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Pa waalsprong presentation_20101007_v2

Pa waalsprong presentation_20101007_v2



Presentation for Waalsprong Online presentation.

Presentation for Waalsprong Online presentation.




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    Pa waalsprong presentation_20101007_v2 Pa waalsprong presentation_20101007_v2 Presentation Transcript

    • 7 th October 2010 Waalsprong Demo Eugene Borshch, Program Ace Hai Vo, Componence In cooperation with
    • Why we’d like you to consider us Reliable, we have a history to show for Knowledgeable, we have great IT and 3D experience Entrepreneurial, we are committed to our client’s success
    • RELIABLE The most valuable relationships are developed upon reliability. Program Ace aims not just to become a good IT supplier, but to become a long lasting reliable partner for our customers.
    • Reliable through history Program-Ace is a privately owned company founded in 1993 as a book publisher for Russian IT books. In 2001 we our focus to software development services to foreign companies. This is the starting point of a new successful chapter in the history of our company. 1993 - foundation 2001 - web development 2002 - game development & 3D technology 2005 - interactive 3D applications for industrial and other purposes
    • Reliable by clients’ choice Many international companies have chosen us for the following reasons: Served projects up to 10,000 hours and more than 100+ clients all over the world large team required (30-70 employees): - small offshore companies fail to comply with requirements Long project duration: reliable and well established partner is required Experience in R&D projects e.g. Unique 3D technology
    • Centralized communication Secure access from anywhere Interactive task list E-mail notifications Custom reporting Online Discussions Reliable through AceRemoteProject TM In house developed tool to provide customers more transparency and project control.
    • Reaching deadlines and faster time to market We aim to understand your business process to find ways of improvement Always keep your critical success factors in mind Clear and always available communication lines Reliable because we focus on your benefits
    • Reliable through Partners Local availability of local client managers who understand clients culture and niche market Speak local language and equal professional culture Service Level Agreements (SLA) Perform risk management for client: - delivery, - source code, - continuity in case of PA failure, - contracting with two parties if necessary - friendly invoicing & administration PA selects well established sales partners
    • Reliable through Componence in NL Componence guarantees project continuity & delivery Componence has proven to bridge the cultural gap between NL, Ukraine and India (total of 70 people) In 2010 Componence & PA agreed to jointly promote the brand 3Dsolutions and to go Social Implemented more than 100 projects Served over more than 50 clients , from which - Municipality of Amsterdam (3 years) - Wolters Kluwer ( 4 years) - CNV (6 years) - PvdA (7 years) Outsourced to Ukraine since 2002, with PA since 2004
    • KNOWLEDGABLE Program-Ace strives to reach the highest level of software development services and constantly develops own products. Years of continuous efforts, persistent hunt for new ideas and high quality standards have grounded the basis of our success in 3D software and web development.
    • Knowledgeable through technology 3 directions in which we continue to strengthen our skills interactive 3D applications advanced web solutions custom software development
    • Knowledgeable through portfolio We have a great portfolio of innovative projects. To keep this presentation focussed on Waalsprong, we kindly request you to scroll to the last chapter of the presentation.
    • Knowledgeable through people Client managers; cooperation with sales partners Project managers; deadline and communication Team Leads; dedication and motivation Technical managers; innovation and performance Developers; experienced and skilled Quality Assurance; reliability and robustness Currently our company consists 80+ people
    • Knowledgeable through process Analysis Specification of System Requirements Evaluation and improvement Testing & Quality Assurance Development Documentation and delivery Cost & Time estimation Design – graphical – user interface
    • 3DSolutions and Services
      • Interactive 3D Presentations
      • 3D Manuals
      • 3D Walkthroughs
      • 3D Catalogs
      • Evacuation Simulator
      • Interactive 3D Trainings
      • 3D Cities
      • Proprietary Technology: Ace 3d engine
      • Web plugin supporting Mozilla, IE, Firefox
      • Customizable for specific markets (list on right)
    • Ace 3D Engine – 3 Levels of Detail
      • 3D map view
      • Walk around the City
      • Walk in the most important objects and interact with representatives.
    • Online Demo Oslo
    • Interior Demo: Marina Arcade Dubai
    • Glock Demo
    • Derby Champion This is a cross-country horse-riding simulation game in which you compete against 6 rivals to gain the Derby Championship title. Choose from international cross-country routes in France, Austria, the United States, Japan, Greece and the United Kingdom. You’ll ride through the countryside, jump over different kind of barriers, and find the best shortcuts while keeping an eye on your rivals. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from. The game features a video mode so the derby can be watched afterwards. Via internet/wireless LAN, you can challenge your friends and compete against each other.
