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Top ten 2_d_game_characters

  1. 1. Top Ten 2D Game Characters1. Super Mario Super Mario is an Italian plumber that is always on the hunt to save princess peach from the perils of bowser a large angry looking turtle that kidnaps peach in every game. Mario has many different powers on his quest to save peach like the abilities to grow and shrink throw flaming balls and jump on mushrooms head to kill them. Mario has the skills to jump, sprint and duck under various objects.2. Crash bandicoot Crash bandicoot is some form of an animal that fights through a number of levels attacking different and strange enemies including bosses like roo and crazy kangaroo and D.r cortex a mad scientist crash’s powers consist of jumping, spinning and with weaponry able to conflict pain on deadly levels. Crash’s personality is that he is quite, annoying and almost always crazy 3. Sonic the hedgehog Sonic is a blue hedgehog that fights the enemy that is dr. egg man sonic has spiky blue hair and can run really fast as one of his abilities he can also roll for a certain distance and always avoids obstacles such as spikes, holes and other noticeable death traps. On Sonics adventures he has to overcome various challenging maps where he has to jump do loop the loops and fight enemies. Sonic can kill his enemies by smashing on top of them and killing them instantly. 4. Pokémon Pokémon was originally a 2d game that has you playing as a young boy from pallet town called ash. On ash’s journeys he encounters Pokémon a made up species of creatures that can be caught, trained and placed in battle’s where they can use various fighting moves to defeat there opponent. Ash has many foe’s on his journey through the world of Pokémon such as gym leader that give him badges once they are defeated and the elite four a band of highly skilled Pokémon trainers that make up the Pokémon league.
  2. 2. 5. Space invaders Space invader’s is a game where you are a solider that mans a shuttle which will destroy various different spaceships. These spaceships will also attack you and the aim is to beat them all before they reach the bottom of the level. They are many levels and the occasional boss fight where you will fight mother ships that are more advanced than the usual space ships. The way to destroy these ships is to shoot them with your laser, which will kill most in one hit and the rest in more. There are few abilities that you can have but some are shielding, extra health and advanced weaponry.6. Pac-Man Pac-Man is this little yellow circle that collects beads whilst going around a maze, the beads give him points but after you start the game you must hurry to catch all of the beads before the ghosts catch you if they do they will make you lose a life and you have three. Don’t worry though as there are different objects that can be collected like cherries. These will turn the ghost’s blue and white meaning that they are able to be killed at which point you can. This only lasts a certain time though and they will respawn once eaten. Once all the beads have been collected you will advance to the next level.7. Mortal Combat Mortal Combat is a fighting game in which you can play as many different fighters with their own moves and abilities. These fighters go 1v1 against each other until one is defeated and when that person is beaten to a pulp you are given the chance to finish him or her with your special move which also depends on what map you are own and who
  3. 3. you are. In this game everyone is your enemy as you can play as all the different fighters and choose which opponent you want even yourself. 8. Looney Tunes The Looney Tunes game is where you can play as the Looney Tunes character whether that is bugs bunny, daffy duck and tweedy bird. The aim is to collect the point tokens dotted around the map whilst avoiding obstacles such as quick sand or a collapsing bridge there are also different enemies that can be defeated by either outwitting them or jumping on their heads. There are also boss fights against Looney Tunes bad guys such as Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian. The characters do not have many abilities except that they can jump on a enemies head to kill them just like in Super Mario.9.The best graphics? No. Some of the best plat forming, yes! Super Meat Boy is such a simpletitle but also surprisingly clever. You’re Meat Boy you see and your goal is to save the princess(Sound familiar?). Super Meat Boy has hundreds of levels and some of them are the mostchallenging levels you’ll ever experience, and yes I mean that, EVER. The controls are spot on,100% precise, which is very important for a title like this. It’s a 2D game that can only be donein 2D. The levels all get increasingly harder as you progress and Meat Boy sometimes appears to
  4. 4. be just a spec at times. This is what people mean when they tell you to keep it simple. You’llsucceed! It’s pretty much a puzzle plat former but the way some of the levels are designed willmake you wonder how they (the developers) come up with such premises. It’s aggravating, funand if it wasn’t for the spot on controls it could have been a whole different game. 10. Limbo was one of those games I knew I was going to love from the beginning. The creepy looking atmosphere, the ambient sound, the giant goddamn spider that’s on you should right now! With not much of a story and the ending being “opened to interpretation” Limbo is actually one of the better 2D puzzle-physics based games. The only shame is that it’s about 2 hours long with no real replay value, but it’s so damn beautiful. The eerie atmosphere and the boy with his big beady eyes (which I’m convinced is the same kid from A Boy and his Blob). The way the little kid can die in such gruesome ways. The way silhouettes make things look different then what they actually are. Something about running into an area with a bunch of adults who die in front of you, it’s just so damn creepy. With the puzzles implemented you will have the occasional brain fart but it’s all part of the game.