Half-Pint Legacy:Chapter 2


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Chapter @ aka 2, Blood is thicker than water

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Half-Pint Legacy:Chapter 2

  1. 1. Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter @ aka 2, Blood is thicker than water. Last time our founder Riley graduated from Acadamie La Tour and married Nolan shortly after. They had 4 kids together – Garrett, Summer, Kaden and Evalin. Garrett is a teen and the others are kids. No heir is chosen but Riley discussed the heirship with Garrett. He decided that he wanted to live a free, romancing life rather than be tied down in the legacy.
  2. 2. One quiet day in the Pint household, everyone had just come home from work and school. Nolan sat down to read the paper, Riley got a cup of coffee, Garrett went to sleep, Kaden did his homework, and Summer played with a friend from school. But wait, isn't that one less Pint? Just one small sim hour ago...
  3. 3. “ Come on Kaden, we're kids! Let's just have some fun. No one will care if we hop in the pool real quick. It's almost summer and it's HOT!” “ I don't know Ev. It's not finished and Mom told us not to. Shouldn't we ask her first?” “ Oh you're no fun Kaden. I'll just swim by myself.
  4. 4. “ Bang! Bang! Bang!” “ You missed haha!” Summer laughed. “ Summer? Where's your sister?” “ Well I know for sure we brought her home from school today. Not like the one day we forgot her -giggle-” “ You forgot your sister! That's so fun-” “ Just tell me where she is Sum.” Riley this time told her, not asked. “ Oh I don't know. Probally just with Kaden doing homework or playing in the yard.” “Fine. But will you go find her when you're done? I've got some work to do around the house.” “ Yea, sure.” Summer replied then quickly got back to her game of Cops and Robbers.
  5. 5. “ Ugh, I'm tired.” She looked around for a ladder but none was in sight. “Oh why didn't I listen.... to... Kaden.... I should. have. known. bett--” Running out of energy, Evalin struggled to stay afloat. She kept glugging water while trying to call for help. Being so tired, the shouts were mere whispers heard by no one. After hours of perseverance, she gave up. Her little child body sunk to bottom of the unfinished pool.
  6. 6. Old Mr. Grim came to take her away. Why couldn't her spare an innocent little girl? Her family rushed out the the front yard with the premonition of something awful.
  7. 7. Seeing the Grim Reaper floating over the pool, Riley finally figured out where her daughter was. They weeped for hours over their youngest child, their baby.
  8. 8. R.I.P. Evalin Pint Ev never really got a chance to live her life to the fullest. But while she was alive, she tried her best. Always wanting to try something new and do something fun, her life was pretty good. She wasn't that close to her siblings. But her family loved her so anyway.
  9. 9. Life doesn't wait for you to grieve. Summer aged into her teen years in the bathroom of all places because everyone forgot. There was no party, no cake, no balloons, no cheering or smiling faces.
  10. 10. Summer grew up into a charming young lady, tall and gorgeous. She pre-rolled Popularity as a kid. 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 9 active, 3 playful, 1 nice
  11. 11. After her make-over, I think she's beautiful. I tried for a photoshoot, but she didn't have it in her to smile today. Not after realizing that her sister will never get to be a teen. She'll never get to give her boy advice, to see her graduate, marry, and have kids. She'll never get to see her smile ever, ever again.
  12. 12. Garrett woke up from his after school nap and could just sense what had happened. He wept in his room alone, keeping his feelings from his family.
  13. 13. Her bed was empty that night. Kaden couldn't bring himself to sleep alone in his room for the first time in his life. Luckily, Summer shared her bed.
  14. 14. Summer needed a break. Every single person in her house was on the brink of depression, including herself. She just needed some fun. After all that's what Ev's entire life was about. Maybe she would have wanted this she thought. She invited over Nameisnotimportant. Yes this is her childhood friend, all aged up with the BFF thingy. I guess he wanted to be a bad ass teen.
  15. 15. So what if she was just looking for comfort. Summer got her first kiss! Great job Sum!
  16. 16. Summer introduced him to her mother. Maybe it wasn't just an emotional outlet. Maybe they really had something there. “ Honey this is great. Your first boyfriend. But we're are most definitely talking about this later.” She said with a stern yes soft voice.
  17. 17. The next day I got Summer to have a real photo op with me. I guess a boyfriend was good therapy for her, because she had a spring in her step. No, she had not forgotten her sister, but was glad she could embrace her life ahead of her rather than dwell on the past. But of course, her life ahead may have many responsibilities. I shall have to have Riley invite me over so I can have a chat with them about legacy junk.
  18. 18. Cleaning up puddle after environment score plummeting puddle made me feel that much better about sending Ev away from the house. They would be up for all hours of the night cleaning. Drowned ghosts are so annoying.
  19. 19. Garrett hung out with his childhood friend turned girlfriend (thank you Free Time) and another friend not pictured. They talked and had a massive water balloon fight in the backyard. Garrett's arm even got stuck in the house, which apparently is pink. I honestly thought it was white when I painted it. “ Haha your hand! It's so inside your house!”