    • The Challenge This is what we did with the provided 3d model of Waalsprong.
    • Waalsprong online demo
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online 3D Ace Engine License Look and feel like www.waalsprong.nl User Authorization User interface for multiple user profiles Total View & Object management Linking of Geo Reference data Model Management en automatic update Linking to other platforms
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online Look and feel like www.waalsprong.nl All UI can be build as requested without any problem As reference the Quest Demo was taken and additional UI will be developed for new functionalities. (chat, comments, video, file download, variants) But as usage of system provide new feedback new iterations should be taken into account yearly. Server implementation required (C++ / Webserver) User interface for multiple user profiles
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online Linking Geo Referenced Data
      • Object name
      • link to internet resources
      • Object type
      • Photo
      • Short description
      • All this information is viewable within browser on
      • user’s request
      Following data can be linked to 3d object
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online User authorization On startup the user is asked to enter credentials. The server verifies the user and determines user rights. After this user can enter Waalsprong 3d and is presented with available functionalities and related user interface. Administrator can manager user rights in user profiles. Requires server implementation
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online Total View Level Od Detail (LOD) is only the answer for this request. Each object will have several 3d models. The distance to the camera determines which model of each object will be presented in the camera view. This is widely used in games, but a costly matter. Fog can be used in far distance, so that distant objects can be hidded, which improves performance. (Clipping) 3D Ace engine fully supports geometric LOD’s.
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online
      • Model management
      • PA performs model optimization; each 3d model is provided to PA to be added to Waalsprong online. (+ no special training, + no special resources, - dependent on PA)
      • Tool for third parties; third party must be trained. ( + independence from PA, - 3d skills required of trainees).
      • Video tutorials can be made to train basic, advanced and expert skills to use tool. (+online training, +multiple people can be trained , - 3d skills required)
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online Object Management & automatic update Analysis the objects used in Waalsprong Specification of creation, filing and naming process for 3d modellers in manual. When browsing, system automatically checks for users updated models and provides option to select and download updates on the background. When browser is restarted, the new updates are presented. Backup of older version is made in case of update errors.
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online Linking to Other platforms Possible to link to any open online platform like funda.nl / niki.nl. Use cases needs to understand which information needs to be exchanged and presented within Waalsprong online. Sharing items into facebook or linkedin is also possible. Hyves is difficult. Difficult to be estimated right now.
    • Requested Waalsprong 3D Online 3D Ace license Annual fee is EUR 10,000 But if client spends annually more than 1,000 hours for platform development, no licenses are to be charged. This is our gratitude for clients that help PA to further improve the platform. In return PA can reuse the developed code to sell to other clients (non competing with Waalsprong). 3D Ace engine is the intellectual property of Program Ace. Clients receives license to use the engine for the requested purposes on a yearly bases.
    • Requested Effort Waalsprong 3D Online Hours Estimation Breakdown If 4 or more are developed in one scope -15% management time.
    • Entrepreneurial Our success is only achieved when our client targets are reached. This is crucial for a durable and valuable relationship. Therefore we will be committed to sales. And only then are we willing to be fully rewarded.
    • Entrepreneurial as a team
      • Local Supervising team has proven track record:
      • Hai Vo , Aron Versteeg , Geert Jan Kuip
      • All from the TU Delft
      • Each proven value in their own businesses since 2001.
      • Worked together since 2002 -a well oiled team.
      • National & International outsourcing experience.
      • All deadlines for Waalsprong quest project were met.
      • Ukrainian management (Yura Dragan and Eugene Borshch) team has visited Holland before and has multiple years experience in production / R&D project management.
      • Development team is given a bonus when budget is not overspent and deadlines are met.
