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Ki an

  1. 1. Ki-An bySamantha, Derek, Vincy, a nd Hans
  2. 2. Geography Ki-An is next to the Euphrates River. The people of Ki-An live in small houses. We picked this area because there is rich soil, a water source, a forest filled with wild animals for hunting, and a large area of land for farming. Because of the river, forest, and large area of land, animals and plants can survive here. The Average Annual Temperature is 70°F. Ki-An has rich soil, plentiful rainfall, and has many hills with small animals. Many prey live and thrive there such as rabbits, fish, and deer, but lions are a threat to the Ki-Ans.
  3. 3. The Major God Aqua is the major god of Ki-An.
  4. 4. Religion The people of Ki-An are part of the Kiana religion The major god, Aqua, controls the Euphrates River The ziggurat is in the middle of Ki-An The Kiana religion believes and worships many gods ◦ The god of the sky is Atlas. ◦ The god of fire is Qwtia. ◦ The god of life is Bios. ◦ The goddess of wisdom is Sophia. ◦ The god of war is Gerra. ◦ The goddess of peace is Irene.
  5. 5. Job Choices ◦ Trap Makers ◦ Traders ◦ Security/Protection/Soldiers ◦ Farmers ◦ Hunters ◦ Fishermen ◦ Craft makers ◦ Sewers ◦ Pot makers ◦ Gatherers ◦ Weavers ◦ Basket makers ◦ Collectors
  6. 6. Jobs Ki-Ans have many choices for jobs. They get to choose any job they want. Women can be soldiers and men can be weavers if they like. Because of the choices in Ki-An, every single adult living there works. Women and men have the same choices. They use a variety of tools to help them farm ◦ Shovels ◦ Pitch forks ◦ Hammers ◦ Axes ◦ Saws ◦ Rakes ◦ Knives
  7. 7. Crops  Common Crops: ◦ Corn* ◦ Wheat* ◦ Berries ◦ Tomatoes ◦ Apples ◦ Beans* ◦ Grapes ◦ Lettuce ◦ Potatoes *specialized crops
  8. 8. Agriculture Because of the rich soil, there is plentiful food. The crops are grown in rich soil right beside the river Ki-An’s receive water from the Euphrates River. Uses: ◦ Drinking ◦ Fishing ◦ Bathing ◦ Swimming
  9. 9. Government The ruler of Ki-An is Kio. Around Ki-An there are tall brick walls to protect the city. Soldiers, guards, and security stand at every exit. The also stand at various points along the wall. There is a lower, middle, and upper class in Ki-An. ◦ The lower class lives by the brick wall. ◦ The middle class lives closer to the ziggurat than the lower class but father away than the upper class. ◦ The upper class lives around the ziggurat. ◦ The closer to the ziggurat you live the higher
  10. 10. Laws1. All citizens shall not speak back to authority.2. All citizens shall remain quiet around theziggurat.3. All citizens shall not purposely cause harmto fellow citizens.4. All citizens shall not steal.5. All citizens must not cause commotion inpublic.6. All citizens shall work at the ziggurat at least three services a month.7. All children shall have an education.8. All citizens must not leave the perimeters of Ki-An.9. All citizens shall attend services at the ziggurat every Sunday.10. All citizens shall remain in their homes after dark.
  11. 11. Punishments1. Failure to abide by these laws more than three times will lead to banishment from Ki-An.2. All citizens who disturb the ziggurat will befined.3. If a citizen harms another citizen, they aresentenced to two weeks in prison.4. Citizens who steal will be fined a feedepending how serious the crime is.5. All citizens who cause a commotion in publicshall be put in the stocks.6. All citizens who do not attend the ziggurat atleast three times a month will be forced to workat the ziggurat 24/7 for a month, each day.7. All children who do not receive education willhave their parents investigated.8. Citizens that leave Ki-An shall immediately bebanished.9. Citizens that do not attend the ziggurat once aweek will be forced to attend services every dayfor a month.10. Citizens that leave their houses after darkwill be fined.
  12. 12. Aerial view of Ki-An
  13. 13. Why Choose Us?•We are a very prosperous city•We have quick and easy access to water•We have hunting areas, plantations, a ziggurat, shops, a Kio(leader), and plenty of houses•Our government is fair and just, and the Kio only looks out forhis city•Our laws are safe, and will protect all citizens