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  1. 1. Period 3 Amika Mori
  2. 2.  adads.htm  This advertizes 7up. I think using a picture of a baby attract customers.  This is a bad ad because it shows a baby drinking 7up. It might make some people make babies drink 7 up which is bad for their health.
  3. 3.  adads.htm  Cigarettes are advertised in this. It is using a beautiful woman for customers.  I think this is a bad ad because “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.” is not true. It is bad for the woman’s health and most of them wouldn’t follow a man who blows smokes to her!!!
  4. 4.  9/badads.htm  I don’t understand what this is advertising or what strategies it is used, but the impact of this picture definitely attract people.  I think this ad is offensive to women because it shows us that “man is over women” which is unfair.
  5. 5.  08/diesel-be-stupid-ad-campaign- fall-2010/  This is a diesel ad which uses bright colors and a beautiful person as strategies.  I think this ad is offensive to red haired people by saying that they’re stupid, and they’re not.
  6. 6.  u/2010/02/binge-drinking-fight- outdoor-242x350.jpg  I can’t really see what company this advertisement is from but it says on the left corner.  This is a bad ad because it shows two men fighting. Although it says ‘What are you doing?’, the impact of the two men fighting is bigger.
  7. 7.  _ktmedqSAif1qzxzwwo1_500.jpg  This advertizes a type of condiment. It uses only the picture of the product which makes it emphasize.  This is a bad ad since the condiment is shaped as a bomb.
  8. 8.  7AUG/1/EEOL_2007AUG03_EMS_NT.JP G  This Intel’s advertisement.  Since it shows the black people bowing in front of a white man, it is offensive to the blacks.
  9. 9.  m/gen/69626/original.jpg  This is advertising an ice cream. It is using the president in the cartoon to attract customers.  This can be a little offensive because the American flag is wrong.
  10. 10.  om%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fp%3Doffemsive %2Bads%26b%3D55%26ni%3D18%26ei%3Dut f- 8%26xargs%3D0%26pstart%3D1&w=458&h=5 97& %2FICE-CREAM- AD.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingto federici-ice- crea_n_718508.html&size=54KB&name=Federi ci+Ice+Cre...&p=offemsive+ads&oid=365dbac9 718bec80a06e8ff231139ed1&fr2=&spell_query= offensive+ads&no=61&tt=138000&b=55&ni=18 &sigr=12g2mr04s&sigi=11ad3l8t9&sigb=131ornp ic  This is a advertisement for an gelato. It uses a beautiful person to attract customers.  This ad is bad because it shows a nun who is pregnant, which she isn’t suppose to be.
  11. 11.  502.aspx  This advertisement calls out people to stop smoking. It uses scale.  Since this shows the 9-11 incident, it is really offensive.
  12. 12.  .aspx  This is an advertisement for ID codes. By putting a big picture of a person’s face on the middle, it gives impact.  This ad is offensive because it compares Tony Blaire to Hitler by using the barcode as the mustache.
  13. 13.  This is a advertisement for cigarettes. It uses bright colors.  This is a bad ad because it shows a women with red eyes and a tube on her face (which is from smoking) and says to smoke more for a fit figure.
  14. 14.  t/2009/09/29/lauren.jpg  This Ralph Lauren ad is bad because it is obviously photo shopped. The girl is pretty and attracts people but she is too skinny.
  15. 15.  wp- content/uploads/2010/04/ kimora_lee_simmons.jpg  A perfume is advertised in this. It uses bright colors and beautiful women. However, like the slide before, this ad is photo shopped. The woman is too skinny. Therefore it is an bad ad.
  16. 16.  n/175541/JULIA- ROBERTS.jpg  This advertises mascara using star power.  This is photo shopped too because her skin is too ... Beautiful!