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Haison Company
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Haison Company


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Haison Company Profile Presentation

Haison Company Profile Presentation

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Company Introduction
  • 2. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2 About us
  • 3. Haison History • Haison Company was found as a private company in 11 May 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in response to the following market conditions: • Growing opportunities exist in Industrial Automation, Process Control and Instrumentation Products and Services in the new era of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam. • The need for use of efficient distribution and financial methods in these emerging markets. • Over 10 years, we have achieved high growth and become one of the leading companies providing products and services for Vietnam highly developing economy. • Through the years we have evolved by natural progression from a system integrator to distributor and now contractor for various businesses. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 3
  • 4. Haison Vision • Our vision is to be the preferred provider of high quality yet cost-effective integrated Industrial solutions through dynamic marketing, proactive product development, and responsive customer and supplier relations, contributing to sustainable development of the Vietnam economic development with emphasis on high values for our stake holders. • Haison will be a group of companies serving Vietnam in the new era of industrialisation and modernisation providing : • Best working environment and living conditions for our employee and staff. • Good products and high quality technical services for our customers. • Excellent Pre- and After-sales services for our customers according to their need. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 4
  • 5. Haison Mission • We are committed to provide cost effective solution to our client's diverse engineering needs. • Recognizing the importance of partnership, we devote our efforts, time and resources to establish, develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and our clients. • We are committed to helping our customers buy the best products from our suppliers. • By supporting them with first-class customer service, superior order fulfillment and innovative marketing programs, our goal is to help them experience an environment that fosters loyalty and repeat business. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 5
  • 6. Our Values We strive to be your long-term partner by being your reliable and responsible business partner, providing you integrated high-quality industrial solutions. • Haison believes that the corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise that gives a reflection of the organization’s attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values. • Haison people behave and interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organization by the following values: • INNOVATIVENESS- With expertise and creativity, new products and services not common to other companies are developed and introduced. • QUALITY- Strict adherence to the highest quality standards is our company’s way of life. We believe that this creates a sustainable business relationship with our customers. • NETWORKING- Great rapport with our customers and suppliers creates teamwork and better sharing of knowledge towards development and business. • PARTNERSHIP- we abide in the “win-win” principle, making our customers and suppliers our best partners. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 6
  • 7. Our Products • In co-operation with our partners, Haison distribute these products and systems. • It is a nature of a System Integration Project to have various and different type of products from different suppliers. • We could provide most of the listing products but not limited to that depending on the scope of work and the customer's preference. • In case you need any particular products that are not listed above, please feel free to contact us and we could out source for you from our extensive network of associates locally and globally. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 7
  • 8. Our Services Our services include consulting for automation planning and spec development, through system equipment selection and project management, to electrical and instrumentation, mechanical systems engineering and design, programming, field installation & start-up, training and long-term support. • Haison Scope of business 1 Project Execution 2 Design 3 Project Management 4 Procurement 5 Installation & Commissioning 6 Training 7 Maintenance and Repair 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 8
  • 9. Our Solutions Haison Provide Total Solutions for Various Industries: Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Process Industries 1 Haison provide Control Valves for Proce 2 Haison provide Explosion Protection So 3 Haison provide Solutions for Product Mo 4 Haison provide Intergrated Terminal Aut 5 Haison provide Tank Gauging and Inven 6 Haison provide Industrial Automation an 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 9
