Key Activities:We have different activities that are needed for our company to produce perfume. Our businesscannot run without fruits, flowers, wood, oils and alcohol etc.These are some sources necessary to run our business:  Collection of ingredients  Extraction of oils  Blending of oils  Aging of PerfumesKey Resources:There are different resources that are necessary for the production of our product. Naturalingredients—flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gums, andanimal secretions—as well as resources like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars are used
  22. 22. in the manufacture of perfumes. Some plants, such as lily of the valley, do not produce oilsnaturally. In fact, only about 2,000 of the 250,000 known flowering plant species contain theseessential oils. Therefore, synthetic chemicals must be used to re-create the smells of non-oilysubstances. Synthetics also create original scents not found in nature.Some perfume ingredients are animal products. For example, castor comes from beavers, muskfrom male deer, and ambergris from the sperm whale. Animal substances are often used asfixatives that enable perfume to evaporate slowly and emit odors longer.Offer:We as a manufacturer of perfumes are providing perfumes to customers. Actually we areproviding three perfumes of different smells to our customers in one bottle. There is not a singlecompany in the world that is producing three perfumes in one bottle. Therefore, we have acompetitive edge that is three in one perfume.Actually perfume industry is at its maturity age but still we have a very good point to enter andthat point is three perfumes in one bottle. We are providing our customers to have three flavorsof smells in only one bottle.Customer Relationship:We are making our relationship strong with our customers by providing them relaxation ofhaving three perfumes in one bottle and there is no need to take three different bottles for thetaste of three different smells.Distribution Channels:We have used channel 2 for distributing our products. We sell our products to retailers and thenfrom retailers local customers buy our product. Company Retailers CustomersWe have used different advertisement channels for the promotion of our product:
  23. 23. Cable Advertisement:Message will be delivered through full ad on the cable at local channel.FM Radio Advertisement:Through radio the ad will be on air for reminders and awareness in the people.Brochures:Broacher is also a good way to communicate the people that what services we are offering.Banners:Banners are good tools to deliver a message that there is something exist from which you can getmuch benefits. It will be helpful to memorize the name of our three in one perfume in the mindof the people.Customer Segmentation:We have used Mass Market concept to segment our customers.Mass Market:We have targeted the whole market of Punjab as we are making perfumes for men, women andalso for children. This perfume will be in access of all the people of country. Whether they arerich or whether they are middle class people. Marketing PlanSWOT ANALYSIS:Strengths:
  24. 24.  First Mover Advantage  Strong Financial Performance  Increasing benefits for customers  Easily accessible  Providing quality services  Good mass product as compare to competitors  Higher involvement of investment Higher amount of investment from personal resources so we have to bear no interest expenses  Risk sharing by partners  More satisfaction for customers  Higher profit MarginWeaknesses:  Increasing cost for getting best fruits, flowers and oils  Production processes may cause explosion  Production processes may cause air pollution  Lack of experience due to low experience  Energy crisisOpportunities:  Emerging economies are creating vast demand for perfumes and fragrances with increasing population  Only few competitors in production area  Interest of other countries can cause in expanding our market globally  New in market with three in one perfume to get more profit  Location of manufacturing plant can attract more employees  Increasing market growthThreats:
  25. 25.  Heavy taxes by government  Political situation of the country  Competitors gaining control over the services  Govt. policies regarding the inflation and economic conditions will be the threat for our business.  Threat of new entrants  Political instability  Chance of first mover loss  Challenging economic conditions  Increase in inflationCompetitor Analysis:The industry in which we operate is growing rapidly and there are a lot of companies that areproducing perfumes.There are companies who are in competition with our company:  Aroma Perfumes  Ayesons Perfumes  Euphoria Perfumes  Perfect Scent  Halley Berry Perfume  Luzi Perfumes  Black BoosCompetitive Edge:The competitive edge that we have from customer is:  Three in one perfume  Employees satisfaction  More tastes in same pricePEST ANALYSIS:
  26. 26. The perfume industry has emerged tobe one of the most rapid growingindustries thus attracting a substantialamount of investment in business.The perfume product is developingday by day in the Pakistan due toestablishing of new organizations.There are already many perfumeindustries in the Pakistan, someindustries provide better facilities butmajority of industries do not provide all the facilities which are necessary.The Pakistani economy is almost evenly divided between the production sector and the servicessector. The total contribution of production sector to real GDP is 51.3%.We are starting our business in Gujranwala. We have find out proper place for making theperfumes which provide more facilities. Environmental analysis process is not a static process, itis dynamic analysis. It depends on the situation of the business conditionThese factors have influence on every business and uncontrolable by any business.Political FactorsPolitical factors have major influence on our business because this may involve in differentpolitical parties that can create many difficulties for the management. When there is politicalunrest in the country nobody can run business without proper help of Government. It is a threatfor our business. If there are favorable political conditions prevailing in the Country we can getbenefits and can achieve our goals. The political arena has a huge influence on businessparticularly on small scale business. Political factors include government regulations and legalissues affect the business in this way:  Interest rate is high and not favorable for us to get loan  Tax laws are being changed unexpectedly with new policies  Political instability is effects the businessesEconomic Factor
