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Marketing General Contractor

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What it is and why marketers need one. …

What it is and why marketers need one.

Marketing is evolving faster than CMO's, Brand Managers and Marketing Directors can keep up with new technologies, niches and agency capabilities. You wouldn't try to hire all the different plumbers, electricians, and roofers to build a house, you'd find someone who knows all these disciplines and how they work together. The Marketing General Contractor is a concept that explores adding a layer between a brand and its agencies to ensure efficiency and integration.

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  • 2. Marketing Directors have to juggle more new information and opportunity with less budget and resources than ever before. With new media changing and evolving all the time, integrating marketing efforts is hard enough, let alone doing it creatively and efficiently. OBJECTIVE Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 3. MAJOR ADVERTISERS: Work with large advertising agencies. These agencies are not incentivized to find out about new opportunities and are slow to adapt to them. Progressive clients proactively engage these opportunities outside the agency structure but integration remains a challenge. CHALLENGER BRANDS: Often work around the big agency structure by hiring a bunch of niche players (Advertising, PR, Social Media, SEO, Digital) but have difficulty integrating ideas and getting everyone on the same page. One agency dropping the ball can stagnate everyone’s efforts. SHOOTING STARS: Rapidly growing brands with tech-savvy leaders who can’t onboard enough staff to handle the management and approvals of marketing efforts through multiple partners. THE PROBLEM Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 4. TRADITIONAL CREATIVE STRUCTURE COPYWRITER ART DIRECTORCREATIVE In the traditional creative structure, copywriters and art directors collaborate to come up with campaigns ideas. Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 5. NEW CREATIVE STRUCTURE COPYWRITER ART DIRECTOR In the new creative structure, a creative strategist takes the campaign to the next level by creatively integrating it across media CREATIVE CREATIVE STRATEGIST Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 6. MARKETING GENERAL CONTRACTOR Adding a marketing general contractor who understands each niche, who is the best to execute and what success looks like in each opportunity. COPYWRITER ART DIRECTOR CREATIVE CREATIVE STRATEGIST INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN MARKETING GENERAL CONTRACTOR Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 7. GENERAL CONTRACTORS If you’re renovating a house, a general contractor knows how to negotiate and organize plumbers, electricians and roofers. They also know what order to do each project in and how to keep them out of each other’s way. Often marketers make the mistake that they know enough about each marketing niche to make these decisions themselves. A Marketing General Contractor acts as a buffer to find and manage these vendors. Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 8. I’ve worked on the creative side of advertising my whole career, working on Fortune 500 brands on print and television before moving to digital, experiential and social media. The founder of my own small advertising agency for five years, I’ve managed integrated campaigns on behalf of clients touching every media. Active in the startup community, I’m in the know about the latest technologies to affect the industry. I understand how to work with creatives, how to get the best rates and work out of agencies, and most importantly, get the most of your marketing budget. ABOUT ME Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 9. AUDIT: Look at current efforts and make recommendations of improvements and lost integration opportunities. Work with existing agencies and bring in new ones to fill gaps. INTEGRATE: Work across all agencies to improve integration and communication. Install project management tools and train key staff. CREATE: New campaign initiatives based on marketing’s goals that trickle down into our newly formed infrastructure. ITERATE: Quickly react to what’s working/not working and make adjustments. MY PROCESS Sunday, August 25, 13
  • 10. 27 W 20TH ST, 9TH FLOOR, NYC 10011 t 646 230 8013 f 646 230 8011 w catch24design.com Catch 24 Advertising and Design is a full-service marketing communications company. We develop strategic, integrated marketing programs, implement and manage them across all media. All contents of this presentation are property of Catch 24 Advertising & Design. Any replication of content without express consent from Catch 24 is subject to penalty. FOR MORE INFORMATION MARC LEFTON marc@halffiction.com THANK YOU Sunday, August 25, 13