The best radiation detectors for food


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The best radiation detectors for food

  1. 1. The best Radiation detectors for food When ionizing particles pass through a harmless gas tube that has an electrical charge they can produce an electrical pulse that can be detected by a device. ( That tube was invented by Geiger -Muller and is known by the same names). The electrical pulses generated can be measured by either an analog or a digital circuitry. The geiger counter devices used to measure these particular pulses produce a warning when the levels reach dangerous levels for humans.
  2. 2. A video of a Geiger counter taken by an amateur taken in late December 2013 shows what appears to be very high radiation in Pillar Point Harbor. It has got a lot a lot of attention from the public and health care officials. It seems that radio active material could be seeping from the Japan crisis in 2011 when Fukushima reactors were damaged. The radiation is washing up the coastline.The video has 600,000 views as of January 7 2014.The poster of the video said that he has been monitoring local beaches for the last 2 years before he noticed a sudden rise in radiation levels in recent days. If you are in the food industry , there are radiation limits regulations. One of best radiation detectors for food is the Radiation Alert MONITOR4USB Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector .This is what many restaurants and people in the food industry use- to ensure safety and to avoid liability issues.
  3. 3. Product Features Radiation detector used to check levels of potentially harmful ionizing particles and rays in the environment and in objects such as particle accelerators, x-ray shielding, and industrial gauges Detects ionizing radiation types such as alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays and x-rays Dual-scale analog meter with needle-point display of counts per minute (CPM) and milliRoentgen (mR) per hour Three selectable operation ranges of X1, X10, and X100 for adjustment when peak mR levels are met Red, flashing counter and a beeping noise indicate each ionizing
  4. 4. radiation increase event Conclusion At this time of new threats of radiation from Japan and form other sources it is important to ensure the safety of your food consumers and also to avoid liability. You can can imagine the impact on your business if news came on CNN that your company has recalled food items or several people have been take to the hospital. The net effect will bankrupt any business. Even Walmart size business would feel the pinch. Finally dont wait until there is a rush as there usually is after word comes out of a radiation crisis. These devices can sell out in one
  5. 5. hour and then you have to go on a one month waiting list. Your family or clients will be adversely exposed if that was to happen. Dont rush in the last minute. If you dont prepare then you are preparing to fail. Where to Buy The best place to buy the Radiation Alert MONITOR4USB Radiation Detector is at Amazon,( click here to see if these devices are still in stock) not only do they have the lowest prices but they also have the best customer service. In case of returns or questions they will respond faster than the manufacturer would. yet you are still covered by all manufacturers warranties. Click here to find out more. Incoming search terms:  BEST RADIATION DETECTOR FOR FOOD  food radiation detector
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