Dating and relationships


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Dating and relationships

  1. 1. Dating and relationships
  2. 2. Having a crush If you like someone in a romantic way, you “have a crush on” them.
  3. 3. Don’t be shy! If you never talk to your crush, nothing will ever happen. Life is short.
  4. 4. flirting There are many ways to flirt. Smiling, talking, eye contact and using a sweet voice are some normal ways.
  5. 5. Pick up lines A pick up line is the first thing a man says to a woman that he wants to talk to. Usually he is trying to say something interesting or funny, but it often doesn’t work.
  6. 6. Asking someone out
  7. 7. Good places for a first date • Go to a neutral place in the daytime. • A short date is usually better. • Bring a friend if you want.
  8. 8. Who should pay for the date? Usually the man pays for the date, but this is changing. If you share the bill, this is called “going dutch.”
  9. 9. Bad places for a first date A dance club is bad because it is so loud and people are often drunk. A first date is NOT the time to introduce them to your family.
  10. 10. Double date A double date can be good, especially on a first date, when you may be nervous.
  11. 11. lateness Don’t be late for a date. If you will be late, you should call. If someone makes you wait more than 15 minutes, just leave.
  12. 12. How should you dress on a date? good Not good
  13. 13. Things to NOT do on a first date It is rude to use your phone when on a date. Don’t talk about your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t act like it is a job interview. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol. (Don’t drink any until you are older!)
  14. 14. And don’t kiss on the first date! The kiss will feel much better if you wait a few dates. Waiting builds tension and makes the kiss more valuable.
  15. 15. Questions you shouldn’t ask in the first conversation • Are you looking for a relationship? • Why are you single? • Do you want kids? • What kind of car do you drive? • How much do you make?
  16. 16. Online dating It has become very popular lately. If you are careful, it can be a very good way to meet people.
  17. 17. Are you a good match for each other? • It helps if you share the same interests, have a similar personality and intelligence, and are in the same league with looks.
  18. 18. Playing games • Don’t try to play with someone’s head. He is frustrated because she is playing games with his heart.
  19. 19. Playing hard to get
  20. 20. Keep it real! So many people are not honest with the person they are dating. Tell the person what your real goals are. Don’t just tell people what they want to hear.
  21. 21. Waiting to call Many people play games when it comes to calling someone they are dating. Most people wait a couple days to call after they get someone’s number. I think this is silly.
  22. 22. The Friend Zone The friend zone is when a boy has a crush on a girl, but the girl wants to “just be friends.”
  23. 23. Staying out of the friend zone • Don’t seem desperate or needy. • You need to flirt! If you don’t, and only talk like a friend, they won’t find you attractive. • If you flirt, and they still want to “just be friends”, then it is time to move on and don’t waste time.
  24. 24. stalker A stalker is a person who is obsessed with someone who doesn’t love them. They can be dangerous.
  25. 25. Double texting- Be careful! • If someone doesn’t answer your text or phone call, you may want to text or call them again because you are tired of waiting. This is usually not a good thing.
  26. 26. Social media • Nowadays, most people like to use social media sites to get to know a person. But be careful what you post on facebook! Don’t make wall posts complaining about your gf/bf. The world is too small!
  27. 27. Keeping a balance • The Buddha said that the Middle Way is best. This is also true in dating and relationships. Not good
  28. 28. Love letters Writing a letter is a great way to show you really love someone. BUT, it can backfire if they don’t like it.
  29. 29. Surprise! People love nice surprises
  30. 30. Ask a lot of questions Learn about what kind of person your date is. But don’t ask them questions that will make them uncomfortable.
  31. 31. If you don’t like your date, you can escape and leave early. • Be polite and say “Something came up and I have to go.”
  32. 32. PDA- Public Display of Affection Many people feel uncomfortable if they see something like this. In most cultures, it is better to do this behind closed doors.
  33. 33. Interracial dating • Nowadays, more people are open to dating outside their race or culture. But it still makes some people uncomfortable. 200 years ago, a black man could be killed for dating a white woman.
  34. 34. Maintaining a relationship • The beginning of a relationship is exciting, and it is easy to feel like you are in love. • Having a good relationship for a long time takes hard work. There must be good communication and honesty.
  35. 35. Breaking up Sometimes love doesn’t last forever. Breaking up can be painful.
  36. 36. heartbreak Sometimes people get hurt in the game of love. It is important that person try to move on and not be sad forever.
  37. 37. Don’t try to change people. If you find you just can’t get along with someone, sometimes it is better to break up and move on. If you criticize someone too much, they won’t like to be with you.
  38. 38. Abusive relationship Sometimes your girlfriend or boyfriend may try to control you, and even hurt you. You need to get out of this kind of relationship.
  39. 39. Long distance relationship Long distance relationships are difficult, but technology is making them easier and more popular now. Could you have a long distance relationship?
  40. 40. Playing the field and sealing the deal It is ok to meet many different people and date a lot before you choose a boyfriend or girlfriend. BUT, it is very important to communicate with people you are dating, and define the relationship.
  41. 41. Arranged marriage In many countries, people don’t choose who they marry. Their family chooses. What do you think of this?
  42. 42. Speed dating Speed dating has become popular in america. It gives you a chance to meet many people in one night. This can help you not waste time.
  43. 43. Questions • What age should people start dating? • What kinds of things do you want to do on a date? Where do you want to go? • What would a good relationship be like? What about a bad one? • What do you think of online dating? • What kind of person would be perfect for you?
  44. 44. Role play • One person is asking the other out on a date. Where will you go, what time, what will you do? Etc. • One person is a child, and the other is a strict parent who is worried about their child dating.
  45. 45. What questions do you have for the teacher? • Think of at least 2 questions you have about dating and relationships, write them on a paper and put it in the teacher’s box. You don’t have to write your name on it.