  27. 27. Economic Factor is the important factor that can affect our business. If the economic conditionsof country are not good and country has low GDP which altimetry declines the per capita incomeby which people face different types of difficulties. And also inflation is another factor thatincreases the cost of providing better perfumes to the people by the management. It is a kind ofthreat for our business, but on the other hand we can help to increase the employment in theeconomy of the country.  Recently the real GDP is 2.7% estimated in fiscal year 2011-12.  The Unemployment rate of past three years is 7.4% in 2010 14% in 2011 15% in 2012 which is increasing country and by opening such kind of perfume company will result in decreasing the unemployment rate.  According to the economic survey 2011-12 the GDP was fixed to grow 4.5% but due to the unfavorable circumstances it reduced to 2.4% and the inflation rate is increased to 13.8% last reported in July 2012 which is showing severe economic conditions.Social FactorsThe social and cultural influence on business varies from country to country and culture toculture. So it is important to consider these aspects.  Shift in brand loyalty is important social aspect.  Some people think themselves more careful about their norms, values and culture that must be implemented on this area.Technological factorsTechnological factors can affect our business directly because now a day’s technology is thebasic need that helps us to facilitate people by providing them the best perfume and combinationof perfumes in one bottle. In technology we are offering our customers to have more smells inone bottle. Technology is vital for competitive advantage, and it is a major driver forglobalization. In this respect following points are considered as:  Adopting the new technology can uplift the business.  The technology offer a new way in communicating the consumers and business. It is playing the role in providing advertisement tools, internet, TV and print media to communicate the consumers and business.
  28. 28.  Technology offers the more innovative services and products to the consumers as providing services and products.Goals & ObjectivesProfit maximizationOur main objective is profit maximization by offering additional services which are missed byour competitors. On the basis of contract it is easy to earn profit. In such type of business there isa lot of profit as now a days customers are unable to get all the facilities in other perfumes. Withits high demand it is very profitable.Personal SatisfactionBy our business we will give satisfaction to customers by providing better facilities to them. Asthey show satisfaction about our services we will feel personal satisfaction.Employment opportunitiesAs every new business provides employment opportunities to unemployed people same is thecase with us. We are providing opportunities to those workers who are expert in managementand other work activities that are needed for our organization.Marketing Mix:Product:The type of our product is physical in which we are providing perfume to our customers. Thework related to our service is to provide more satisfaction about perfumes.Features:We provide three different flavors of smells in one bottle of perfume which is very helpful forattraction of customers. We provide solution for our customers to have three different tastes ofsmells by having one bottle instead of three different bottles for three different smells.Service availability:
  29. 29. We provide better service than our competitor which is in market before us. We are providingmore services to our customers that are in the shape of three in one perfume.Price:The customers are especially sensitive to value. We must ensure that our price and service areperceived to be good value to the client. In the market many direct competitor which can affectour business from price point of view. Our business is new in the area so for the purpose ofgaining trust of our customers the cost must be attractive. We have all the resources at one placethat is helpful for reduce cost.The pricing strategy that we have used is Market Penetration. By this strategy we can get moreshare easily because we are providing more values than our competitors do. If we succeed to getmaximum share of the market then we will be succeed to increase the size of the market.Place:Promotion & Advertising:Promotion and advertisement for any business are very necessary to increase the sale. For arisingproper awareness in the people it is necessary to communicate a proper and full message throughadvertisement and using promotional tools. To communicate the message we will use printmedia and electronic media.Our promotional strategy is according to our business which will remain suitable to our business.The purpose of our promotional strategy is to assist with rapid market entry to ensure early andsustained profitability.We are using different promotional tools for the promotion of our product.Cable AdvertisementMessage will be delivered through full ad on the cable at local channel.FM Radio AdvertisementThrough radio the ad will be on air for reminders and awareness in the people.
