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  • 1. LDR101EmergingLeadersWelcome toInformed Leadership!
  • 2. Information Gathering Assignment Research an Arizona Issue in Higher Education  Locate reliable and accurate information Analyze your position and the underlying issue Explore challenges Investigate and identify solutions Connect with the Social Change Model Describe ways to action LDR101 Emerging
  • 3. Format Group Project Poster Session  Varies by School, PVCC March 29 only 9am-6pm Plan for about 4 hours spent in research, preparation and presentation LDR101 Emerging
  • 4. Why a Poster Session? Posters are a used in the professional world at conferences and workshops as a means for individuals to present research and information Unlike a traditional presentation it allows people to study and restudy your information and discuss it one on one with you Efficient and simple, i.e. get it in 30 seconds, wider reach LDR101 Emerging
  • 5. Your GroupsCampus Safety College Freedom of Ethnic Studies SB1474 Completion Speech/Express HB2281 HB2675 ion HB2565 Paradise Valley Community CollegeJanis S. Esteban A. Angela J. Andrew S.Joshua N. Ivan L. Karesa S. Angela G.Kailey B Peggy G. Robert D. Genesis L.Ross P. Sarah G. Sarah S. Justin R. Vilma J. Phoenix CollegeDarr S. Amy R. Tessa O.Gabriel S. Diego O. Tyrone B.Brian D. Robert W. Jared W.Daniel H. Erica R.
  • 6. The Importance of Information What information would you need? Who would you solicit advice from? What resources would you use? LDR101 Emerging
  • 7. “Part of being a good leader means being aninformed leader. In order to make good decisions it is important to consider where you are getting your information.”  Use multiple resources – 3 are MANDATORY  Help to confirm your viewpoint  Present history and alternative solutions to an issue/problem  Challenge your assumptions about a solution  Verify information by comparing with another source  Identify weaknesses (Primary sources cannot be Wikipedia, Ask.com or similar sites. Also Google is not a site, it is a search engine.) LDR101 Emerging
  • 8. Your LDR101 Research Resource LDR101 Emerging
  • 9. Library Resourceswww.pvc.maricopa.edu/library OR www.pc.maricopa.edu/library LDR101 Emerging
  • 10. Remote Access LDR101 Emerging
  • 11. How to Research Don’t get DUPED – know what a good source is Use a variety of sources including:  Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, web sites Use your thesis statement to construct a search statement Continue to modify your search based on your findings Document ALL your sources using MLA LDR101 Emerging
  • 12. Non-Profit Organizations or Think Tanks Unbiased? Known perspective Nonpartisan Research fellows  Quality research methodology U.S. Department of State http://fpc.state.gov/7900.htm ASU Morrison Institute http://morrisoninstitute.asu.edu/ LDR101 Emerging
  • 13. Grading Rubric Quality of Presentation of Research Quality of Argument Use of Graphic Material Poster Appearance Grammar Content LDR101 Emerging
  • 14. Team Charter – Due March 9 4PM MST Brainstorm together to STAY together!!  Ground rules and expectations  Assignment/roles  Timeline and deadlines  Communication method  Other Teams that discuss these matters ahead of time are more successful! When you hit bumps, you have a map. LDR101 Emerging
  • 15. Library Research Sheet– on Blackboard Due March 23  Check-in your three resources – library approval  Refine your thesis statement Final Outline– on Blackboard Due March 26, 5PM MST  Submit a draft of your poster layout and talking points  List your final sources LDR101 Emerging