Improving marketing in B2B using Social Networking


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The idea is very basic: Corporates should have their own facebook platforms expecially for their field services like sales, services and marketing. Employees or channels which are in cooperation with the main body of the echosystem can better teach each other, can better compete and can better collaborate - let them do but listen carefully !

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Improving marketing in B2B using Social Networking

  1. 1. Improving marketing in B2B using Social Networking Running examples.... Hakan TETİK (Ph.D.)
  2. 2. Who we are ?  We empower companies with technology  We differentiate them in strategy, marketing and sales  We manage their corporate marketing activities  We are the leading provider* of consultancy with technological approach  We have talented and technical stuff (35+),  2 Phd, 4 Master, >30 Graduate.... 10 Engineers  We are based in  İstanbul (Projects, Business Development,CRM, Consultancy),  İzmit Teknokent (Software Services, Marketing Machine),  We are in touch with 5000+ customers every day,  We are the “Turkcell 3G Award” Winner * in Turkey 2
  3. 3. “Purpose of Existence...”  We support companies with solutions and services to do sales, marketing & communication better using state-of-teh start technologies  We unify Mobile (SMS, MMS), Internet (E- mail, Web), Fixed line channels and customers (B2B & B2C) and gather data to help companies give critical business decisions. 3
  4. 4. Dataport Services Project & Marketing Software CRM & Business Machine Solutions Consultancy Development Direct Sales Teleport Mobile Portal Projects Marketing Diaport Indirect Sales Loyalty Clubs Mediport Digital Marketing Telesales Farmaport CRM Projects Corporate Avport Messaging Telemarketing SaaS Maliport Interactive Agency Emlakport Consultancy Consultancy Marketing 4
  5. 5. The “facebook” of your echosystem ! INTRODUCING THE RUNNING SYSTEM: SALESCLUB 4 CRM
  6. 6. SalesClub4CRM  This presentation Idea demonstrates the capabilities of SalesClub4CRM through Overview examples.  Now You can; • build brand and product Functions awareness • get recommended to the customer • increase sell-through Biz Model • improve customer service
  7. 7. IDEA
  8. 8. Idea  Are you winning on the retail floor? The clutter is all around us, too many brands, too many features, too many messages all vying for that same consumer’s dollar. You’re locked in a battle for hearts and minds….but have you enlisted those people on the front line?  You better sign them up. They’re the #1 influencer of buying decisions…over 67% in fact. Do they know your story?
  9. 9. Idea  How can we influence the point of sale through an interactive real time platform which connects you directly to sales people and them to each other ?  How can we build brand awareness and increase the sell-through using a state-of- the-art “emotional” technology.  We work with you on your message, create an interactive tool out of it, and deliver it for you to the salesperson, 24/7, That is our idea!
  10. 10. OVERVIEW
  11. 11. Our basic targets Highly motivation Increase in communication Performance monitoring Increase in capabilities
  12. 12. Achieve your Brand and Sales Goals  Create higher demand by influencing those who influence your sales.  Sales people are the number one in-store influencer swaying more than 67% of buying decisions at the point of sale.  Studies show; • A greater than 30% increase in sales over a 5- week period after interactive product training
  13. 13. Complete the Sales Cycle  You have spent your money marketing and building demand for your products, now leverage your marketing dollars at the point of sale by delivering a clear and concise Brand and Product message to the salesperson.  Equip your sales force, 24/7, with an interactive training tool, allowing more time for them to focus on sales and support.
  14. 14. Deliver the Message  Enhance your existing tools into a customized interactive program employing dynamic content, instructional design.  Learn & Earn incentives, and a clear and concise Brand message.  We create a customized user experience to leverage your existing sales training program and seamlessly integrate your existing marketing message.
  15. 15. Connect with Motivated Salespeople  Increase the participation at the retail level and place your products in the hands of opinion leaders.  Interactive forums create community and encourage communication, providing critical brand/product feedback and discussion with the people on the front line.
  16. 16. Track your Success in Real Time  Advanced reporting tools allow you to track ROI in real time. Measure results by Brand, product, territory, and store. Track training against sales to improve underperforming accounts, target key retail markets, or learn what went right or wrong at the point of sale.
  17. 17. FEATURES ADVANTAGES BENEFITS Brand/Product Trainings Delivers Brand message and builds Affect the 67% of retail buying decisions which (web & 3G mobile) Product knowledge for your network 24-7 are made at the point of Sale Your vertical salesClub Single access point to reach the salespeople Simplified registration and ease of navigation. portal marketed who influence the majority of retail Improved reporting and metrics to your retail network buying decisions generation increases retail participation Learn and Earn Rewards retail participation with Product Increases participation at the retail level and Brand incentives and places your product in the hands of opinion leaders Turn-Key Makes online training easy for vendors to Start influencing the sale immediately. initiate. No programming and no IT The most cost effective way to deliver your support required Brand promise and increase your sell-through Question based rewarded Effective training; easily learned, retained Gets the needed know-how through. Case interactive content to train and applied studies, questionnaires, chatting show a salespeople while gambling greater than 30% increase in sales over a 3 month period and maintain greater than a 20% increase over a 6 month period Strategic product launch Quickly deliver your new Brand message Retail salespeople are the #1 influencer support based on loyalty to the retail community of retail buying decisions activities and video Advanced reporting and Allows both vendors and retailers to track Track against sales, improve metrics training and measure results by brand, underperforming accounts, target key product, store and employee retail markets Add to your tool box Equips your salespeople with an Motivates your team and gives them interactive training tool more time to sell
  18. 18. FUNCTIONS
  19. 19. Some functions...  The platform has today*  My network ready-to-use 32 functions.  News & announcements There are always new ones  Rewarder on development.  Forum  A short list is on the right;  Live cast some explanations of some  Chat function will follow in the  3d gallery next slights.  Info cube  It is the ultimate interface  Survey (mini & maxi) to communicate with all  3G mobile & video layers inside the value  Info board (weather, traffic etc.) chain.  Case board (complaints,offers etc.)  What happens today  * September 2009  ...
  20. 20. Get in them in Interaction !  Your Salespeople are your frontiers. They are alone in their war and need realtime support.  Nowbody cares of them.  You never understand their feelings unless you let them get in interaction with others like them.  Basic idea; it is their facebook, people who make sales 
  21. 21. Get them motivated !  People want to share their feelings, services and are in a process to market themselves...  Using interactive messaging solutions they are able to do it.
  22. 22. Get them self trained !  You are not able to train them ?  Using the self training tools, salespeople are able to train themselves and will be rewarded accordingly.  You will know who “knows” but is not performing well, you will know who “doesnt know” is not performing well too.  They will teach each other based on question-answer interactions.
  23. 23. Let them know about their performance !  It is important to show them how they are perfotming...  They are in a race, and the winner is...
  24. 24. BIZ MODELS
  25. 25. Our Offer is...  Outsourcing ?  Deployment ?  Consultancy ?  Only technology ?
  26. 26. Thank You...  Dataport is your Specialist ; Hakan TETİK (Ph.D.)  BIZ WISE;  STRATEGY  MARKETING Founder  LOYALTY  CRM & Managing Partner  TECH WISE;  DYNAMICS CRM  SHAREPOINT  PORTALS  MOBILE
  27. 27. References... 28
  28. 28. Contact Us...  Hakan TETİK (PhD)    Web 29