  30. 30. BrochuresBroacher is also a good way to communicate the people that what services we are offering.BannersBanners are good tools to deliver a message that there is something exist from which you can getmuch benefits. It will be helpful to memorize the name of our perfume in the mind of the people.Process of Making Perfumes:Raw Material:Natural ingredients—flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gums,and animal secretions—as well as resources like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars areused in the manufacture of perfumes.Some perfume ingredients are animal products. For example, castor comes from beavers, muskfrom male deer, and ambergris from the sperm whale. Animal substances are often used asfixatives that enable perfume to evaporate slowly and emit odors longer. Other fixatives includecoal tar, mosses, resins, or synthetic chemicals. Alcohol and sometimes water are used to diluteingredients in perfumes.Manufacturing Process:Collection 1 Before the manufacturing process begins, the initial ingredients must be brought to the manufacturing center. Plant substances are harvested from around the world, often hand- picked for their fragrance. Animal products are obtained by extracting the fatty substances directly from the animal. Aromatic chemicals used in synthetic perfumes are created in the laboratory by perfume chemists.ExtractionOils are extracted from plant substances by several methods: steam distillation,
  31. 31. 2 In steam distillation, steam is passed through plant material held in a still, whereby theessential oil turns to gas. This gas is then passed through tubes, cooled, and liquified. Oilscan also be extracted by boiling plant substances like flower petals in water instead ofsteaming them.3 Under solvent extraction, flowers are put into large rotating tanks or drums and benzeneor a petroleum ether is poured over the flowers, extracting the essential oils. The flowerparts dissolve in the solvents and leave a waxy material that contains the oil, which isthen placed in ethyl alcohol. The oil dissolves in the alcohol and rises. Heat is used toevaporate the alcohol, which once fully burned off, leaves a higher concentration of theperfume oil on the bottom.Oils are extracted from plant substances by steam disfillation, solvent extraction,enfleurage, maceration, or expression.
  32. 32. 4 During enfleurage, flowers are spread on glass sheets coated with grease. The glass sheets are placed between wooden frames in tiers. Then the flowers are removed by hand and changed until the grease has absorbed their fragrance. 5 Maceration is similar to enfleurage except that warmed fats are used to soak up the flower smell. As in solvent extraction, the grease and fats are dissolved in alcohol to obtain the essential oils. 6 Expression is the oldest and least complex method of extraction. By this process, now used in obtaining citrus oils from the rind, the fruit or plant is manually or mechanically pressed until all the oil is squeezed out.It is the ratio of alcohol to scent that determines perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne.Blending 7 Once the perfume oils are collected, they are ready to be blended together according to a formula determined by a master in the field, known as a "nose." It may take as many as 800 different ingredients and several years to develop the special formula for a scent. After the scent has been created, it is mixed with alcohol. The amount of alcohol in a scent can vary greatly. Most full perfumes are made of about 10-20% perfume oils dissolved in alcohol and a trace of water. Colognes contain approximately 3-5% oil diluted in 80-90% alcohol, with water making up about 10%. Toilet water has the least amount—2% oil in 60-80% alcohol and 20% water.
  33. 33. Aging Fine perfume is often aged for several months or even years after it is blended. Following this, a "nose" will once again test the perfume to ensure that the correct scent has been achieved. Each essential oil and perfume has three notes: "Notes de tete," or top notes, "notes de coeur," central or heart notes, and "notes de fond," base notes. Top notes have tangy or citrus-like smells; central notes (aromatic flowers like rose and jasmine) provide body, and base notes (woody fragrances) provide an enduring fragrance. More "notes," of various smells, may be further blended.