Nutrition and eating well


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Nutrition and eating well

  1. 1. Nutrition and Eating Well
  2. 2. Don’t skip breakfast! • You won’t feel good if you don’t eat breakfast, and you won’t learn as well in class. • If you skip a meal, you will eat a lot more in the next meal, and that may make you fat.
  3. 3. How long can someone live without food and water? • On average, a person can only live about 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.
  4. 4. carbohydrates • Carbohydrates are the main kind of energy for you body. Rice, potatoes, bread and sugar are carbohydrates.
  5. 5. protein Your body needs protein to build muscle and repair cells. You don’t have to eat meat to get protein.
  6. 6. calories • A man needs about 2500 calories per day. • A woman needs 2000.
  7. 7. Green smoothies Delicious and nutritious! blender
  8. 8. Too much sugar! Sugar has no nutrition. Don’t drink a lot of soda! If you drink soda, use a lot of ice.
  9. 9. Dried fruit isn’t as healthy
  10. 10. Omega 3 fatty acids They are very important for your body.
  11. 11. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals.
  12. 12. The food pyramid
  13. 13. Vitamin supplements- Are they a waste of money? If you eat healthy food, you don’t need to buy vitamins like these. They may even be bad for you.
  14. 14. malnutrition Malnutrition is rare in Thailand, but common in many places in the world. Malnutrition kills many children.
  15. 15. Which one should you eat? Junk food
  16. 16. It is important to eat a lot of fiber. Fiber helps clean out your digestive system. It also makes you feel full more easily, so you don’t get fat.
  17. 17. scurvy Scurvy happens when you don’t get enough vitamin C. It happened often on ships a long time ago.
  18. 18. rickets Rickets happens when you don’t get enough vitamin D and calcium. The body needs sunlight to use vitamin D!
  19. 19. osteoporosis Osteoporosis often happens to old people, especially women if they don’t get enough calcium. They will break their bones more easily.
  20. 20. beriberi Beriberi is sickness caused by not having enough thiamine. It can happen if you eat nothing but white rice.
  21. 21. iron Iron is important in your diet, especially for women because they lose blood during menstruation.
  22. 22. How to read a food label
  23. 23. antioxidants Antioxidants destroy free radicals, which are bad for you. They help fight cancer.
  24. 24. Saturated fats
  25. 25. potassium It is VERY important for your body. Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine and eating junk food can cause this.
  26. 26. GMO- Genetically Modified Organism Science is changing a lot of foods to make them easier to grow, bigger, etc. A lot of people don’t like this. Some think it unsafe. But it does help feed more people.
  27. 27. Processed food People eat a lot of processed food nowadays. Try to eat natural, fresh food.
  28. 28. Picky eater A picky eater has a lot of foods they don’t like. Some people don’t like picky eaters.
  29. 29. Why do we get angry when we are hungry? When we are hungry, a hormone called ghrelin is made. This can make you feel anxious and upset.
  30. 30. Green tea prevents cancer Green tea is very good for you. It can help you lose fat. You should drink it without sugar like Japanese people do.
  31. 31. Caffeine • Caffeine is a good drug. • It can improve your mood, make you smarter, and improve your reaction time.
  32. 32. Food for healthy skin and hair
  33. 33. Eat Smart • Don’t eat when you’re not hungry and don’t binge eat. • Don’t eat too much carbohydrates.
  34. 34. Questions • What are some kinds of foods that we should limit? • What do antioxidants do? • How many calories should a person eat every day? What is the best way to get our vitamins? Is soda good for you? What is a picky eater?
  35. 35. Lets plan our next 3 meals • With a partner, plan your next three meals. They must be healthy and have both carbohydrates and protein. • Use your imagination, and make it delicious. You can use a dictionary. • Share your meal plan with the class.