Buddhism, christianity and islam


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Buddhism, christianity and islam

  1. 1. Christianity and Islam A comparison
  2. 2. Christianity • Started 2013 years ago, with the birth of Jesus Christ • Christians say that Jesus Christ is the son of god
  3. 3. Islam • Started in 610 ad • Muslims say that Muhammed is a prophet of god
  4. 4. Creator God Christian God Allah (not male or female) Buddhism has no creator god.
  5. 5. There is only one god.
  6. 6. Satan and Mara Here, Mara is trying to tempt the Buddha Satan is a fallen angel
  7. 7. Religious Symbols Islam Crescent Christian Cross Buddhist Dharmachakra
  8. 8. Afterlife:Judgement, Heaven and Hell Heaven/ Paradise
  9. 9. faith Faith is believing something that we cannot test or prove. Faith is hoping and trusting in god.
  10. 10. The Prophets Muhammed Jesus Buddha
  11. 11. Jesus Died on the Cross
  12. 12. Muhammad was poisoned. Buddha died of food poisoning.
  13. 13. Different kinds of Christians Catholic Jehovah’s Witness Protestant Mormons Eastern Orthodox
  14. 14. Who teaches it? Pastor/Minister Imam
  15. 15. Christian Creation Story
  16. 16. Creation Story for Islam • In the beginning there was nothing. *Then they believed their god Allah was created. *They believe he created the sun, the moon, heavens, and the stars. *Then they believe Allah created angels to help him with his duties. *Allah ordered the angel to help him create the earth. *Allah then told the angel to go down to earth and grab some soil from the earths ground. *Allah then created the first human name "Adam." *Allah then created Eve and sent them to paradise to make more humans.
  17. 17. Original Sin-Adam and Eve in Eden Christians believe that people are bad, and need help from god to be good.
  18. 18. Muslims believe people can be both good and evil
  19. 19. Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus will come again someday
  20. 20. The Christian Holy Trinity Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  21. 21. How many followers? • Buddhism- 300 million • Islam- 1.3 billion • Christianity- 2 billion
  22. 22. Where do they worship? Muslim Mosque Christian Church
  23. 23. When did they start? • Christianity- 30 a.d. in Jerusalem • Islam- 622 a.d. in Mecca • Buddhism - About 530 b.c. in Nepal
  24. 24. The commandments and precepts
  25. 25. The Holy Books The Bible The Quran The Tipitaka
  26. 26. Christian Holidays Easter Christmas
  27. 27. Muslim Holidays Eid Al Fitr Eid Al Adha
  28. 28. Muslim Women
  29. 29. Different Kinds of Muslims Two main kinds: Sunni and Shia Shia Muslims believe the family of Muhammed should have power
  30. 30. Muslim Prayers Muslims do a Salat prayer five times every day. They must face towards Mecca.
  31. 31. The Five Pillars of Islam • SHAHADAH. This Pillar is believing and saying the words. “There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. • SALAH. This Pillar is praying five times a day. There are set prayers which Muslims should say, and all Muslims should face Mecca in Arabia when praying, and should pray on a prayer mat. People should wash before they pray. There are fixed movements, which include kneeling with the forehead placed on the ground in front. This expresses the servant status of the human being in relation to Allah. • ZAKAH. Each year, Muslims are supposed to give a fixed proportion of their savings for endeavours such as helping the poor. In this way, they believe that their wealth is “made pure” • SAWM. Refraining from food and drink during the month of Ramadan during daylight hours. • HAJJ. This is making a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life, if it can be afforded.
  32. 32. Holy Places Mecca Jerusalem
  33. 33. Christian Prayer
  34. 34. Buddhist Prayer Buddhists bow three times to a Buddha image Even animals can hold their hands together and pray.
  35. 35. What can’t they eat? Pork.