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01 UAE Weather update: 8th - 12th Aug 2011
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01 UAE Weather update: 8th - 12th Aug 2011


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  • 1. Source: Info. accumulated from several online weather sites Brought to you by UAE – Weather Update Issued: 7 th August 2011 Summary: This coming week; from 8 th – 12 th August 2011. Very Warm hot weather ahead is expected with high real feel temperature to reach up to 53 degree on Tuesday 9 th August with high wind in some parts of the country. Partly Cloudy skies Wed / Thursday . Is this another un-stable Summer weather conditions? Chance of few showers / sprinkle in western region Wed./Thursday may include Al Ain. But not all weather channels confirm this. Visit Site
  • 2. Monday 8 th – Thursday 11 th Aug 2011 Abu Dhabi: Clear to partly cloudy, Windy during the day, Realfeel Temp 53 °C on Tuesday. Average Temp: Low: 36 ° C High:48°C Dubai: Clear to partly cloudy skies. Realfeel Temp 53 °C on Tuesday. Temp: Average Low: 35°C High:49°C Al Ain: Sunny to Partly cloudy skies on Tue / wed. Realfeel Temp 46 °C on Tuesday. Average Temp: Low: 37°C High:46°C Ras Al Khaimah: Intervals of clouds and sunshine. Temp: Average Low: 22°C High:31°C Fujairah: Sunny partly cloudy Temp: Average Low: 34°C High:46°C Habshan: Sunny and partly cloudy. Windy Wed / Thur Temp: Average Low: 35°C High:45°C
    • Summer Safety Tips :
    • If you drive long distance check your tires regularly and your car air condition.
    • Parking with no shade under the afternoon heat sunny day, make sure you leave all your windows a bit open and cover front and back wind shields. Keep a towel or cloth on your steering too.
    • Do not leave a children un attend in the car during the summer heat and think that car A/C system will work fine until you come back. – Do not risk.
    • Wear good brand sunglasses.
    • Drink water regularly
    • Avoid walking / jogging or having out door activities between 8am – 5pm.
    UAE – Weather Update Visit Site What Realfeel Temperature means? Find Answer Here
  • 3. UAE Weather Photo Cloudy / Sunny Skies Photo credits: Hasan Al Jabry Visit Site
  • 4. UAE Weather Photo Cloudy / Sunny Skies Photo credits: Hasan Al Jabry Visit Site
  • 5. Weather quote: Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~John Ruskin Stay Safe & Dehydrated Note: Weather predictions are made possible using the best technology available today, but still un-expected “freak weather” sometimes may occur which happen very rare. So be ready and No Blame To Weather man. UAE – Weather Update Visit Site We want to hear from you, your feedback, suggestions & comments. This update is live and can be viewed by thousands around the world. Do you have your own UAE / Gulf Countries weather related photo? Send to us and if approved it will be post in our future updates with your name and one link under it. Thanks.