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This is a PowerPoint that was created by Tanya Riley of Northwest Missouri State University Career Services.

This is a PowerPoint that was created by Tanya Riley of Northwest Missouri State University Career Services.

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  • 1. Social Networks Potential Employers & Your Marketability By Tanya Riley & Emma Clark
  • 2. Most Visited Social MediaWebsites10. MeetMe 5. Yahoo! Answers9. MySpace 4. Pinterest8. LinkedIn 3. Twitter7. Tagged 2. YouTube6. Google+ 1. Facebook Daytona Business Journal, July 2012
  • 3. How private are your accounts? Facebook Twitter
  • 4. The Facts91% of employers say they use social networking sitesto screen prospective employees76% look at Facebook, 53% look at Twitter, 48% lookat LinkedIn69% of employers have rejected an employeebased upon content on a candidate’s  socialnetworking site92% of employers plan to use social media forrecruiting purposes this year
  • 5. The Facts68% of employers say they have hired someone basedon the content of their social networking site39% of employers say they hired an employee becausetheir profile gave a positive impression of theirorganizational fit
  • 6. What You Should Know Employers do join university’s social media groups Organizations do post job descriptions, salary information and past job descriptions on their own social media pages Employers are using social media to build and promote their organizations and connect with candidates Your profile should represent you as a future employee, not as a friend
  • 7. What You Should Know When employers look at your social networks they are checking: – For professionalism – For fit with company culture – For more about your qualifications – To see if you are well-rounded – For reasons not to hire YOU!
  • 8. Marketing Yourself In General It’s  okay  to  mention  an  award  you  have  received,   remember  to  “re-tweet”  or  “like”  other’s   accomplishments so they return the favor Offer something for readers, friends or followers to benefit from on your profile Watch your tone when posting and try not to make others uncomfortable Try  not  to  go  deep  into  your  personal  life.  Don’t   self promotion. Don’t  overshare.  
  • 9. Marketing Yourself via LinkedIn Log on to your profile regularly and try to make it around the same time of day (allows followers real-time connection opportunities) Use your status update – Increases reach Answer messages and invitations timely (within 48 hrs) Be active in your groups and group discussions – Remember to keep it relevant – Create your own networking opportunities
  • 10. Marketing Yourself via Pinterest People have started using Pinterest to brand and market themselves to potential employers Provides a visual element to normally text-heavy job and internship searches Top 5 things to use professional Pinterest for: – Company Research – Career Advice – Career Center Activities – Portfolio/Resumes – General Inspiration
  • 11. Marketing Yourself via Twitter Have a professional picture and an appropriate Twitter handle (it becomes your brand) Keep your tweets clean and professional, regardless of having a private account (Your account may not be as private as you think!) Knowing keywords in your industry is very important – Search these words in Twitter to see who is using them and what they have to say Followers are about quality not quantity – Build relationships with followers in the field you wish to break into Remember: Private accounts inhibit followers from retweeting.
  • 12. Marketing Yourself via Facebook Post articles of interest and industry relevance to your timeline – Comment on articles you have interest in – After  you  get  the  “hang  of  it”…post  original  content Careful with Facebook – The personal content does not disappear “Message”  private  matters  instead  of  posting  on   timelines Don’t  vent,  keep  it  private
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