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  • 1. Trail Safety
    Kelsi Hairfield
    High Bridge Trail
  • 2. What is High Bridge Trail?
    High Bridge Trail State Park is a multi-use trail ideally suited for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.
  • 3. How long is the trail?
    The trail is 34 miles long, and about 3 ½ miles of the trail runs through Farmville, VA.
  • 4. Concerns about Safety on the Trail
    Considering the length of the trail, and the portions that are secluded, it could potentially be unsafe.
  • 5. Ways to Improve Safety on the Trail
    Some options to make the trail safer are as follows
    Citizen patrol
    Educating visitors
    Emergency markers
  • 6. A group comprised of volunteers who work closely with the park in providing an extra presence of individuals watching for dangerous situations and medical emergencies on the trail.
    Citizens Patrol
  • 7. Citizens Patrol
    These volunteers will go through a training session outline ways to respond to possible emergencies
    Volunteers will be required to check in with park authorities prior to patrolling the park in order to receive an arm band certifying that they have been authorized to patrol the trail.
    If you encounter an emergency situation keep an eye out for one of these individuals.
  • 8. Education about safety on the trail
    Learn as much as possible about how to create the safest situation for yourself when using the trail.
  • 9. Education about safety on the trail
    Be aware of your surroundings
    Carry a cell phone
    Walk with a friend(s)
  • 10. Emergency Markers
    Reduces response times to emergencies and allows faster location verification.
  • 11. Emergency Markers
    Emergency markers are GPS located so that the exact positioning can be identified.
    If a person should become injured or encounter an emergency along the trail, marker identification can be given to 911, fire/ emergency, and police services will know where they are located. 
  • 12. Ways to Get Involved!
    If you are interested in becoming part of the citizens patrol, or would like more information please contact
    Eric Houghland
  • 13. Thank You for Your Time!
    Now that you have been provided with information about trail safety precautions, and ways in which you can help further this safety…
    Happy Trails!