cil2009 - Expand your OPAC while waiting for the next gen catalog


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A description of the webservices used in our dear old OPAC.

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cil2009 - Expand your OPAC while waiting for the next gen catalog

  1. 1. Expand your OPAC while waiting for the Next Gen Catalog Daniel Forsman Computers In Libraries 2009 Cooperative Systems Trump Integrated Systems
  2. 2.
  3. 4. Jonkoping University : 9556 registred students in 2007 700 staff Jonkoping University Library : 200 000 volumes 27 staff Ex Libris: Aleph 18, MetaLib & SFX
  4. 5. The web is rapidly becoming a platform consisting of services and API:s Machine 2 machine communication stands in the centre Worldcat API, XISBN, Library Thing for Libraries , LIBRIS Xsearch, MetaLib | Aleph X-server, SFX API, Ebsco Host Integration Toolkit, ISI Web Services, Amazon, SRU/W, RDF | Linked Data, Google Code, Flickr API, Yahoo! Developer Network … … …
  5. 6. By exploring web services and new technology we gain first hand experience making us stronger customers and development partners By introducing other services into our OPAC the local collection is displayed in a broader context The OPAC turns into a small federated search service, rich in functionality and content, seamlessly integrated with the library webpages Strategy is to present library resources in a single thought through structure and presentation BUT ALSO to identify key services and make them available outside the library website
  6. 7. We will focus on bringing services together today but should not forget the importance of making our data available outside of the catalog Decoupling of front-end from back-end in practice means enabling your data for OAI-Harvesting External Indexing Offering API:s URL Syntax Persistent URL:s
  7. 9. Quick search uses deep linking/URL syntax with a simple forwarding service (PHP) The script is a focal point for several search services offered by the library: toolbar, html-template engine, search widgets … 78 116 queries in 2008
  8. 14. Results page – highlights LIBRIS Union catalog – Xsearch API – MODS/Dublin Core EBSCO Host Integrated Search API Uppsok – National database for student theses – SRU/W MetaLib – Xserver Public Library – forward search Dynamic hints / hotwords – local javascript Requires a hook in your OPAC for the AJAX script – just css and some javascript (Jquery/Prototype) that talks to a server side script that parses a XML response. In our case PHP but there are plenty of options.
  9. 19. Bibliographic view - highlights Covers from Swedish bookstore Ad Libris Google Book Search API Oppna Bibliotek API – reviews by librarians, user reviews coming Amazon Covers and Editorial Reviews via AWS DOM javascript to extract ISBN, pass ISBN to backend PHP scripts with Prototype (AJAX). ticTOC and SFX API integration for records with a ISSN
  10. 20. Yahoo! Spelling suggestion webservice 5000 requests / day We used to use the Google SOAP spelling suggestion service Limited to 1000 requests / day Closed to new users
  11. 21. Next step Getting down with Linked Data National Union Catalog – LIBRIS is available as linked data One idea is to present links to Wikipedia articles based on Authority records Google Translation of subjects, search terms Continue to explore webservices and integrate our resources making our different systems to co-operate
  12. 22. Daniel Forsman Jonkoping University Library [email_address] Web OPAC Labs