Dealing With Difference Personalities

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Dealing with difference personalities

Dealing with difference personalities

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  • 1. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    Hasan Al Jaberi
    Director of Business Admin – SAC
    HR Management program
  • 2. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    There are four major archetype of personalities: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness style.
  • 3. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    Like to take control and enjoy moving people around in their favor.
    They are direct, forceful, impatient, and opinionated.
    They enjoy being in charge, making decisions, solving problems, and getting things done.
    They can be extremely demanding.
    They also fear being taken advantage of by losing control of a situation.
    They don't like being told what to do, and win lose challenges can be dangerous.
    They would quickly become bored with a routine that was basically the same from day to day, and not them to make decisions .
  • 4. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    HOW TO DEAL WITH Dominance Personalities
    Be clear, direct, and to the point when you interact.
    Avoid being too personal or talking too much about non-work items. 
    Let them know what you expect of them.
    Provide choices that give them the opportunity to make decisions to satisfy their need to be "in control.
    Accept their need for variety and change.
    They are "bottom line" oriented. Ask them about their career plans and timetables for achieving success. Show how they can get results by helping you get results.
  • 5. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    Enjoy being involved with people and getting recognition for their accomplishments.
    They fear rejection or loss of social approval. They prefer to deal with people rather than things.
    This highly social individual loves opportunities to verbalize thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
    They like to be praise for their work enthusiastically and publicly.
    When you negatively motivate people of this style, they can be aimlessly reckless.
    Such people run well with new ideas.
  • 6. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    HOW TO DEAL WITH Influence Personalities
     Give them lots of your time.
    Compliment them.
    Ask about things going on in their lives outside of work.
    Let them share with you their goals if at work and elsewhere.
    Link your objectives to their dreams and goals.
  • 7. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    Focuses on cooperating with others to carry out the task.
    They take pride in being reliable and trustworthy friends / employees.
    They tend to be patient and loyal.
    Team players and cooperative group workers.
    They respond positively to group achievement recognition, sincere appreciation and predictable situations.
    They don’t like sudden, unplanned changes.
    Responds very well to an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition.
  • 8. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    HOW TO DEAL WITH Influence Personalities
    Acknowledge that their efforts help others. 
    Provide specific direction and offer assurances when necessary. 
    When implementing change, be sure to lay out a systematic, step-by-step procedure and draw out their concerns and worries about the situation.
    They need to feel secure.
    Assure them that you've thought things through before initiating changes. Give them a plan to deal with problems when they occur.
  • 9. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    Ensure quality and accuracy. Appreciate opportunities for thorough, careful planning.
    They are critical thinkers.
    They prefer to spend time analyzing a situation and slow to accept sudden changes.
    They like following procedures and standards- preferably their own. Respond well to logical, well-thought-out, planned options.
    Be realistic and avoid exaggeration in discussion with them.
    Your conversations with them will take longer because they'll probably have several questions.
    They'll also want to verify the quality and reliability of information you give them.
  • 10. Dealing with Difference Personalities
    HOW TO DEAL WITH Influence Personalities
    Opportunities to demonstrate their expertise.
    Plenty of details.
    Example at work place: Enough time to prepare for meetings properly especially if they have an item on the agenda to present.
    Situations where their systematic approach will contribute to long-term success.
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    Dealing with Difference Personalities
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