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Product Work Logs
Product Work Logs
Product Work Logs
Product Work Logs
Product Work Logs
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Product Work Logs


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  • 1. Product Work LogName: Haley Keen Date: September 11thProduct : Planning youth retreat Date/Time: Activity: We talked about what needs to Comment/Suggestions: 9:20am- 1:00pm be done about the plans * She seems really excited 3 hr. 40 min. about helping the Jr. High group. *She has excellent creativity! Commentary: I am excited about *Be sure to think about what the idea of leading a group of middle will impact the kids! schoolers in a retreat. We got some planning done and some ideas were *You’re doing GREAT! written down.Product Work LogName: Haley Keen Date: September 18thProduct: Planning for youth retreat
  • 2. Date/Time: Activity: Started to plan out activities for Comment/Suggestions: 9:20am-1:00pm the retreat. Brainstormed dates for it. * I will be using some of the 3 hr. 40 min. ideas she has come up with later. Great insight into what kids like. * She has a ton of ideas now. If we can just pick out Commentary: It went well. We got a lot a few of them and run with of brainstorming done. them! Keep up the good work!Product Work LogName: Haley Keen Date: September 25thProduct: Planning youth retreat Date/Time: Activity: We set a date and we began Comment/Suggestions: 9:20am-1:00pm to discuss how we would get the * It was great to finalize aq 3 hr. 40 min. information out to the parents. date.
  • 3. * We are now figuring how to best get the kids excited for the retreat! * Haley is GREAT help! Commentary: We are enjoying our meetings and we are having a good time. We got a lot done today.Product Work LogName: Haley Keen Date: October 2ndProduct: Planning youth retreat
  • 4. Date/Time: Activity: We planned out what different Comment/Suggestions: 12:30pm-2:00pm activities and games we would use. * The game ideas 1 hr. 30 min. were awesome. a cool theme came from this called “Winter Games.” * The kids are going to have a great time. Commentary: We find it convenient and enjoyable to meet and plan over a meal. We also came up with many different ideas on games and activities so it was hard to pick only a few of them.Product Work LogName: Haley Keen Date: October 10thProduct: Planning youth retreat
  • 5. Date/Time: Activity: We decided on the times and Comment/Suggestions:3:15pm-7:30pm the schedule * Really have a detailed idea4 hr. 15 min. and plans. * We now have to focus on chaperones and gaining the supplies. Commentary: We got a lot done today. * I would suggest she We finalized the times and we have becomes a little more decided on all of the games. There is decisive. a little confusion over the activity that is to be done before the kids get to * Haley is GREAT and has Holbrook but that should get cleared up great ideas. Really enjoying soon. this process!