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Generating Leads from Research-Oriented B2B Buyers
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Generating Leads from Research-Oriented B2B Buyers


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  • 1. Generating Leads from Research-Oriented B2B Buyers Hall Web Services
  • 2. Who We Are Jenika Scott Channel Marketing Manager [email_address]
    • Hall Web Services
    • 10+ Years in Business
    @Hall_Web @jenika29
  • 3. Got Questions?
    • Use GoToWebinar “Chat” or “Ask a Question”
    • Twitter with @hall_web
  • 4. About You
    • B2B Business and you have a website
    • Already generating some leads, want to learn how to generate more
    • Thought about generate leads with your site but not sure how
    What you will learn:
    • Knowing your users helps turn traffic into sales leads
    • Understand buying fears and breaking down barriers
    • How and when to ask for customer information
  • 5. Conversion - Getting someone that comes to your site to take your desired/specific action User Conversion starts with… USER Contact Us Download now Click here Free Trial View a demo Call us More information
  • 6. Answer These Questions:
    • Why am I here?
    • Do I want to do business with this company?
    • What’s the next step?
  • 7. Know Your Customers
    • They have a problem they want fixed
    • They have a question they want answered
    • Not a lot of time
    • They want to trust
    • They desire a positive experience
  • 8. Why Am I Here?
    • Determined within seconds
    • Can I find what I’m looking for?
    • Are they trustworthy?
    • What is the return policy?
    • Do they have good customer support? Necessary expertise? Experience with industries like mine?
  • 9.
    • How to choose services, what to look for, value
    • Facts, hard information
    • Why choose you?
    What Do People Want?
  • 10. What Do I Have to Offer?
    • Resources supplied by parent company
    • Adaptable print collateral
    • Unique skills, interests
  • 11. Putting It Out There
    • Where to put information on your website
    • Make it stand out
    • Valuable
  • 12. What’s Next?
    • Don’t be shy – ask for contact information
    • Use common sense when deciding what to ask for
    • Be clear about what they will be getting
    • Be trustworthy
    • Don’t disappoint
    Please complete the form below to download your FREE whitepaper.
  • 13. Understand Buying “Fears”
    • Wasting time
    • Wasting money
    • No value
    • Don’t want to be fooled
  • 14. Get On The Same Level
    • Success Stories
    • Testimonials
    • About Us Page
    • Participate in social media
  • 15. Measure What’s Working
    • Track conversions with goals
    • Track funnels
    Step 1: Click Button Step 2: View landing page Step 3: Fill out the form Step 4: Receive the offer GOAL
  • 16. Learn from Analytics
    • Traffic sources
    • Popular content
    • How long do they stay?
    • Why do they leave?
  • 17. What Can You Do Today?
    • Make a good first impression
    • Show them why they’ve come to your site
      • Answer questions
      • Solve problems
    • Reach out
    • Meet expectations
  • 18. Recap
    • User conversions begin with the user
    • It’s not about what you want
    • Help users find the information they are seeking
    • Ask for customer information
    • Don’t disappoint
    • Use analytics to determine what works and what doesn’t
    Photo Credit -
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Learn More
    • SEO Vision Blog -
    • Webinars –
      • Next week – How Search Works
      • In 2 weeks – Does Your Business Need to Use Social Media?
    • Call us! 1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB) ‏
    • [email_address]
    Follow Hall: @Hall_Web Follow Jenika: @jenika29