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Choosing Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Singapore Article
Choosing Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Singapore Article
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Choosing Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Singapore Article


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Choosing Best Hair Transplant Surgeonin SingaporeHair transplant surgery requires a very meticulous process that can only be pulled offby a highly specialized and certified hair surgeon. That is why if you plan to have thisrather procedure, you have to take the time to choose the right surgeon who will dothe job.In Asia, Singapore is one of the leading countries that are known for their excellent hairtransplant results. However, despite of the advancement of technology, good hairtransplant outcome can only be made possible when you entrust your head to the righthair transplant surgeon. Here are some key factors that you ought to consider whenlooking for your hair doctor in the country. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND When scouting for a qualified surgeon, it is important to note where they received their education and training. It should be a reputable institution that provides extensive theoretical and practical experience particularly in hair transplant surgery. Don’t be shy to ask about this information during a consultation, because this is to ensure that you don’t receive your hair transplant from someone who may be a surgeon but is not specialized to perform surgical hair restoration procedures. This may sound unethical but there are actually people who introduce themselves to be as such. CERTIFICATION Education won’t mean much if a hair surgeon has not passed licensing or certifying exams. This means that he/she is not qualified to practice because he/she is unable to meet rigorous industry standards. The surgeon should not only be qualified to practice surgery but hair transplant in particular. It takes specialization to be called a duly certified hair transplant surgeon. NUMBER OF PATIENTS The number of patients that a surgeon caters in a day speaks volumes about his/her type of work. Hair transplant is a procedure that takes time, so if a surgeon tells you that he/she can finish 5-10 patients in day this are immediately a red flag. A good surgeon would know that excellent work would depend on the quality of the outcome not the quantity of patients he can have in a day.
  • 2. RE-OPERATION RATE Of course, a surgeon’s practice is not always 100% perfect because there are always instances where something goes off track. But a very high reoperation rate is not excusable, but rather a cause for concern. So ask about how many corrective procedures he/she has done with past patients. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask on his reoperation procedures, and how much of these have finally resulted in success. A KEEN EYE FOR AESTHETICS A good hair transplant surgeon should not only know how to execute the procedure well, but to make the end result fit the patient. This means that he is sensitive to the specific need of the patient and not simply filling out barren heads with hair grafts. For you to find out whether he/she is able to deliver the results that you are looking for or not, ask the surgeon for before and after photos of previous patients. RIGHT PRICE A good hair transplant surgeon in Singapore would always come with a price. Expect that it is not cheap, but it should be within reasonable range. In line with this, you should also be careful with those who give you a much cheaper price than the usual quotes, because most of the time these can simply be just too good to be true. Take these reminders to heart when you are looking to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Singapore. There are many that provide their service, but make sure that you invest on one who has the expertise to give you your money’s worth with successful results.About The Hair and Laser ClinicSingaporeThe Hair and Laser Clinic is affiliated to the renown Cole Transplant Group basedin the USA, specializing in hair loss treatment and surgery, as well as medicalaesthetics. We offer hair restoration treatment and these range from non-surgicallaser hair therapy or medical therapy, to hair transplantation. Hair transplantationguarantees permanent hair growth, and is currently the only method to regainpermanent hair in balding people. Come in for a non-obligatory chat with our in-house doctor, Dr. Tyng Tan. You can also phone +65 6235 0010 for our hair losshelpline or to arrange a comprehensive consultation.