Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter 1


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Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter 1A, The beginning I spy with my little eye, a legacy! But this is no ordinary legacy. This here is a mini legacy. I call it the Half-Pint Legacy. Cut in half just for me. Don't worry, I'm following, or trying to, follow all the ordinary legacy rules except for the one that says you have to have 10 generations. Why? Because my computer can't handle it and I'm a sucky player. Old news. Onward!
  2. 2. Here's my founder, Riley Pint. I know her face is common but when I made her I didn't know that. Rather, I had Boom Boom Apocolypso by empheraltoast in mind. I just love his nose. So thank you empheraltoast, he's a cool guy. But back to Riley. She's starting off her freshman year at Acadamie La Tour. She's a family sim with the most annoying LTW to raise 20 puppies and kittens. Considering that I've never raised a single puppy or kitten - not happening. She's got the music & dance hobby and is dressed the part. Her personality is 5/7/5/4/4 (Aries). So she's kinda neat, outgoing, kinda active, sort of serious and somewhat mean.
  3. 3. She started out in a nice little dorm and quickly started socializing with potentials. While she dances I'll fill you in with a little more about the legacy. -There will be no naming schemes for the entire legacy, but depending on the parents, the names will obviously be different. And if they are very passionite about something the names may reflect. -I have BV but a very bad computer so they don't vacation. -And I am not all that plotty but try every now and then.
  4. 4. I like this guy though. Nolan Clark. I find that most people think he's ugly. I just think he's cute in a non-conventional way. I just hope he doesn't spit out ugly babies.
  5. 5. “You look fine to me. I don't see why people think you're ugly. You're kinda cute even.” “People call me ugly?” Smooth. I think we need to work on her romancing skills. Actually, ALL of her skills.
  6. 6. Ah, college fun. Even a good sim like Riley, who skills and studies and does what I tell her need to let loose sometimes. But it does make me wonder... Do they have any brains up there? “Shiny plumbob! I'll get you sooner or later!”
  7. 7. I hope digging for treasure isn't against the rules. Because this thing is worth 5,000 simoleans and it's what got her food. It probally is but I don't really care because there are so many rules! It's insane.
  8. 8. She's a social butterfly. But only with guys really. Does that make her a slut? Or just friendly? Who knows who cares. She took nicely to this Llama guy whose name I can't remember. They got to a 80 or so relationship after about 2 or 3 sim hours. I like him.
  9. 9. But we all know that love is best when it's autonomous. She really fell for Nolan more than that llama guy and they're cute together. Nolan prefers red heads but hey, he'll get over it.
  10. 10. They danced contently to music for hours. But we all know that sims are very needy. “I have to leave Riley. You know, shower, sleep, study a little.” “Yea, me too. But hey, I'm gonna throw a party later. Can you come?” “Sure, I'll see you there.”
  11. 11. She invited over some of her closest friends, the only 4 that she has: college Meadow Thayer(lesbian), Llama guy, Nolan and some guy with a bandana that Nolan brought. “Hi Meadow, thanks for coming.” I missed the picture due to shock, but Llama guy decided to flirt with Riley. Nolan of course was furious. Stupid jealousy coding. DO NOT WANT!
  12. 12. “She's so undesicive sometimes man. First she kisses me, makeout and everything. Then I come to her party and she's getting her flirt on with you, lover boy. Then after I'm all ticked she's arguing with you. Does she actually want either of us?” “Well I don't she why the heck she'd want you so it's either me or some other dude.” “Thanks I feel so much better now.”
  13. 13. I had Riley invite llama guy over that same night and argue with him to get that stupid crush to go away. Nolan showed up to steal the newspaper and glare at her. He was having the hardest time understanding what was so simple. Stupid men! “Do you not see me arguing with Patrick, Nolan?”
  14. 14. And to top it all off a burgular comes after all this to steal things. Thanks I appreciate it. Stealing from lawn living, broke college students must be fun.
  15. 15. Mascots flock to her. Stalker!
  16. 16. “Oh no no no Ravi. I'm sick of all you mascots around here thinking you can just go and flirt with me. I'm taken you know.” “I thought maybe you wanted some nice cow lovin on the side baby. I mean when you took a shower right in front of me I thought that was a solid move.” “I was taking a shower and you sat down and watched. I don't think that counts as a move. Get lost Ravi!”
  17. 17. Luckily Nolan didn't catch any of that. During the cold winter months at Academie La Tour, they warmed each other up with romance. It all seemed so fast, but they didn't care. It was love.
  18. 18. “I am silky, I am suave.” Just had to ruin the moment (:
  19. 19. Riley discovered the My Muse – Dance thing. She entered her very first dance contest and boogied away. I don't think she won....
  20. 20. But she did meet this guy! Meet Kampol Roennogekie or something like that. After sharing the common bond of making fun of a teacher dancing, they chatted a little and became good friends. I'll have to keep him in mind of a placeholder or something.
  21. 21. After a hard day of dancing it was time to go home and really buckle down. Get some studying done, write a term paper or.... woohoo? Yea, while it was not the first, it was definitely the most fun and a major step in Riley and Nolan's relationship.
  22. 22. After it was done she decided to talk to Kampol. “Hey what's up Kampol?” “Oh nothing just hanging out. Where you just woohooing?” “Yea, loads of fun. You should try it sometime. But hey I was wondering if you wanted to move in and placehold for my kids.” “Well sure. It seems like a fun place to live. You've got pizza, woohooing, dancing and counterfeit” “Hey! Keep the ounterfeitcay on the DL please!” “No problem. I'll bring my stuff tomorrow.”
  23. 23. “Muahahahaha!!” Really? I may have to watch her. I made her a relatively nice sim but... sometimes things just don't turn out the way you planned. Ha just kidding. Counterfeit brings out the worst/best in all of us.
  24. 24. Kampol showed up the next day with all his stuff. And his girlfriend Willow. She's a cheerleader. I honestly don't know what everyone has against cheerleaders. I like them and if your social's low, they're always around. Plus they're a very cute couple. They can marry once they're out of here. I love them!!
  25. 25. There were lots of fun times at the college house for Riley's short years are Acadamie La Tour. But her senior year was coming to a close. It was time for decision making, and arranging her future... and who she would spend it with.
  26. 26. Late that night, Riley escorted Nolan onto the front lawn. She got down on one knee and proposed to him right on the spot! With graduation coming, she wanted him to know he was more than a college fling. She wanted him to be her husband through hard legacy times. That's a commitment. Poor Nolan didn't see what he had coming when he said yes.
  27. 27. -confeti, champagne, music, dancing- It's a graduation party. Riley is free of the easy breezy college life and out into the real world. Life as a legacy founder is tough. Can you handle it? “Of course! I studied to be a ballerina. That's hardcore!”* *I normally don't talk to my sims but I had to add that. I promise I'm done now.
  28. 28. There she goes There she goes again Racing through my brain And I just can't contain This feeling that remains There she goes There she goes again Pulsing through my veins And I just can't contain This feeling that remains (There she goes – The La's) -->
  29. 29. This was the first half of Chapter 1A. I felt the need to end it but then realized there was only 30 slides. I also don't feel like retyping. So the second half of The Half-Pint Legacy: Numero Uno will follow. Keep reading for stud-muffins, annoying brats, soccer stars, nerdy telescopers and poorness! For now we're left with... Kampol? ------------------------------------->
  30. 30. Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter 1B, Start of something Pint sized. Riley had no sooner arrived at the new lot then she called over Kampol and Nolan. Waiting for them, she picked up the paper and read it to ease her anxiety. She knew that seeing Nolan meant getting married! Was she ready for so much commitment so fast?
  31. 31. She greeted Nolan first with a passionate kiss. It was all she had wanted to kiss him while he was still at school in one.
  32. 32. As soon as she was done, Riley rushed over to greet her friend. “Kampol, it's so good to see you! How has college been?” “Oh it's great! Me and Willow have been able to spend lots of time together. I have to admit though, it's not the same without you.” “Well hopefully I'll have kids to send your way soon. I should make sure they skill early on to get scholarships so you can expand the college place. Oh I hope it will all work out.” “I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself. And don't worry about scholarships You did just fine without them. Let them be kids Ri.”
  33. 33. “I have a gift for you Kampol. Here.” “Thanks Ri, you really didn't have to. What is it?” “It's a little something to remember me by. Well actually it's about you and Willow but you know, I guess you'll remember I gave it to you. It's a picture of you two together, to go in the college house so everyone can remember you. And a copy for when you graduate. I hope you like it.”
