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    • Kim Tairi Kim Tairi Libraries are an ecosystem where networks and systems interact. Space is other part of the ecosystem. I see the Library as a place for our community to come and connect, engage and learn. Whether the space is digital (web site) or physical (our campus libraries) we want the experience of using the library space to be awesome. I adore this quote from Caitlin Moran. Libraries are cathedrals of the mind… theme parks of the imagination. In academic libraries our mandate is to be partners in the teaching, learning and research hence - we want our libraries to be inspiring and engaging learning spaces. The great advantage of Library spaces is “people”– that is library staff or other university staff that are there to help mediate a complex world of information discovery and University Life. Librarians are connectors in a university network. We make the space a library! • With space and service design we focus on what our members/users need in terms of facilities and services combined with creating a good UX experience where technology is an enabler. • The extent of physical collections depends the context of your University. At Swinburne on we are reducing the footprint of our physical collections so we can focus on creating better learning spaces. Some libraries are using warehousing and robots for storage such as Macquarie and UTS. • Our spaces need to be adaptable all my favourite spaces … create rooms within rooms for example we are working on a concept for modular makerspace units that can be moved around the library and pop-up exhibition space. • The word hub is often to describe libraries. With the Library being at the center of the University and other student services being colocated or integrated into the spaces. Professor Glyn Davis VC of Unimelb said that reforming services is the next great intellectual challenge in Universities and Libraries are part of this reform. With both LaTrobe and University of Tasmania recently integrating student services into the Library. • I am interested in how our community interacts with our digital collections – I am picturing the movie ironman where Tony Stark uses Jarvis his computer and he can manipulate 3D data. One day I hope we have that kind of tech. • Library spaces are continuing to evolve. • The SLV did a huge piece of work on service design and Journey mapping to look at how library visitors use the library. • Where are they after? • What information are they after? • Where do they go? • They are using this work to co-create services and spaces at the SLV. • Recommend a paper by Ben Conyers, Justine Hyde and Bridie Flynn - • Academic libraries are responding to new ways of teaching and learning. Creating spaces that mirror those in industry like co-working spaces, studios and design factories. • Makerspaces – are part of the evolution. Students are being assessed in new ways with more emphasis being placed on collaborative work making, creating, breaking, real-world project work and problem-based learning • You will see more of these kind of spaces in Libraries like the digital social science lab at Faculty Library of social sciences at University of Copenhagen where Christian Lauersen is director. I recommend reading his post on libraries for people of books. @clauersen on twitter Our aim is to create spaces that facilitate learning where using the library is an awesome student and user experience from photocopying, making things, to finding a tutorial on endnote. By creating adaptable spaces where staff and students can use their tech and access networks to find and create information. It is a journey worth taking.   2 months ago
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