Change From Republic To Empire
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Change From Republic To Empire






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    Change From Republic To Empire Change From Republic To Empire Presentation Transcript

    • Change from Republic to Empire
    • Attempted Reforms
      • Significant disparity between rich and poor.
      • Latifundia – huge land holding of rich
      • Poor moved off land and into city – No work – Rich used slaves.
      • Tiberius and Gaius Graccus (Pleb Tribunes) attempt reforms
        • Tiberius – demands land reforms – killed
        • Gaius institute grain doles -- Killed
    • Civil War!!
      • General Marius and subordinate Sulla
      • Marius – reforms – very popular – Consul 7x in a row
      • Sulla – Status quo – becomes consul – sent to Asia Minor to put down revolt
      • Marius supporters attempt coup
      • Sulla returns to quell revolt – Civil War
      • Sulla wins, becomes Dictator for life
    • First Triumvirate
      • Illegal division of power among three political rivals in Rome.
      • Pompey – popular general who put down revolt in Spain
      • Crassus – Puts down slave revolt in Italy
        • Sparticus – Leads army of 60,000
          • When defeated, 6000 crucified along Appian way
      • Julius Caesar – Popular general
    • Rise of Caesar
      • Caesar returns to Gaul as Governor
      • Pompey becomes sole consul of Rome
      • Pompey fears Caesar, demands return to Rome
      • Caesar returns…with Army
    • Caesar Continued
      • Caesar battle tested army defeats Pompey’s rookie army in Greece
      • Pompey flees to Egypt and it executed.
      • Caesar presented P’s pickled head
    • Dictator and Death
      • Becomes “Dictator for 10 years” and later for life.
      • Permanently controls army, Sacro-sanct, “Paterpatriae”
      • Reduces doles, intense colonization, changes calendar
    • Beware of the Ides of March
      • Senate fears Caesar as a dictator or tyrant.
      • Senators assassinate him on March 15 th , 44 BC
      • Stabbed 23 times
      • “ Et tu, Brute?”
      • Sends Rome into disarray.
    • Civil Part Deux
      • Civil war erupts between supporters of the republic and supporters of Caesar.
      • Three supporters of Caesar prevail: Octavian (C’s Nephew), Lepidus (politician), & Marc Antony (General)
    • Second Triumvirate
      • Legal division of power of Roman Empire
      • Lasts 10 Years
      • Octavian forces Lepidus to retire
      • Oct and Antony Rivals
      • Antony falls in love Cleopatra
      • Octavian defeats Antony at naval battle of Actium
    • First Emperor
      • Octavian unchallenged ruler of Rome
      • Changes name to “Augustus” or exalted one.
      • Takes on “Sacro Sanct, Paterpatire, and Imperator (Emperor).
      • The start of the Pax Romana – Peace of Rome