  34. 34. “Thanks, that really means a lot to me. I think we might get married. I love her.” “Well don't forget to invite me to the wedding!” “Oh shoot! I forgot your present.” “It's ok. You can give it to me anytime. I'm sure I'll be stopping by.”
  35. 35. Ooh look the nose! I love the nose. Maybe she could marry one of the kids if we have a boy heir. I also want to try out a Grim Reaper baby. I saw how smoothiequeen87 had a one in The Fitzhugh Legacy and she turned out so cute. I would love to try that later in the legacy (:
  36. 36. “Ready to move in?” “And grow up! I can start my life with you and get a job so we can build up a nest egg and we can buy stocks and oh wow. It's just so exciting!” Wealth sim. Loves work. Ew.
  37. 37. And he grew up in a suit to prove just how much he loves work. “I look great, it's like I'm about to go to work!” “Yea, sure babe.” Don't get me wrong, he loves his wife and friends very much too, but work is a high priority in his life is all.
  38. 38. They happily wedded in the living room/kitchen with a few friends in presence. Short simple vows and lots of love.
  39. 39. They got a bed to look just like the one at college. This is actually before the wedding, but the pregnancy didn't show until after so I don't really care.
  40. 40. I missed all other pregnancy pictures so here you go. She ate a lot of food and slept a lot and was basically useless until....
  41. 41. “Augh, Nolannn!! Why? Why would you knock me up like this?!? I know I'm a family sim but all I really want are puppies and kittens!” She just loves labor.
  42. 42. “Aw he's so cute. I guess it wasn't that bad.” Now she decides that... --------- This cutie is a big brown eyed boy named Garrett. I stupidly chose a man with dominant genes for hair and eyes so they will all look like that. He has his dad's skintone.
  43. 43. Ew what's with the slob PJ's? “Eh, I don't know. But what's with the poop- machine? I don't have to take care of that do I? I just want to woohoo my wife and go to work.” Yep, this should be fun. *Ok last exception for talking to my sims.
  44. 44. Hey that's me. Hi me! “Hi!” I look disgusted. Why? “There's a dirty diaper on the ground and the pooper it came from. There's also holes all over the yard and ugly energizers. Plus, no one is greeting me.” *This isn't an exception for talking to my sims. I mean it's me!
  45. 45. Finally! “Hi I'm Haley, your creator.” “You're a teen? My life is being controlled by a teen. A teen is making me have babies. Great.”
  46. 46. Welcome Abbey to the family. The first pet! She was the most expensive dog on the list so they had to save a little to get her. But it's definitely worth it. We don't have to train her at all! She can just work and earn money. Nolan will love her.
  47. 47. Sorry no baby pictures. Babies really aren't my thing. I prefer kids. They can actually do something. Not as cute as toddlers but a whole lot easier. But anyway this is Garret growing up gay. Just kidding. But it is a pink tux... . My toddlers are harldy ever in everyday clothes anyway. He didn't get the nose. ):
  48. 48. WHAM! Baby number 2 in the bank.
  49. 49. Garret grew very fond of Abbey. He loved to snuggle her and be cute. They quickly built a great relationship, even if Abbey wasn't so sure at first.
  50. 50. POP! Baby number 2 is almost here. This is Riley being very maternal. She's really my favorite sim no matter how much crap I give her.
  51. 51. Late that night Riley went into labor in the bathroom planned for the kids. “OW! Nolan! Can you please show up for at least one birth! Seriously, ow!”
  52. 52. This is baby girl Summer. She looks the same as her brother, except darker skin. I hope she gets the nose!
  53. 53. “I am so good at this baby making thing. They stink but they sure are fun to make! Want some more honey?” Horndog. Well that's not entirely true. He doesn't roll the wants for this kidn of stuff. But I'm sure he enjoys it.
  54. 54. Good nanny. That may be a first.
  55. 55. Pregnant? Yes. But thanks for Free Time I gave her the fertiility thing so this should be the last birthing she will have to do. 4 kids is plenty for me.
  56. 56. Abbey is such a good dog. Sure she pees on the kitchen table and is constantly hungry, tired, ect. But she makes Garret happy. That is a miracle. It's constant 'my fun my fun, it's so red!' Oh get over it.
  57. 57. Birthday Time! I feel bad that I never got Garret a cake. I'll try and get him one next time to make up for it.
  58. 58. Aw, cute kid. Except the hair is much too long for a toddler. I'll fix that. But, SHE GOT THE NOSE!!1ONE!1!!
