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How can I get more fans and increase fan engagement for my Facebook Fanpage? A brief how to guide.

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Facebook Apps - Promotions for Facebook Fanpages

  1. 1. Halalati -Toolkit for Social Marketing AppsApproach & ExamplesFebruary 2011
  2. 2. We strongly believe the Facebook Fanpages follow a distinctive life cyclewhere each phase can be advanced by specified actions Life cycle of a Facebook fan page Steps in life cycle Creation of a fanpage 0 1 Increase number of fans (preassumption) The number of fans is essential for the viral effect because every fan is a multiplier of your Increase brand (e.g. via his wall) 1 number of fans 2 Establish 2 Establish brand affinity brand affinity Purchase decisions are emotional decisions. Positive brand affinity leads to purchasing of a product or service. 4 Analyze performance 3 Generate revenues With intelligent promotions for your fan base Generate you can generate revenues directly. 3 revenues 4 Analyze performance Regular performance-analysis can be used for benchmarking and for continuous improvement of your marketing campaigns Steps 1-2 can be advanced by specific promotionshalalati | February 2011
  3. 3. Continuous actions and promotions on Facebook Fanpagesturn them into effective marketing platforms Increase number Establish brand 1 2 of fans affinity • Promotion should not cost the • Promotion should be user neither much time nor positioned in close Para- creativity connection to your brand Facebook is meters • Must have an attractive award • Provide incentives for ideal for: of an • Long Runtime (> 1 month) interacting with your brand ideal • Short runtime (< 1 month) • Launching new • Mechanism: first become fan, promotion products by then participate • Incentive to „Invite Friends" (e.g. by Voting) using photos or • Incentive to „invite friends" (e.g. videos by voting) • establishing brand affinity through intensive • Sweepstake with a trendy • Photo-/video contest for casting user product as award fans to sample and test products engagement • Simple photo contest (e.g. "Best • Crowd-sourcing a slogan for a Examples Photo about topic XY") that is new product rated by fans • Photo-/video competition of your product in usehalalati | February 2011
  4. 4. A sample promotion plan for your Facebook Fanpage: always provideusers with incentives to become a fan and engage with your brandRoadmap for possible promotions CURRENT EXAMPLE Attain Create brand Win awards priviledged affinity status Attract/ • Win coupon • Mention fans in your in • Constant discount Incentive • Win free flight Facebook status mesage • Priviledge to provide • Win getaway • Integration of fans as part of vouchers to friends a marketing campaign Carry out • Sweepstake • Photo contest • “Ambassador” casting campaigns • Survey about hotel videos • “Dealfinder” competition for • Frequent customer • Assessment of a new travel identifying the best travel casting planer/guide options Messurement of • Fan growth • Interaction with fans • Generate traffic to Outcome • Interaction with fans • Generate traffic to homepage • Generate traffic to homepage homepage • Conversion rate • Conversion rate • Facebook driven bookings Q4- Q4-2010 & Q1- 2010 Q1-2011 2011 Promotions should always test whether Facebook is ahalalati | February 2011 worthwhile source of traffic or revenue
  5. 5. Contact Dr. Thomas Langenberg, CEO eMail: thomas.langenberg@halalati.com Phone: 0049-89-46221028 Mobile: 0049-157-78910112 Fax: 0049-89-954-64153 Web: http://www.halalati.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/halalati Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/halalatihalalati | February 2011