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Nội dung số: VCCorp & Chiến lược phát triển nội dung số



Nội dung của anh Vũ Hồng Quang trong offline 2012-05-13, chủ đề "Nội dung số: Cách tiếp cận của doanh nghiệp"

Nội dung của anh Vũ Hồng Quang trong offline 2012-05-13, chủ đề "Nội dung số: Cách tiếp cận của doanh nghiệp"



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Nội dung số: VCCorp & Chiến  lược phát triển nội dung số Nội dung số: VCCorp & Chiến lược phát triển nội dung số Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Content: Overview & StrategicViewport
  • Company Overview (Feb. 2012)Established in 2006, grow up from year 2000.First mover in social network (2000), online news and e-commerce (2002)Main investor: IDG ( International Data Group).Employees: 1000+ people in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and other offices in top 8 citiesProducts: 20+ leading products in media, e- commerce and social network markets
  • Company Overview ( Feb. 2012)Total traffics  28 millions unique internet users over 33 millions Vietnamese internet population (84%).  1.5 billion page views per month,  1.6 billion ads impression per day  5 millions unique mobile usersBusiness model:  Online Advertising ( #1 with over 75% market share)  E-commerce ( #1 with domination in many areas)  Mobile Content ( Top 5 in general and #1 in modern content like apps, social games…)  Virtual Items - Games ( Moving in)Technology: Mastered essential internet technologies: cloud computing, cloud storage, parallel processing, high-availability, natural language processing, P2P…
  • Products Overview AutoPro, LINKHAY,Muare Rongbay Enbac Solo Mua SohaPay Dantri Kenh14 CafeF Baamboo TTVNOL, (NEW) chung (NEW) aFamily, #1 #1 #1 Online #1 Payment #1 #1 #1 #1 Genk F319, SANNHAC,Shopping Classifieds E-Market Retailer Groupon Gateway Online and Teenage Financial Video SOCNHI, forum Place Model Mobile Online Online Serving #1 SOHAPHIM Social General Newspaper Newspaper Vertical Newspaper contents networks E-Commerce Media SNs VC Mobile Admicro Transaction based Monetization Platform COMMUNITY Building the Vietnam first online community in 2000, VC now have 28 million unique visitors/month, about 84% of Vietnam Internet User
  • Media Products
  • Media DanTri.vn: #1• Dantri.com –Vietnam’s leading general Gerneral online newsonline news, and #1 on mobile news• Number 1 news sites in different important CafeF.vn: #1niche markets: Finance, Teenage, Auto, Hi- Financial news & reviewstech, Family.• 93 Million visits/month AutoPro.vn: #1• 20 Million unique visitors/month Automotive news & reviews• 70% of Vietnam news users Kenh14.vn: #1• 550 Million page views/month Teen Online Newspaper• Growth rate: 10%/month Baamboo.com: #1 Video search and serving Genk.vn #1 Website for hi-tech users aFamily.vn: #1 Website for family and woman
  • DANTRI.COM.VN – General News DANTRI: The most popular Vietnamese online newspapers on PC and #1 in mobile space. Page views/ month : 500 Mils. Visit/ month : 80 Mils. Page views/visit : 5.51 Avg. Time on site : 08 mins 09’ Unique visitor/month: 16,7 Mils. * data is from November 2011
  • CafeF.VN – Financial News CAFEF: a channel provides not only updated and detailed information from financial markets: stocks, real estate, banking … but also comments and specialized analysis from experts. Cafef bypassed 5 competitors and became #1 in finance website 9 month after lauch Page views/ month : 25,312,000 Visit/ month : 5,176,000 Unique visitors : 1.042.000 Page per visit : 5.01 Avg.Time on site : 9 mins 30” New visit per month : 16,13% From Hanoi : 45% From HCMC : 40% * All data is from March 2012