  59. 59. Cutest toddler picture I've ever taken. I officially LOVE Abbey.
  60. 60. KAZAM! Baby number 3 and possibly 4 on the way.
  61. 61. Summer was very hard to train at first but then I realised what I did wrong. No smartmilk. Poo.
  62. 62. Garret loves sleeping in his parents bed. It's much more comfy and cute that they're together. But ew kid! You were conceived there!
  63. 63. “It's nice to see you Patrick.” “You too Riley.” “I hope this won't be awkward between us. I want you to be a part of my life and my whole families' too. Our romance is behind us and I hope you don't mind if I invite you to every future party. Ha, and I'm not kidding.” “Of course. I want to still be a part of my life. We were best friends before the fling. We should keep that.”
  64. 64. “I've got kids already. Sorry you haven't been invited before. It's been so hectic. I'll show you them but first I want to show you baby 3 and maybe 4!” “Hiya baby, or, babies!” “Well let's go inside. You can properly meet Nolan.”
  65. 65. “Hey Patrick. No hard feelings?” “We're cool. Got any daughters” A scowl and diry glare from Nolan. “Uh, just kidding!” Sure...
  66. 66. Garret's a really cute kid. I gave him back his toddler hair and some new clothes. He's a great option for heir. I guess we'll see how the others turn out.
  67. 67. Finally some smartmilk. She's learned all her skills although I can't find any pictures.
  68. 68. Mommy got very pregnant lately and now Garret was old enough to notice. “Mommy can I name the baby?” “Sure, what would you like to name it? Pick a boy and girl name just in case.” “While I was practicing my spelling for school I was thinking about it and got some ideas. I like Evalin for a girl and Kaden for a boy.” “Wow those are some great names. You're my little man Garret. You're all grown up. -sobs-” Must be the hormones.
  69. 69. “Woah, baby alert! They're coming! Nolan? Aw never mind.”
  70. 70. This is baby Kaden. He looks like Summer with the dark skin but everything else is always the same. I hate dominant genes sometimes.
  71. 71. And baby number two, yes two, a sweet girl named Evalin. She's got the same looks are her dad eyes, hair, and skin.
  72. 72. “Twy a cayon. They nummy!” “Uh, no thanks. I don't really like slobber. I think I'll just draw.”
  73. 73. Ok, this picture is just to show off the nursery. I think the picture alone is what's making it so cute. I mean pastel colored sheep? What's not to love.
  74. 74. It's time for Summer's birthday, again. Yep, due to crashing I had to play her birthday 3 times. Not fun. But I will save this time so here it goes!
  75. 75. “Whoo! Can you stay grown up this time Summer? I've got other things to do.” Like what? Frolic in your pink pajamas? “No! I need to complain about how I'm having no fun.” This kid will probally be gay if I let him. Oh man.
  76. 76. “Good job Summer! AGAIN”
  77. 77. POOF! Summer is a kid to stay now. And green pj's, nice. Much better than your brother's pink ones.
  78. 78. “I'm so big now. I can walk around and talk to people and cook burnt muffins and skill and run and play make friends. Oh gosh I'm so excited!” So cute (:
  79. 79. “Thanks for coming Patrick. Come back soon!” “Any time, and I will.”
  80. 80. AHHHH! Some weird glitch took over her face! Really scary. I walked her around showered her and was generally freaked out for a while. But then finally I went changed some of her makeup and it was all better. I think it's becauase I'm always deleting CC. I am scared I have too much and my game will crash.
  81. 81. I think I'm going to get each of the kids a good childhood friend to play with and then later grow up together with the freetime BFF thing (which I now know you don't have to be BFFs for not even friends!) Summer found this cute boy that walked past our house. They seem to get along fine, they played tag on their own and he stayed till dark. I like him and his recessive genes.
  82. 82. I was going to do the same for Garrett. He might need some people his age being a romance teen. Plus she's got recessive red hair too!
