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Is a HairTransplant WorthIt?FUE was developed to avoid the characteristicscarring from FUT. This is more meticulousthan FU...
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Is a Hair Transplant Worth It?


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Is a Hair Transplant Worth It?

  1. 1. CONTACT US Tel: +65 6235 0010 Website: www.hairandlaserclinic.comHAIR TRANSPLANT Hair transplant is known to be a radical treatment for hair loss. Many have taken the risks associated with this procedure hoping to get that natural-looking outcome. But the question would be, is it really worth it? What are the benefits and drawbacks that you have to consider to make you say that it would be a chance you are willing to take? We all know that hair transplant is a procedure that is invasive in nature. But to better understand this, you must first be familiar with the two approaches. There is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the “strip method” and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is the traditional way of performing hair transplants and it requires a long strip of scalp containing the donor hairs taken from the back of your head. The hair grafts are then individually removed by hair technicians using a high-powered microscope while the surgeon prepares the recipient site by creating micro-incisions. FUE, on the other hand, is less invasive because it only uses a special instrument to remove individual hair grafts. Therefore, no incisions are required. Each method has their own set of risks and benefits. With FUT the survival rate of the hair grafts are much higher due to the method of extraction. But if you opt for this method you Is a Hair must also be aware that it creates poor aesthetics due to the scarring that results afterwards. Transplant Worth It?IM NOT TELLING YOU IT IS GOING TO BE EASY, IM TELLING YOU ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT.
  2. 2. Is a HairTransplant WorthIt?FUE was developed to avoid the characteristicscarring from FUT. This is more meticulousthan FUT because it requires more time andeffort. It needs careful precision andtechnique to avoid damaging the structure ofthe hair follicle during the extraction process.The surgeon should have more training to pullit off. Most men opt for this procedurebecause it allows men to wear their hair shortwithout worrying about an ugly scar.Aside from being invasive, it is also a verycomplicated procedure. That is why it isexpected that it is going to be rather costly.One factor that contributes to its price is thatyou have to pay for the individual hair grafts.And usually this would run around $6 – $11.The surgeon’s fee can also escalate the price,and it can vary depending on the doctor’sreputation. Adding to that, you also need topay for the theatre fee and anesthetist fee.Most hair loss sufferers, although desperate,are discouraged by the price. That is why theysettle for less expensive treatment optionssuch as hair pieces and medications. Othersare also apprehensive about the fact thatthere are a number of cases that resulted todisastrous outcome. So instead of creating afull and natural-looking result, they ended upwith something looking like poorly madetoupees. Hair transplant can be very much worth it when you invest on an experienced and reputable surgeon. She/he CONTACT US should be highly trained and skilled to perform the procedure to ensure that you not only get a hair Tel: +65 6235 0010 transplant, but a successful one as well. You can make it Website: possible for you when you make the effort to do the research to find the right surgeon, and when you prepare yourself to be an ideal candidate.