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How to Prepare For a Career Fair
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How to Prepare For a Career Fair


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We’ve all attended a career fair at one time or another in our lives. They are great ways …

We’ve all attended a career fair at one time or another in our lives. They are great ways
to get in front of potential employers and make a fabulous first impression! Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of career fairs during your career transition.

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  • 1. HOW TO PREPARE FOR A CAREER FAIR Create Your Career Path, LLC Copyright 2013
  • 2. T E N T I P S T O H E L P Y O U M A K E T H E M O S T O F C A R E E R F A I R S ©2002-2013 We’ve all attended a career fair at one time or another in our lives.They are great ways to get in front of potential employers and make a fabulous first impression! Unfortunately, too many people get overwhelmed at the prospect of making an impression in just seconds and at working their way through the crowds at a career fair just to get to the table and get noticed.Take heart – it takes persistence and preparation but, career fairs can be an opportunity land that next job. It just takes a little time to mentally and physically prepare yourself with the right attitude and the right materials. Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of career fairs during your career transition:
  • 3. # 1 - W H O ’ S H I R I N G ? ©2002-2013 Find a list of employers that will be there. Look on the website, ask the organization who’s hosting the event. Do whatever you possibly can to get your hands on the list if there is one!
  • 4. # 2 - W H O D O Y O U W A N T T O M E E T ? Identify the top employers that you want the opportunity to meet. Make a list of the top 5 employers you want to meet. By the way, if there aren’t any you’re interested in, consider whether it’s still worth attending.You could attend if you want to practice your elevator pitch or as a potential networking opportunity in general. But if the event is just too far, or costs too much, consider attending the next one.Your time is valuable and you want to use it wisely. It could be better spent conducting an informational interview with someone local instead. ©2002-2013
  • 5. # 3 - W H A T ’ S N E W A T T H E C O M P A N Y ? Research the company and their current news so that you can prepare what you want to say to them. Look on their site under recent news, or their in the media section, wherever they post recent press releases. Google them to see if any articles were recently written about them as well. Come up with 2 conversation points you can make during your short time with them, and 2 informed questions you can ask them to demonstrate your knowledge about the company. ©2002-2013
  • 6. # 4 - W H A T D O Y O U W A N T T O K N O W ? Have well thought out questions that you want to ask them about the company. Have a list of 3 questions you want to ask in case you get the opportunity.You may not get to all of them but be prepared anyway in case.And – one critical question is: “May I stay in touch with you and what is the best way to follow up on the job openings you have?” Get their business card. Don’t leave it up to them to get in touch with you. Be proactive. If you have their card you are in the driver’s seat and can stay in touch with them. ©2002-2013
  • 7. # 5 - W H A T A R E Y O U G O I N G T O W E A R ? Dress professionally. (This seems obvious, but years ago I went to a career fair and a woman there was wearing sneakers with a suit! It didn’t come off well needless to say). Decide on your attire well in advance so you’re not waiting until the last minute. ©2002-2013
  • 8. # 6 – H O W S H O U L D Y O U P R E P A R E ? Have a business card with your contact information to hand out as you make networking contacts. If you are looking for a job outside your industry, create a separate card for your search so they don’t equate you with the industry you are currently in. Have a business card regardless, even if you are still in school! One specifically created for your job search is a great idea. ©2002-2013
  • 9. # 7 – H O W A R E Y O U G O I N G T O P R E S E N T Y O U R S E L F ? Get your elevator pitch ready and practice it before the day of the career fair. Practice in the mirror, with friends and family, video tape yourself if needed. ©2002-2013
  • 10. # 8 – H O W S H O U L D Y O U G R E E T P E O P L E ? Always use a FIRM handshake when introducing yourself. No dead fish handshakes! ©2002-2013
  • 11. # 9 – H O W S H O U L D Y O U L O O K A T T H E M ? Look the people that you meet directly in the eyes. Don’t avoid eye contact or let your eyes wander while you’re at their table. Give them your full attention. ©2002-2013
  • 12. # 1 0 – H O W W I L L T H E Y R E M E M B E R Y O U ? Say something that makes a good impression and will make them remember you.You don’t have the be the funny guy at the table, but make sure your elevator pitch is solid and memorable. ©2002-2013
  • 13. P U T Y O U R B E S T F O O T F O R W A R D ! Remember, your first impression counts EVEN more at a career fair because you are only going to have a couple minutes with them.Take the time to prepare yourself and put your best foot forward. Your career is depending on it! ©2002-2013
  • 14. A B O U T C R E AT E Y O U R C A R E E R PAT H Create Your Career Path was founded by certified career coach, speaker and author Hallie Crawford. Crawford has served on the Board of the Georgia Coach Association, and is regularly featured as a career expert on CNN, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo HotJobs, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Create Your Career Path is a boutique career coaching firm known for their personal attention, commitment to clients and a blend of dreaming and being practical in achieving career goals. Since 2002, they’ve helped hundreds of clients all over the world find and succeed in their dream job. Each of their coaches are certified coaches with specific career coaching experience and training. They cater to professional men and women, management level and higher, in mid-career transition. Their success rate is 97%, measured by the number of people who have gotten what they wanted out of coaching. The coaches use a specific tried and tested process and tools developed by Hallie Crawford over the years. Contact us for a complimentary consultation: ©2002-2013