  83. 83. “Summer I thought it was time we had a chat. Woman to woman.” “Mom not this talk, I already had health class at school!” “Oh no honey I'm talking legacy heir. You see we are part of a legacy. Our town Misty Pointe is a relatively new town. It doesn't have a history yet. Haley made me to fill the town full of people and give it a story. Something to be remembered by. Our goal is to breed 5 generations of Pints in what she calls the Half-Pints legacy because she is too lazy to do a full 10 generations like she's supposed to Anyway we need to pick an heir to carry on the family name and bloodline. If you are chosen you can't rub it in your sister and brother's faces. And if you're not chosen you have to support whichever of them is and try to be happy for them. Life as a heir is in the spotlight so that's good. But it's tough. Life as a spare is easy but you won't be part of the story. Either way just remember I love you no matter what you do.”
  84. 84. After “the chat” everyone was either at work or school. But Garrett had stayed home that day. So of course the supposed good nanny starts a fire. And not only that, she leaves on baby on the floor right next to the fire and picks up the other and changes it's diaper IN the fire. If it weren't for Garret saving the day we wouldn't have made it. “Hey firefighter people. I want to be just like you on the calenders that my mom has. I've been told I am a stud- muffin. Oh and we have a fire at my house.” Did I tell you I pre-rolled for all the kids? No? Well Garret is Romance of course. Summer is Popularity (maybe a sports jock since sports is her hobby), Evalin is Pleasure and Kaden is Knowledge.
  85. 85. I always forget about birthdays. The house is so busy that time just flies. Daddy came in to check on Ev or so I thought. He was really helping her become a toddler convict.
  86. 86. I found it odd that Riley wasn't growing up Kaden. So I bought a cake and put it on the lawn in front of them.
  87. 87. Then I bought another cake inside the house when that didn't work.
  88. 88. And then another when I finally figured out that It was just Riley. That's why she looks all ticked in the background.
  89. 89. With 4 tries (one unphotographed) Kaden made it to toddlerhood in a little white tux.
  90. 90. I missed Garret's birthday again. Poo. I was planning on a birthday party right when he got home but you know, his fun was all the way down, he was hungry, had to pee, everyone was tired, ect. So he grew up on the front lawn. But I got an amazing picture out of it. Probally my best grow up picture.
  91. 91. “I'm a stud!” Stud-muffin. I knew he had it in him. Good job! Garret obviously got Romance and his LTW is to be a Rock God. Get to work on Charisma! 10 neat, 2 outgoing, 8 active, 10 playful, 3 nice
  92. 92. The cheeks are a little chipmunky but that's ok. Maybe he's grow into it. Get at least one scholarship and he's going to college. They have woohoo there; every Romancer's dream.
  93. 93. “I'm so proud of you honey. You know you're the first child born into this legacy? That means a lot. I'm sorry I missed it. I know growing up is a big thing and yours hasn't really been celebrated much.” “It's ok Mom. I'm no popularity sim. Just get me a girlfriend or two and I'm good.” “Or two?” “Ok, maybe 3.”
  94. 94. Post makeover. Very stud-muffin. I think it's time for a chat with his mother.
  95. 95. “Dad, I can handle doing my homework on my own. You can leave.” “Honey you had two piles on the front lawn last night. I want to make sure it gets done. You need good grades for college you know.” “Yes dad I know, but do you not remember that I am the one that kept the social worker from coming when Garrett almost flunked 2nd grade. I did his homework then plus mine. I can handle it.” “Whatever I'm comfy.”
  96. 96. “I've wanted to have this chat with you for a while now. Your coming on manhood seems like the perfect time to do it. See our neighborhood, Misty Pointe, is a relatively knew neighborhood you know,” He nodded, “Being so new, it doesn't have a very large population and certainly no history, background. I was chosen to start a so called legacy with many generations of us Pints. Make history here, plant roots, and such. I have to pass on our name and bloodline to one of my kids and they have to do the same.” “Yea, and I'm in the lead right?.” “Yea. But heirs have to get married and have kids. Now as a romance sim I see that might be hard for you. There's no pressure here. If you don't want it I've got 3 other options. But being in the lead means that your what the town wants. If you choose to do this you've got to take responsibility and really commit.” “It's great to feel so wanted mom. But that doesn't seem my style. I don't want to be miserable as heir when Sum or Kaden or Ev would love the opportunity.” “That's ok. It's not for everyone. I will always love you the same.”
  97. 97. That's all for chapter 2. I shall leave you with a picture of the Misty Pointe player to drool over. I know I am! Wait no, that's wrong. I gave myself a min bachelorette challenge. What's up with me and mini? Am I really that lazy? Ha, yes. See you next time for Half-Pint Legacy: Chapter @ aka 2, Blood is thicker than water.