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6 Commone SEO Mistakes on Business Websites
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6 Commone SEO Mistakes on Business Websites


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Now that you understand the importance of search engine optimization and are implementing a strategy of your own, are you falling into some of the common pitfalls of SEO? This webinar will identify 6 …

Now that you understand the importance of search engine optimization and are implementing a strategy of your own, are you falling into some of the common pitfalls of SEO? This webinar will identify 6 common SEO mistakes including aspects of keyword strategy, on-page SEO elements, and content optimization - and how to remedy them.

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  • 1. 6 Common SEO Mistakes on Business Websites 7/24/2012
  • 2. Hall Internet Marketing• Based in Portland, Maine• In business over 13 years • Twitter: @hall_web • 2
  • 3. Who We Are• Rachel Bowes, Digital Marketing Strategist• Dora Leav, Paid Search Marketer 3
  • 4. Today’s Format• 25 minute presentation• Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question” 4
  • 5. 1. Title tags and meta descriptions aren’t unique. 5
  • 6. Review Your WebsiteLook for duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.1 Use an SEO crawler tool to capture page Crawl Site title tags and meta descriptions. Small websites can be done effectively by hand.2 Find Every page on your site should have a unique title tag and meta description. Duplicates Highlight any duplicate values.3 Implement Changes Rewrite title tags and meta descriptions to match unique page content. 6
  • 7. Title TagsHow to find them. Free Next Day Shipping I 7
  • 8. Meta DescriptionsTypically appear in search results pages. 8
  • 9. Meta DescriptionsHow to find them. Shortcut: Ctrl U (View Page Source) 9
  • 10. Meta Descriptions Search for meta-description Note what’s there. 10
  • 11. No Meta Description?Engines will extract text from the page anduse it on search results page. 11
  • 12. Site CrawlCapture title tags and meta descriptions. URL Title Tag Meta Description http://www.mainecats. maine cats Cats, maine, kittens com/about_us in Brunswick! http://www.mainecats. maine cats Cats, maine, kittens com/contact_us in Brunswick! http://www.mainecats. maine cats com/calico_cats 12
  • 13. Title tags: 70 characters 13
  • 14. Meta descriptions: 150 to 160characters long 14
  • 15. Rewrite Duplicate TagsMake sure that each page is unique! URL Title Tag Meta Description About Maine Cats Maine Cats was about_us founded in 2005. We love finding Maine cats new forever homes. Contact Maine Cats Contact Maine Cats contact_us with any cat related questions. We love hearing from you! Calico Maine Cats If youre considering a calico_cats calico cat for adoption, you probably have a good idea of what you want in your new pet. 15
  • 16. 2. Your website isn’t updated regularly. 16
  • 17. Freshness counts for SEO. 17
  • 18. New Content, Most RelevantClinton Administration Website 18
  • 19. New Content, Most RelevantCurrent Administration Website 19
  • 20. Freshness and Your WebsiteUpdate your website regularly. Editorial Create an editorial calendar and schedule updates Calendar for your blog and other areas of your site. Industry Comment on industry news and trends. Make sure Trends that your content is unique and timely! News and Publish press releases to your site. Potential topics: Events internal promotions, new hires, charitable initiatives. 20
  • 21. There are many ways to keep your content fresh. 21
  • 22. Even small changes can have a positive impact. 22
  • 23. 3. New content isn’t optimized. 23
  • 24. Creating New PagesGet the most return for your effort. Optimized Site Summer New Staff 2012 Members Events 24
  • 25. Pick an SEO friendly CMS(Content Management System). 25
  • 26. Optimize New Pages‣ Title tag- 70 characters‣ Meta description- 150 to 160 characters‣ Write SEO friendly content‣ Description alt tags for images‣ Internal link to other pages 26
  • 27. 4. Optimize for local search. 27
  • 28. 20% of all Google searches have local intent. 28
  • 29. Local searches are expected to increase. 29
  • 30. Optimize for Local SearchesHave a targeted approach. Directory Create or update local search directory listings. Be sure to optimize for your business type and Listings addresses. Stay Keep up-to-date with Google+ and changes to local Current search. Leverage Sponsor local events and bloggers. Geo-tag photos Local on networks like Google+ and Flickr. 30
  • 31. 5. Not having a backlink strategy. 31
  • 32. Strive to obtain backlinks from several websites. 32
  • 33. Trusted Sites Are ConnectedBacklinks from several websites. Portland.go v Mainecat .com Visitmaine. org m 33
  • 34. Isolated Sites Aren’t Trusted Spammy- 34
  • 35. Do not buy links. 35
  • 36. Obtain Quality BacklinksHave a targeted approach. Quality Create unique content that people will share, like Content blog posts, infographics and videos. Sponsor/ Consider sponsoring local events or helping non Engage profits. Ask that a link to your website be included. Ask Ask business partners. Reach out to local and industry bloggers who may be interested in writing Nicely about you. 36
  • 37. 6. Focus only on rankings. 37
  • 38. Instead, focus on conversions and user experience. 38
  • 39. Monitor Site Engagement‣ Do users complete the desired action? • Request more information? • Download a white paper? • Sign up for e-newsletters? 39
  • 40. Make incremental improvements. 40
  • 41. Mistake Free SEO1. Unique title tags and meta descriptions2. Regular content updates3. Optimize new pages4. Optimize for local search5. Seek out backlinks from quality websites6. Focus on conversions and user experience 41
  • 42. Learn More• Upcoming Webinars: webinars.php• Phone: 1-877-425-5932• 42