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Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Best Results


Published on

This webinar presents information about landing page optimization and how it can be used in coordination with paid search campaigns and other marketing efforts to improve conversions on your website. …

This webinar presents information about landing page optimization and how it can be used in coordination with paid search campaigns and other marketing efforts to improve conversions on your website. We'll discuss different ways to test your landing pages and some ways to optimize them so they are operating at their maximum potential.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Best Results Hall Web Services
  • 2. Who We Are Jenika Scott Channel Marketing Manager [email_address]
    • Hall Web Services
    • 10+ Years in Business
    @Hall_Web @jenika29
  • 3. Got Questions?
    • Use GoToWebinar “Chat” or “Ask a Question”
    • Twitter with @hall_web
  • 4. What You Will learn:
    • The basic elements of a landing page
    • Different ways landing pages are used
    • Using landing pages in coordination with PPC
    • How to optimize landing pages to increase conversion
    • Different ways to test landing pages
  • 5.
    • Any page a user lands on while surfing the web
    • A web page a user is sent to after clicking on an advertisement
    • A web page a user is directed to navigate to from a campaign or promotion
    • Google Adwords calls this your “destination URL”
    What is a Landing Page? Photo Credit -
  • 6. Home Page vs. Landing Page
  • 7. Home Page vs. Landing Page
  • 8. Why Use Landing Pages?
    • Specificity
    • Higher conversion rate
    • Better PPC quality score – relevant landing page
  • 9. Landing Pages and PPC
      • More targeted than organic because PPC catches users in the buying phase
      • The landing page copy is based on the ad the user clicked
      • The page uses the keywords that were used in the ads
      • The goal is to get the user to the landing page and convert them (get them to take a specific action)
      • The copy and design of the page are offer-focused
      • Paid Search Manager’s job – spend efficiently
  • 10. Landing Pages and PPC You can have compelling ads, but your GOAL is conversion… … that’s where landing page optimization comes in! Not all clicks will lead to a conversion. Basically, you want to generate more revenue than you spend on the ads. Landing Page Conversion Rate – the rate at which your users take your desired action # of times the user takes the desired action The number of visits to that page
  • 11. Other Uses for Landing Pages
    • Email marketing
    • Location-based
    • User/segment-based
    • Direct mail
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Use a landing page for anything where you can be specific
    Photo Credit -
  • 12. Psssst…Facebookers
  • 13.
    • Goal
    • Relevant to campaign
    • SEO/Keywords
    • Title/Header
    • Supporting copy
    • Image
    The Skeleton of a Landing Page Photo Credit -
  • 14. 7 Second Rule
    • A Good Landing Page will tell me:
    • Why am I here? (what is the offer?)
    • Why do I care?
    • What do I do?
    • In 7 seconds or less…
  • 15. Landing Page Best Practices
    • Content – original, useful, clear
    • Builds Trust – take away purchase fears
    • User Experience – make it easy
    • Tracking & Testing – knowledge is power
  • 16. Landing Page Best Practices
    • Content
      • Relevant to the advertisement (it’s obvious I’m in the right place)
      • Straightforward (can you help me solve my problem?)
      • Digestible content (don’t make me read to much)
      • Relevant to keywords and ads
      • Makes me want to take action
  • 17.
    • Build trust with users
      • Demonstrate the nature of your business
      • Use your company branding (logo)
      • Provide a privacy policy that tells the user how their personal information will be used
      • Use of testimonials (short, focused, not distracting)
    Landing Page Best Practices
  • 18.
    • User experience
      • Make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for
      • Quick path to receive the offer
      • Remove main navigation
      • Most important information above the fold
      • Don’t distract, not cluttered with other options
      • One call to action
    Landing Page Best Practices
  • 19.
    • Track and Test!
      • We’ll get to this in a bit…
    Landing Page Best Practices Photo Credit -
  • 20. Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Headline
      • Found in the top
      • Is prominent
      • Too wordy? / Doesn’t explain much?
      • Attention grabbing
      • Communicates purpose
    • Page Layout
      • Could the page be organized differently?
    Suggested Read:
  • 21. Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Copy/content
      • Minimize
      • Use bullet points
      • We like to skim
    • Images
      • Capture attention
      • Should support your offer
      • What does it tell the user?
  • 22. Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Call to action
      • Where is that darn thing?
      • Don’t distract from it
      • If more than one, make sure the primary goal is more prominent
    • Form fields
      • Don’t ask for stuff you don’t need
    • Can they trust you
      • Privacy policy
      • Trust indicators (logos?)
  • 23. A couple of examples
  • 24. A couple of examples Headline could be improved Call to action to be more prominent Image is okay (of product) Testimonials Too text heavy Too many options
  • 25. A couple of examples
  • 26. A couple of examples Compelling headline Good product shot Clear, call to action Secondary call to action Supporting brand logo Privacy Policy / Legal
  • 27. Tracking With PPC - Ad Center Data like clicks, cost, CTR, position, etc. Use Tracking Codes Landing Page Data: Visits, unique visits, bounce rate, time on page, etc. # of conversions/conversion rate
  • 28. Testing A/B Testing - A vs. B, which one is better? Multivariate Testing - Tests the effectiveness of multiple variables - Many combinations Google Website Optimizer Photo Credit -
  • 29. Where are your manners?
    • Don’t forget the “Thank You” page!
      • Whenever your user has taken the desired action on your landing page, you should thank them!
      • Reiterate what they have received, and make ‘em feel good about it!
      • Then show them other great stuff you can offer as a secondary conversion goal
      • Take them to other web pages that would be of value to them
      • Suggest they subscribe to your newsletter
      • Take into consideration that you’ve learned something about them and show them related items you know they’ll like!
    Photo Credit -
  • 30. What Can You Do Today?
    • Are there ways you could be using landing pages that you’re not already?
    • Look at your landing pages with a critical eye
    • Think about what variables might effect your users
    • If you aren’t using landing pages right now, practice these concepts with your form pages on your website
    • Almost every web page on your site is a potential landing page
  • 31. Recap
    • Landing pages are best used when you can be specific
    • Make sure the page is relevant to the ad
    • Keep pages concise and focused on the offer
    • Always track your landing page conversion
    • Test different pages, or elements of your pages to optimize
  • 32. Questions?
  • 33. Learn More
    • SEO Vision Blog -
    • Webinars –
      • Next week – Using Google Analytics to Measure Website Engagement
      • In 2 weeks – Get More Return by Blogging Better
    • Call us! 1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB) ‏
    • [email_address]
    Follow Hall: @Hall_Web Follow Jenika: @jenika29 Thank You!