How to Best Manage and Grow Your Website for Lead Generation


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How to Best Manage and Grow Your Website for Lead Generation

  1. 1. How to Manage and Grow Your Website for Lead GenerationJenika Scott | Hall Internet Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Introduction• Jenika Scott | Channel Marketing Manager Hall Internet Marketing Solutions• This presentation will be available online after the conference. You will receive an email for the Summit session website approximately 1-2 weeks after Summit.• Follow Sage on Twitter: @Sage_Summit – Use the official Summit hashtag: #SageSummit• Follow me on Twitter: @jenika29 | @Hall_Web
  3. 3. Overview• Different types of site visitors• The importance of web content• Content creation and repurposing• Psychology of B2B online buyers• Building trust online• Generating leads and conversion strategy
  4. 4. How Does a Website Work?• Inbound marketing• How are people searching?• What do they want?• What actions can they take?• What assumptions do they make?
  5. 5. Website Elements• Site Design• Functionality/Development• Content• Trust-building• Unique• User Conversion• Marketing – SEO/PPC• Contact
  6. 6. Who is visiting your website?
  7. 7. Who is visiting your website?Current Customers Purchasers Researchers
  8. 8. What is Content?• Information encountered by a website visitor
  9. 9. Content is important for your site visitors• Helpful• Answer Questions• Solve Problems• Entertains• Builds trust• Shows personality• Encourages linking
  10. 10. Content is important for SEO• Fresh• Rankings• Keyword Validation
  11. 11. Content is important for your business website• Authority• Reputation• Trust• Conversion• Sales
  12. 12. Content for Researchers• FAQs• Product Comparisons• Demos• Blogs• Webinars• Trust-indicating logos• Images of staff
  13. 13. Content for Purchasers• Contact Information• E Commerce• Value Added• About Us• Testimonials• Specials/Promotions• Free Trial• Request More Information
  14. 14. Content for Existing Customers• News• How to videos• Support• Training• Blog• Whitepaper
  15. 15. Speaking to Multiple Audiences
  16. 16. Speaking to Multiple Audiences
  17. 17. Know Your Audience• What do they need?• What are their pain points and challenges?• What do they care about?• What content do they like?• Review analytics• Segment• Funnel
  18. 18. Content Best Practices• Attention grabbing• Quality over quantity• Relevant to reader• Digestible• Use Imagery• Easy to understand• Integrate keywords
  19. 19. Growing Your Content• Over time• With the trends• Think about audience first
  20. 20. Use what you know Top Content Keyword Traffic
  21. 21. Understand what people do Navigation Summary Coming soon to In-Page Analytics the new version
  22. 22. Content Creation• Frequently Asked Questions• How to videos• News/Updates• Competitive Comparisons• Testimonials/Success Stories• Blogs• Webcasts/Archived Webcasts• What do people want to know?
  23. 23. Content Repurposing• New is exhausting• Bring new life to “old” content• Appeal to different audiences• Videos  Blogs• Blogs  Webinars• Webinars  Whitepapers• And so on…
  24. 24. We want to generate leads• Conversion Strategy• Calls to Action• In plain sight• Appealing• Consistency• Hierarchy
  25. 25. Understand User Experience• Anticipate behavior• Obvious and intuitive• Positive impression• Relevant• Consistent Photo Credit:
  26. 26. Acknowledge B2B Purchasing Fears• Wasting Time• Wasting Money• Not valuable• Don’t want to be fooled
  27. 27. Establishing Trust Online• Build on reputation and authority• About Us page• Testimonials and Case Studies• Social Media• Humanize• Blogs and Webcasts
  28. 28. Summary• Diverse content for different audiences• Create a content strategy• Anticipate user needs and behaviors• Humanize your website• Ensure conversion strategy
  29. 29. Takeaways1. Audience Personas2. Content Strategy3. Conversion Strategy4. Humanize your content5. Repurpose new content
  30. 30. Your Feedback is Important to Us!• Please visit a Sage Summit Survey kiosks to complete the evaluation form for this session.• Remember each completed survey form is another entry for one of three iPad drawings.• Your feedback helps us improve future sessions and presentation techniques.• Please include your session code on the evaluation form: 8613
  31. 31. Contact Information• Presenter Contact Information: – Jenika Scott – Hall Internet Marketing Solutions – – @Hall_Web | @jenika29• Follow Sage on Twitter: @Sage_Summit – Use the official Summit hashtag: #SageSummit• Thank you for your participation.