    • Entrepreneurial in understanding We believe that we understand your concerns This is actually something no one has done before, Will we manage and control the costs of this project? How do fit this in scarce budgets, but still get best functional system to kick off sales? Is the supplier experienced and reliable enough to support us in the full length of our project? Will the system help us to attract more potential buyers?
    • Entrepreneurial in hourly rates All prices are in EUR/hour excl VAT Discount is given, awaiting more sales Bonus (discount*%) is paid when sales has taken place Payment t = 0 t = 0 t + 6m t +12m t +18m   Regular rate discounted rate Discount*125% Discount*150% Discount*180% Developers 35 22.5 15.63 (37.63) 18.75 (41.25) 22.5 (45.00) Management_PA 40 25 18.75 (43.75) 22.5 (47.50) 27 (52.00) Modeling & QA _PA 30 20 12.5 (32.5) 15 (35.00) 18 (38.00) Management_NL 100 60 50 (110) 60 (120) 72 (132)
    • Entrepreneurial by investments Investment Estimation Breakdown All prices are in EUR/hour Discounts are provided when 4 or more items (1-8) are developed in 1 scope. If project is stopped within 3 months after delivery, discounts do not need to be paid.
      • Final Statement,
      • In the past year we’ve
      • Managed to meet all last minute requests and deadlines last year,
      • Proven to work within proposed budgets and time,
      • Invested in optimizing your complete 3d model (300 +hrs),
      • Created the online demo (400 hrs).
      • Question:
      • What would Program Ace and Componence do for Waalsprong, if we are allowed to build a durable relationship?
    • Thank you very much for your time and consideration!
    • Achievements Off course you need time to think to decide. Please take a list at some of our clients and products. We would gladly welcome Waalsprong to this list.
      • PM-International  
      • Client lifetime: 8-9 years Accumulated hours: 30 000 hours M-International.com  is a global MLM system serving more than 180,000 users has been developed by Program-Ace for PM-International – one of the leading European MLM companies, headquartered in Luxembourg. It is a very complex solution that provides support for the fully-functional MLM structure, including e-shop, individual customer accounts and the system of customer online consulting and support. It also includes complex affiliate discount system, multilevel product categories and the powerful system of global statistics.
    • ValuSoft, a division of THQ Inc. Scott Zerby - Vice President www.valusoft.com “ I was searching for a devoted, trustworthy offshore company to take on several custom casual game development projects. Although attracted by outsourcing prices, I was hesitant when it came to quality of work, communication issues and professionalism. Program-Ace has completely dispelled my concerns. The online project management system is one of the best I have seen. Their hardworking, talented team has incorporated highly original and creative solutions into the final design, helping my product to stand out from the rest. I have seen all aspects of the team's impressive reputation reflect in my particular project. Working withProgram-Ace has been an enjoyable process, and the results have been most rewarding.”
    • NAVTEQ www.navteq.com Client life time: 3 years Accumulated Hours: 15,000 Completed a R&D and product specification project within 2 months. Set up a production and QA process meeting 98% approval requirement. Delivered over 12,000 visual units according product specfications. Product lived for 3 years within Navteq portfolio
    • http://www.allomundosms.com/ AlloMundoSms.com is a web portal that specializes in offering the service of sending cheap (much cheaper than in case of cellphone usage) SMS messages. It uses 3-rd party SMS gate and allowing its users to send SMSs using different schemes: directly from website, by email, using MSN messenger; additionally it allowing sending of the SMS messages by schedule. User is able to set his mobile number as “sender” attribute, so the message will be linked with the address book of recipient’s cellphone (of course if sender’s data is present there). This system is built for the same customer as AlloMundo.com.
      • Product AceRemoteProject
      • Lifetime: 5 years Accumulated hours: 10,000 + hours This is our best product, since it was produced inhouse to improve project management for PA and it’s clients. Once scope and budget are approved, the project is set up in AceRP to provide complete transparency for all people involved in the project. All clients provided with an account to track their ongoing project at program Ace.
      • ACERP is also for sale for organisations in need of online Project Management system.
    • http://www.iceposter.com/ IcePoster.com is a web portal that specializes in selling of high-quality images of celebrities and cars which can be delivered as poster, regular photo, printed on a mouse pad, printed on a coffee mug (currently disabled) and digital image. Program-Ace has developed this system along with its requirements (customer come to us with very general functionality description, thus it was necessary to define specific details by ourselves) at the end of 2005. During development of this system we have implemented few non-trivial technical solutions (such as ability to extend the set of printing surfaces with free two-dimensional set of surface-specific parameters). This system is primary unchanged since it has been released, however we have developed some clones of the system which specializing on different markets and also operational.