  • KENH14.VN – Teenage News KENH14 - Leading online newspaper for Vietnamese teenagers with three million page views per day, five times higher than competitor’s statistics, ranking 17 among top websites in Vietnam Page views/ month : 320 mil. Visit/ month : 40 mil. Visitor/month : 9.6 mil. Avg.Time on site : 10 mins 30‘ * All data is from February 2012
  • GENK.VN – Hi-tech News GENK – Leading hi-tech and mobile news and reviews Visits: 5.941.032 /month Pageview: 29.498.074/month Unique visitors: 2.112.102 Page/visit: 4.98 Time on site: 6‘12” New visit: 30% * All data is from February 2012
  • AFAMILY.VN – Family News AFAMILY: Leading family and woman website. Visits: 5.002.083 /month Pageview: 22.488.162 /month Unique visitors: 596.712 Page/visit: 4.5 Time on site: 6,5 New visit: 33% * All data is from February 2012
  • AUTOPRO.VN – Car & automobiles news AUTOPRO: The leading e-magazine for car & bike lovers and users in Vietnam. Visits: 1.100.000 /month Pageview: 4.400.000 /month Unique visitors: 600.000 Page/visit: 4 Time on site: 4 New visit: 45% * All data is from February 2012
  • BAAMBOO.COM VIDEO SEARCH & SERVING BAAMBOO offers vertical search engines including Mp3, Video, Film, Dictionary... Baamboo is now #1 in Video searching and serving in Vietnam Strongly pours energy in search engine technology, cloud computing-storage, especially Vietnamese language processing, Baamboo help VC gains leading experience in mastering technologies and building large, scalable, cost effective systems Page views/month : 60 Millions Visits/month : 11 Millions * All data is from March 2011
  • SOHA Digital Contents
  • SOCNHI.COM – Children portal SOCNHI is number 1 and growing website of safe and interesting playground for children in Vietnam #1 in providing children contents in Vietnam Page views/ month : 39,6 Mil. Visit/ month : 3,4 Mil. Avg.Time on site : 21 mins 09’ * All data is from January 2012
  • SOHA PHIM: On-demand Movie Soha Phim: Vietnam #1 on-demand Internet movies & tv show streaming 6000 movies in databases Page views / month : 80 Mil. Visit / month : 13.6 Mil. Avg.Time on site : 18.23 mins * All data is from October 2011
  • SANNHAC.COM – Music social network SANNHAC.COM: The first and most popular network for people who love singing and music, Sannhac has outstanding features like karaoke and music studio online… Page views/ month : 18 Mil. Visit/ month : 2,4 Mil. Avg.Time on site : 12 mins 26‘ Male/ Female (%) : 45/55% * All data is from Januaray 2012
  • Technical System Statics• Over 90 TB in/out data daily: Static data streaming.• Up to 20Gbs throughput.• Advertising Platform: Over 1 billion records daily, peak 1.6 billion records per day.• Advertising Platform: Over 25K internal requests/s.• 18 Hadoop nodes.• 15 storage nodes, up to 160TB of store space .
  • Divide & Conquer Strategy• Single product puts company in a dangerous position. Some reasons: • Anything on net can disappear in 5 years • Vietnam market is too small for an ambitious company with single product (or even with a couple of products) • Uncertain political environment• Build (more than one thing) for last• But you cannot do everything at once  choose the best one you can conquer
  • Fast & Furious Implementation• “Life is short, life is much shorter on the net” • If you find an opportunity today, 3 months after can be too late. So: • Do it fast, furiously • Put all the best resources you have to get it done In VCCorp, best people are all moving from project to project
  • Digital Content In A “Not Too Far Future” • Content will be still the king, but what content? • Editorial content: still good as long as it has true value • User-generated content: not a hype any more, marketers love it • Mobile content: it will be main stream for sure but how we can monetize it? • We cannot predict future, so bullet-proof strategy should be: Open eyes and disrupt yourself
  • Thank you!