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  1. 1. Bad Ad Power Point Presentation Andrew L
  2. 2. McDonalds Baby Ad This ad was in Lucky Magazine, I think it is very offensive. The way McDonalds puts a little baby in the picture, painting him from head to toe and using the baby to sell their product. Not only the fact that the product they were selling is a product that causes obesity it also is extremely offensive. /indianmcdsbabyad.jpg
  3. 3. Anti Tobacco Products got too far. This ad that has been published in multiple magazines and showed on commercial and has had a lot of publicity. Although the message is for anti-tobacco, the way that the company publishes the ad is confusing and hard to read. In other words their execution of the ad was awful. They do not put in the lower portion of the ad the anti-tobacco sign making it confusing and hard to read. mages/shardsoglass-scherben-bringen- glueck-762349.gif
  4. 4. This ad is for Svedka Vodka. The reason this is a bad ad is because if it did not have the vodka bottle at the bottom of the page you would never know it was a vodka ad. They give a sexual appearance to a robot which they did not need to put in, they also say that the robot should take the place of your next wife. This implies people having a second wife divorcing the first which is sending the wrong message. /images/39/2010/04/500x_500svedka _future.jpg
  5. 5. Burger uses Sexual Innuendo to sell their Product This is only a picture of the original ad but it consists of Paris Hilton, a notorious party girl (not a very good influence). Wearing an inappropriate bikini washing a car. Sexual innuendo is implied and while she is doing this she was eating a hamburger from a big name fast food restaurant. This ad is too racy and also makes no sense. content/uploads/2009/04/paris-hilton- carls-jr-300x277.jpg
  6. 6. Mountain Dew’s Senseless ad. This commercial does not make any sense at all. It is suppose to be about Mountain Dew, a soda known for high sugar contents makes you do spontaneous stuff. They show this by having two average guys drinking Mountain Due and randomly getting tattoos of an eagle on their body. And then having their boss drink a mountain Dew and screech like an eagle. /Diet-Mountain-Dew-Like-an-Eagle.jpg
  7. 7. Old Navy Mannequins In my opinion an ad company should not make their ads annoying. If Old Navy’s goal is to grab our attention by having an annoying ad the annoying part is working. But the ad is definitely not making me want to buy their products. The last time I checked Old Navy was a coed store, but having female mannequins is totally making me think that Old Navy is more of a female store. content/uploads/2009/03/oldnavy.jpg
  8. 8. Geico-Losing its Thunder? Geico is notorious for having funny commercials whether its with the gecko or the cavemen ads. But this really in my opinion does not get the message across. I think that if an ad should be funny it should at least have the point clear in it. This ad does not have a point and is confusing. And in my opinion isn't really that funny. -content/uploads/2009/01/diy-geico- money-stack-with-eyes-photo.jpg
  9. 9. MacDonald's Tries to go Healthy IT is a nation wide fact that MacDonald’s is an extremely unhealthy meal. MacDonald's launched this ad making the statement that MacDonald’s is made with all natural ingredients. This is extremely wrong and I hope no one actually thinks that MacDonald’s is healthy. This ad is untrue and pathetic. mn/wp- content/uploads/2009/03/mcdonalds- chicken-salad.jpg
  10. 10. Cigarette Co. Avoid Health issue. This is a stupid ad, I don’t know what Marlboro is trying to imply, that Marlboro is smoked by tough cowboys or that it is made from all natural substances. Which is completely stupid. And look in the lower right hand corner of the ad, that microscopic writing is the health warning. I feel the cigarette company is intentionally putting the writing small, maybe trying to kill as many people as possible. Anyhow this ad is confusing, stupid, and dangerous. /marlboro-country1.jpg
  11. 11. Creepy Modern Magician This ridiculous local ad has been a laughing issue, this commercial is extremely loud. Probably to grab your attention. The hip hop magician has a cool modern version of magic, but in the ad he looks like a creepy, run down magician with an annoying voice and terrible tricks. content/uploads/2008/02/img_0088.J PG
  12. 12. Planters Peanut Ad: Pass or fail This peanut ad was funny in a sense, but in a business standpoint it was a failure. The ad consisted of a hideous woman rubbing herself with peanuts so guys can hit on her. I don’t know what planters peanuts was trying to say, that their peanuts turn men on or that it makes a pretty good perfume. Either way this ad is not very enticing. mercials/2008/2/planters-perfume.jpg
  13. 13. Axe Ad: too inappropiate? In this Axe body wash and scrubber ad the commercial consists of woman scrubbing down a naked man with their product, and like all Axe ads it is way too sexual and at points offensive. content/uploads/axe-scrubber.jpg
  14. 14. Stupid Fantasy Old Spice Ad I have no idea what this ad is trying to say, that if you use Old Spice you will turn into a centaur and have women hitting on you, or that Old Spice is used by mythical creatures. Either way it is a stupid and senseless ad. t/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/old- spice.jpg
  15. 15. Volvo: The Same Wrong Ads After forty years This is an ad from a different generation of Volvo ads. But it is still the same type of ad that Volvo usually has. It’s border line at best, Volvo usually has ads saying how they are more safe and that their cars are less expensive. Although this ad is forty years old it still is the same Volvo ad. This ad is untrue and that is why this is a bad ad. 490.jpg