  • 10. SCOPE OF WORK The refinery was inaugurated on 22 February 2009. The refinery cost US$3.0 billion. Main contractors of the refinery are Technip, JGC, and Técnicas Reunidas. Haison have been working with the EPC contractor and supplied our products with local services since 2008. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 10 Project Reference
  • 11. SCOPE OF WORK In 2009, we upgraded FuelsManager from V4 running Windows NT to Varec FuelsManager V.7 running windows XP for PV Oil Caimep Condensate Plant • Scope of supply includes Radar Tank Gauges, Average Temperature Probes, Tank Side Indicators, Shutdown valves and field instruments for the tanks. • Also, we have installed and commissioned new RTU to connect 3 tanks field instruments and communicate with Yokogawa CS3000 DCS system in the plant. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 11 Project Reference
  • 12. SCOPE OF WORK In 2008, we have done a turn-key project for Petrolimex Gas DinhVu- Haiphong LPG Terminal. • We undertook the Design, Procurements and Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and Start-up of the Tank Gauging System, Fuels Inventory Management System and Lightning & Surge Protection System. • This project has been done on time and within tight budget and the quality is equivalent to others done by international contractors. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 12 Project Reference
  • 13. SCOPE OF WORK In 2007, we upgraded FuelsManager from V4 running Windows NT to Varec FuelsManager V.7 running windows XP for one biggest petroleum distribution company, Petrolimex. • The system has been running since 2007 until now without any trouble. We are doing similar projects all over Vietnam for other customers. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 13 Project Reference
  • 14. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 14 SCOPE OF WORK In 2007, we finished an upgrade project for a Honeywell DCS/ Terminal Automation System from the old DCS PlantScape version to the new Honeywell DCS version named Experion PKS for a big customer, Petechim, who owns an oil terminal in the South of Vietnam and belongs to Petrovietnam Group. With the support from Honeywell engineers, Haison engineers have co-operated and finished the project in time and within budget. Project Reference
  • 15. SCOPE OF WORK Haison have completed a project to supply complete 9 Explosion Proof control panels for PTSC Bunga Orkid project from R.STAHL Germany. The Bunga Orkid A-B-C-D platforms owner is Tallisman Vietnam and PTSC is their EPC contractor for this project. We provided local support to make this project a success for our customer in Vietnam. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 15 Project Reference
  • 16. SCOPE OF WORK Haison have supplied Sulzer Chemtech Static Mixer for PTSC Bunga Orkid project. Static or motionless mixers homogenize fluids without the use of moving parts. Various operating principals such as radial displacement, turbulence enhancement or shear force dispersion in droplets or bubbles achieve mixing. Sulzer-Chemtech mixers are manufactured to the standards of ISO 9001 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 16 Project Reference
  • 17. SCOPE OF WORK In 2004, we worked with NEM BV in the Netherlands, who is the EPC for 2 HRSG Units. We undertook the tasks: Procurement & Commissioning of Honeywell Products Survey and Design a Lightning and Surge Protection System for the plant’s I&C System 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 17 Project Reference
  • 19. • Honeywell Process Solutions ( DCS System and Turnkey Systems for Int • Hint Engineering BV (AMADA, AML, ICT Solutions) • PAC (Petroleum On-line Process Analysers and Laboratories Equipmen • R. Stahl ( Explosion Proof Electrical Equipments) • Samson Automation and Control ( Control Valves and Regulators with accessories for Control Systems) • SOR (Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level Switches, etc) • Varec Inc. (Tanks Automation System, Tank Gauging, Interface and Inventory Management System) 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 19 Our Partners
  • 20. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 20 Our Customers Our Customers are diverse...Below is a partial list of our customers: • Foreign MNCs including BP, Exxon Mobil, Technip, JGC, Siemens, JVPC, Unilever, Netsle, etc. • Local Vietnamese Government Corporations including Petrovietnam subsidiaries PV Oil, PV Gas, PV PTSC, Petrolimex Gas, EVN, Vinamilk, Vinataba, SABECO, etc. • Local contractor including Polyco, Toyo Vietnam, etc.
  • 21. 01/29/15 ©2000-2009 Haison Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 21 Contact Details • Head Office A20-K34 Tran Thien Chanh Street, District 10, Hochiminh City, Vietnam Telephone +84(0)838630919 Fax: +84(0)838630920 General Inquiries: Sales: Customer Support: • Vung Tau Office 27B Nguy n Hi n Street, District 2, Vung Tauễ ề City, Vietnam Telephone/ Fax: +84 64 3837586 Email: • Haison International Pte Ltd. 51 Ubi Ave 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, #05-22, Singapore 408933 Email: