Drawbacks of Social Networks

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Learn what are the most talked about drawbacks of Social Networks including privacy, security, fraud, credibility, trust, cyberstalking and social profiling.

Learn what are the most talked about drawbacks of Social Networks including privacy, security, fraud, credibility, trust, cyberstalking and social profiling.

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  • 1. Drawbacks of Social Networks Hajrë Hyseni Dec 2012
  • 2. Privacy and SecurityCredibilityControlTimeMonitorTake Aways
  • 3. Cyberstalking and Social profiling and location disclosure 3rd party disclosure Invasive privacy Spokeo agreements and Spokeo is a “people-related” search engine with results compiled Facebook Ads through data aggregation Unreliable Info 49.1% of people have heard false news, e.g. false rumours of gunmen in a Fraud Mexico City suburb spread via Twitter Apps asking for personaland Facebook caused panic, flooded thelocal police with over 3,000 phone calls, info prior/after installing and temporarily closed schools (Sept, 2012) Law Enforcement on the use of SN for Ads
  • 4. Online vs Offline Friends
  • 5. Social profiling and 3rd party disclosure
  • 6. Examples
  • 7. Michael Arrington, owner of the enormously popular blog TechCrunch, was getting bad service from his ISP, Comcast. "tearing into Comcast on Twitter." Problem is, he has 12,000 followers! 20 min later, Michael got a call from a Comcast executive who wanted to help.Comcast was monitoring Twitter and reached out to resolve theissue. What couldve been a PR disaster was turned into a cause for praise and compliments.
  • 8. GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant Although GoDaddy is accustomed to controversial marketing tactics this incident actually loses customers.CEO Bob Parsons took a video of himself on a hunt in Africa and then proudly tweeted about killing problematic elephants. NGOs like PETA responded swiftly requesting customers shift to new domain registers yet Parsons rebuts them on Twitter. Competitors of GoDaddy offered to donate $1 to elephant funds and reportedly raised over $20,000. It’s so rare, but this incident receives a stronger category rating as actual revenues were directly impacted.
  • 9. Negative = Scary/Threat
  • 10. Felix JumpRedBull Stratoshttp://youtu.be/FHtvDA0W34I
  • 11. Twitter
  • 12. FaceBook
  • 13. YouTube
  • 14. Brazilians have the highest number of onlinefriends of any country, averaging 481 friends peruser, while the Japanese average only 29 friends
  • 15. Social networks and blogs In the U.S reach nearly 80%of active U.S
  • 16. 90% of marketers now use social networks intheir marketing efforts
  • 17. Half of all social media users are between 25 and 44 years old
  • 18. 90% of companies with 100 or more employeesuse social media in their marketing mix
  • 19. Five leading social networks (Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest) [Dec 2012]
  • 20. 71% of consumers say that CEO participation insocial media leads to improved brand image
  • 21. 92% of recruiters use social media to find newcandidates, up from 82% in 2010
  • 22. Want to get retweeted more often?Research shows that keywords which increase thelikelihood of retweeting include “please,” “thank you,”“Twitter,” “social media” and “you.” Words to avoidinclude “lol,” “gonna,” “hey,” “tired,” “work” and“bored.”
  • 23. Module Summary
  • 24. Introduction to Understand SN Social Trends Social NetworksBuild Social Presence SN Strategy SN Metrics Customer Support Create YouTube Innovate on SN Using SN Videos Drawbacks of Social Networks
  • 25. Take Aways• Social Space is more complicated than it looks like• Mobile is essential for Social Space• Twitter Endorsements and Guidelines (#paid, #ad)• Avoid Posting Confidential Information• The biggest danger is NOT being on Social Networks• Every company must have a plan for monitoring social media and rapid response• Define and use relevant metrics for your ROI
  • 26. Thank you for choosing tostudy Social Networking and Enterprise module! #UH6BUS1062