Collecting art


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A few tips I'd like to share about collecting art. This is what I have learned so far.

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Collecting art

  1. 1. Collecting ArtNurturing talent and surrounding yourself with works you love
  2. 2. My CollectionMarlaia Buch Abandoned Joy Tanta Pennington II
  3. 3. My CollectionMarlaina Buch Sarlacc Marlaina Buch Mean is in the Gene, Yo
  4. 4. Why Collect original Art?Because it’s special.“Museums sell reproductionsas souvenirs, to help youremember the experience ofseeing the real thing, notreplace the original.”- Lisa Hunter Rachel Evans Bird House
  5. 5. “Even badoriginal art isbetter than a poster.” - Dr. David Holcombe
  6. 6. “People collectcontemporary art because it is a reflection of their experiences. It is muchmore relevant to their daily lives than, say, Cubist period Picasso.” Andrew Renton, Curator, Cranford Collection, London
  7. 7. Don’t Buy From Dead ArtistsIsn’t it nicer to know, meetand have interaction withthe artist?Why not try collectingcontemporary art (recentwork by living artists)?
  8. 8. Art is a Human InvestmentCollecting art is an investment in yourhappiness, in the artist’s happiness – in myopinion it is best to buy art as a socialinvestment. Art collecting can be bothpleasurable and profitable, but you’ll have toput the same kind of research you would forany other investment. The key to making awise investment is to buy the best quality youcan afford in your price range.
  9. 9. You Don’t Have to be RichThere are all kinds of art out there at all kindsof prices. There are many places that are offthe beaten path where you can buy originalart with a modest budget.• Studio tours • Art schools• Art fairs • University shows• Art shows • Estate sales
  10. 10. Take YourTimeTake your time to look, toread, to get to know artiststo get to know galleries.Pound the pavement andlook at objects in person tofind out what your personaltastes are.
  11. 11. But what isthe bestquality?Quality can be hard to discernbecause there is no one goldstandard for art. The more artyou look at the easier qualityis to discern. By looking at artyou will find that artcomprises of two thingspassion and technique. Alongthe spectrum there arefantastic combinations ofthese two qualities. There arealso other aspects to consider.
  12. 12. Some things to consider • Archival quality • Liveability • PresentationGood art has, “Clear intention, unwaveringdedication, patience, perseverance, self awarenessand the drive to make for yourself and no one else.”- Cheryl Haines, Haines Gallery, San Francisco
  13. 13. Making thePurchase• If the artwork needs framing, take this into budget consideration.• Feel free to ask about the price of the work, but don’t haggle it will annoy people.• Artists and galleries are often open to instalment plans. I’m a fan! Irene Campbell and her award winning piece Riotous Tangles
  14. 14. And don’t forget to have fun!