Buddhism trivia
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Buddhism trivia






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Buddhism trivia Buddhism trivia Presentation Transcript

  • What was Buddha’s name when he was a prince? • Siddhartha Gautama
  • What does Buddha say is the cause of suffering? • Desire and clinging
  • What is the word that means “become a monk”? • Ordain View slide
  • Where is the Dalai Lama from? • Tibet View slide
  • What kind of water do monks spray on people? • Holy Water
  • What is the “Sangharaja”? The most important monk in Thailand
  • Where did the Buddha sit when he found enlightenment? • Under the Bodhi Tree
  • Who was the woman that gave Buddha food when he was dying? • Lady Sujata
  • About how many monks are there in Thailand? • About 200,000
  • What country did the Buddha live his life in? • India
  • About how long ago did the Buddha live? • About 2600 years ago
  • How many Buddhists are there in the world? • Over 300 million
  • What was the first thing the Buddha did after he was born? Walk with lotus flowers growing from his footsteps
  • Who was the Buddha’s cousin? Devadatta
  • What kind of Buddhism do we have in Thailand • Theravada
  • What day do we remember the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha? • Visakha Puja
  • What day do we give robes to the monks? • Kathina ceremony day
  • What is the word for being born again? • Reincarnation
  • Whatever you do will come back to you. This is called _________ • Karma
  • What are the two main kinds of Buddhism in the world? • Theravada and Mahayana
  • Who is the Buddha of the future? (mahayana) Maitreya
  • What do the monks do in the morning to get food? • Go on alms round
  • How do we say • The five precepts in English?
  • How do we say • The Noble Eightfold Path in English?
  • How do you say English? • The four noble truths in
  • Why does the Buddha have long earlobes? • Because he was a rich prince and had heavy gold earrings.
  • What are the gestures the Buddha does with his hands? • mudras
  • What will happen to a monk if he breaks the Vinaya rules badly? • He will be disrobed