Y10 GCSE Media studies layout
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Y10 GCSE Media studies layout Y10 GCSE Media studies layout Presentation Transcript

  • Garry Na 1082Claremont Fan Court School 64680 OCR Media Studies J526 Individual Media Studies Portfolio B321 Planning and Evaluation: Commentary
  • Fragrance advert 1:Target audience for Horizon • The ‘Horizon’ advert targets young men around the age of 13 to 20. • The target audience are likely to be attracted to music such as metal, rock, or rap. • The target audience are most likely to be energetic and sporty people with an active lifestyle and a want for experiencing. • I would post this advert in a sports magazine to attract readers, and in busy places for people to dream of a free life such as the model in the advert.
  • How advert 1 targets myaudience: codes &conventions • The ‘Horizon’ advert shows a very casual image of a young teen, which matches the target audience. • The overall image gives a very warm feeling as if the viewer was there, feeling the bright sunlight and breeze. • Modern trends such as jeans, hoodies, and such show that the use of the advert will make you one of the modern trendy people. • The model is doing what he wants, giving a fresh feeling from his free pose gazing across the ocean. As the quote suggests, the advert is trying to convey the message that the use of this advert can really make the user ‘go the distance’.
  • Fragrance advert 2:Target audience for Esprit Libre • The main target audience for Esprit Libre are young teens aging under 18 years old. • The target audience would be a laid back person who enjoys classical music rather than a very loud sort of tune. • The target audience will be young teens in school years who enjoy features such as loosened ties, undone buttons for the sense of being casual and modern. • I would most likely post this advert on a public place rather than a personal value such as magazines due to the fact the advert’s representation could appeal to much more than just the target audience itself.
  • How advert 2 targets myaudience: codes &conventions • Esprit Libre appeals to modern teens but not in the way of a trend that’s going on. The model is holding a violin, which engages to classical music rather than loud metal. He is at a place not many teens would go to pass time, but holds a very free and energetic image. • The model is sitting on a blue car looking up at the sky with a smile on his face. This is a very effective appeal to teens who have to go through busy lives without time to enjoy what’s available for them. • The fact that the background was coloured like the sky conveys the image of a romantical background such as on top of a hill, which broadens the target audience from just being casual and modern.
  • Institution: the magazineindustry: my research • Fragrance was one of the advertisement criteria that I focused my studies on. I focused on both a casual and a formal image in the creation of my own print adverts, but most fragrance adverts carry an extreme level of formality. • The marie claire magazine cover is featuring a woman which means first of all, the advert is targeting females. Additionally, the woman is of young to middle age meaning that is mostly the target age. She has an impression of an elegant smile and attractive clothes which is targeting any woman in general. • The GQ cover on the other hand is targeting men with the featuring of a handsome young man. He is very formally dressed and has a bright smile making direct contact with the camera. Even though he is formally dressed, his stance doesn’t represent the older generation and his shirt is that of a new generation. This cover is targeting the young teen to men age.
  • Institution: the advertisingindustry: my research • First of all, I studied soft drink adverts using the case studies from Coca Cola and Lucozade as an observation to see how the advert styles have changed over time. • Later on, I studied airways adverts in the purpose of finding what motions are used to attract people over time. • Lastly, I studied fragrance adverts such as ‘Vivaudou by Mavis’ and ‘Miss Dior Cherie’ to find out what changed in the representation of people and the adverts attraction itself.
  • Advert 1: My originalphotograph, my decisionsand revisions • My original photo was taken on a day with mediocre weather, thus showing a cloudy and moody image. I decided to change these feelings into a bright one with the use of photoshop. First of all, I brightened up the whole of the atmosphere by toning the picture itself and clearing out the contrast between colors. Then, I used the dodge tool on the person along with the shore and the cliffs to emphasize the sunlight shining upon, as well as the contrast with the shadow of the figure. • The font I chose was the Viner hand ITC. The focus of the advert was to show a strong image on a casual teenager, and such a natural font that creates no parallel with the letters was perfect for the advert. I got the straightforward feeling of not being formal, and used the font for both the name of the advert, along with its phrase. • The advert name, ‘Horizon’ goes well with the phrase and the background itself. After a bit of thinking, I came up with the name in order to show that there is no limit for living a casual life and anybody using the fragrance can indeed ‘go the distance’ as the advert suggests.
  • Advert 2: My originalphotograph, my decisionsand revisions • My original photo had a very busy background with cars, houses, and an uneven background. I decided to erase the whole background, and cover it with a layer so that it looks as if it’s the sky. I couldn’t completely erase every remains of the house which was behind the tree, so I decided to use a leaf shaped brush to colour in the parts. The photo’s overall image was brightened using the contrast tool, and small effects such as making the grass look more green was done using the dodge tool. • The name, Esprit Libre is a French translation for ‘free spirit’. I wanted to visualize the casual image of young teens and how using the fragrance would play a role in opposing formality. • The text used on the bottle is Matura Mt, which I found very agile and active. I used this because I thought it created a great harmony with the style I was representing. The quote, ‘living is enjoying’ was written with the essence text which had a level of both casual and formal.
  • Evaluation of the strengthsand weaknesses of myadvertising campaign• The main aim of the advertisements that I produced was to show a casual image of a brand and to do it in the form of an advert.• A strength was that both adverts were showing the image of a young teen and the styles they live, but in a completely different manner and feeling to it. I was able to produce the message that using the fragrance will let you enjoy life, and chose the right quotes that went well with the pictures.• A weakness was that, throughout the making of the advert, I went through many failures such as the product’s name not matching the picture’s representation, and the positioning of the quotes. In the end, both adverts were successfully created but a lot was delayed due to these minor issues.• Below are the pictures that were involved in the formal advert I worked on, which concluded in a failure. This was the original advert for ‘Esprit Libre’, the second advert.