Driving safety


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Driving safety

  1. 1. Driving Safety Take it seriously!
  2. 2. Traffic deaths by country
  3. 3. Be careful when making a uturn Don’t make other people brake for you. Wait until the road is clear.
  4. 4. Driving can be stressful
  5. 5. This is not safe or cool.
  6. 6. Wear a seatbelt
  7. 7. Sit properly on your vehicle Too many people!
  8. 8. tailgating
  9. 9. Drunk driving
  10. 10. Aggressive driving Don’t put lives in danger so you can arrive 10 seconds faster.
  11. 11. Running red lights- Don’t do it! Red means stop.
  12. 12. Maintaining your vehicle Make sure your lights and turn signals are working. Turn your lights on at night! Change your oil when you need to.
  13. 13. Check your tires This tire is worn out. It is dangerous in the rain. This tire is flat. It may need air or a repair.
  14. 14. Check your side and rear view mirrors often.
  15. 15. Don’t pollute!
  16. 16. Talking on cell phone while driving
  17. 17. Texting while driving is dangerous.
  18. 18. Get a license
  19. 19. Driver Education and Road Test
  20. 20. Pull over for ambulances and emergency vehicles
  21. 21. Be patient Drive slowly through a road construction site.
  22. 22. Use your turn signal when changing lanes or taking a turn. Let other drivers know what you are doing.
  23. 23. Stay in one lane!
  24. 24. Coast slowly up to traffic lights and stop signs. • This will save gas and be more safe.
  25. 25. Always expect other drivers to do something stupid.
  26. 26. Don’t use darkly tinted windows. It’s dangerous because the driver can’t see.
  27. 27. Don’t use your high beams when another car is coming. It will blind them.
  28. 28. Look at the road • 80% of crashes happen because a driver was distracted.
  29. 29. hydroplaning • This happens when the car is driving fast on a very wet road. • The tire loses contact with the road and cannot steer and brake.
  30. 30. Use your emergency lights when stopped on a road.
  31. 31. Park close to the curb. This car is too far from the curb.
  32. 32. Don’t park close to a fire hydrant. If there is a fire, your car will be in the way.
  33. 33. Don’t stop on a crosswalk
  34. 34. Passing safely Don’t cross a solid yellow line. Don’t pass around a blind curve.
  35. 35. Wearing a helmet
  36. 36. “There are old bikers and there are bold bikers, but there are no old, bold bikers.”
  37. 37. If you are in an accident • 1. Check that everyone is ok. • 2. Call the police. • 3. Don’t sign anything. • 4. Take notes and take pictures. • 5. Get insurance information. • 6. Don’t admit fault or accuse other driver.
  38. 38. Questions • What should you wear on your head when driving a motorcycle? • What can happen if you drive fast on a very wet place? • What should you do when you are about to take a turn? • Which lights should you use at night? • How many people should ride a motorcycle? • What should you do when there is an ambulance behind you?
  39. 39. Role play • One person is a drunk driver, and the other is a policeman who has stopped them. • One person is a crazy, fast driver who drives badly, and the other is someone in the car with them.