  20. 20. Nolan had arrived home from a day at work. Now we all know Nolan, he loves work. But today he couldn't focus he didn't enjoy his work that day. Naturally, every one at work noticed his weird behavior Someone spread the word about Evalin and one co-worker got the guts to talk to him. This co-worker, Felix, had a wife that worked in the Paranormal career track for some time. She was very high up in the career, if not at the very top. She had received a special reward for her efforts that Felix thought might help out Nolan. She had gotten a special so called “bone phone” that she was told could bring back someone from the dead. Now Felix didn't believe in all this mumbo-jumbo and had since convinced her to get a new job and sell off the phone. But Nolan got the point of the story – if he worked his way up in that career he had a chance to get back Ev. “ Don't worry Evalin. My baby girl. Daddy is going to do whatever it takes.”
  21. 21. It's time for family bonding! Garrett and Summer spent a much needed afternoon together. They tickled each other, played games, and caught up on what they had missed in each other's lives lately. “ Sum I've been thinking about going to college soon. Like maybe tomorrow. But then with everything that's happened I don't know how mom and dad will feel. What do I do?” “ Wow, big brother asking little sister for advice. Ha oh right. Uh, I think you should do what makes you happy. That's what they would want. But make sure to tell them now if that's what you want to do. They'll want to spend your time left with you.” A hug for helping him out and they went they're ways. Skilling, homework and girlfriends/boyfriends took up all they're spare time.
  22. 22. “ And then he went like grrr!” “ Great story. But uh.. I got to be heading off to college now if you don't mind.”
  23. 23. He checked his scholarships one final time, said his goodbyes and called for a cab. He'd been packed for ages just waiting to go. But now he was really going. This was it. WOOHOO! Literally.
  24. 24. He loaded his things then opened the yellow cab door. One look back calmed his nerves. This wasn't the last of him. Just the start. I'll miss you stud-muffin (':
  25. 25. The next morning was definitely time for that chat between Riley and Summer. I wasn't available because I am supervising my adult HaleyClone's mini bachelorette challenge with no rules! I would love to upload at least a few pictures for you readers if you even care but I'm extremely lazy as I mentioned before AND the guys I made for myself are so hot that I don't want to share with you. So back off bitchezz! Haha just kidding, but really, so yummy. “ Ok, I'm just going to get this out there. Kaden is the heir, not you. But that's because I have something special for you to do for me. Garrett passed up the heirship and even though you may have been a good heir, I think you're would be even better to fulfill my lifetime want.” “ And what's that?”
  26. 26. “ To marry off 6 kids. And before you jump to conclusions. It's not impossible or crazy. Haley told me that there is a way around having more kids and that's it's you and Garrett marry multiple times. I have a feeling you will enjoy this more you you will probably marry 3 or 4 times while he marries once or twice. Kaden will only marry once since he's heir.” “ But you can only marry one person at a time. That will take forever!” “ No no no. You fall in love with 3 or 4 people, marry one. Bring in another let your husband catch you cheating, break up bada-bing-bada-boom. Rinse and repeat.” “ Won't they hate me for cheating on then and breakign up?” “ Well yes at first. But it's a chance to rebuild relationships. Don't you like that stuff? Plus you get to keep the last one!” “ I'm sold!”
  27. 27. Here's a somewhat lovely family picture just before Garrett left for college. It was unfortunately taken in the rain. I think I cursed this town by naming it Misty Pointe. Oh well. But anyway, make sure to actually come back for chapter 3. This one was a bit depressing but it's all in ploty good nature. Don't worry. Next chapter is guaranteed to follow up on Garrett in college, the rest as they head off, and best of all crustification! But first, lets look back on these kids.
  28. 28. Looking back on Generation 2's kiddos.... Our oldest is Garrett the Romancer. He's 10 neat, 2 outgoing, 8 active, 10 playful, 3 nice. He had a girlfriend back when he was a teenager, but it's still up in the air as to weather or not he will move on or ask her to join him in college. He's a stud-muffin and he knows it but his cheeks are kind of huge. He's got almost maxed creativity and wants to be a Rock God. He doesn't mind skilling but games are his passion. Garrett was a great big brother, always taking care of the kids when they needed it. He will marry once or twice to help with his Mom's LTW but may not stick with it after.
  29. 29. The now middle child is Summer the Popularity sim (LTW) Her personality is She's got a boyfriend, her red headed childhood friend. She will be the one to do most of the work for her mom's LTW getting married 3 or 4 times. SHE HAS THE NOSE!!! So while I would love for her to be heir she may be better suited for the marriage thing. I am of course going to keep playing her! She had to get married a kajillion times anyway.
  30. 30. Kaden! Kaden is a very cool kid. He grew up in space PJ's , went straight to the telescope on his birhtday, and was pre-rolled for knowledge. Amazing stuff right? He doesn't have the nose sadly but he's so cool I don't care. He's already got enough logic points for a scholorship and a good number of creativity. Suprisinlgy his hobby is sports. He is the former twin of Evalin. He is heir.
  31. 31. Rest In Peace Evalin. While not the most recent picture of her I think it's the the cutest. She was a cutie pie, always grew up in pink and had the cutest hair. She was the baby of the family and therefore her they were protective over her. She was curious and loved adventure. She was a very annoying kid to play and an even worse ghost. Just had to add that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read Chapter 3 of the Half-Pint Legacy , coming to a computer screen near you!