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El i f11 final projects presentation
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El i f11 final projects presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Final EL Projects Reflecting on What You Learned
  • 2. Two Projects
    • Citizenship Project
      • Due: Friday, December 2, 2011
      • 3-5 Minute Presentation about your citizenship journey
      • Created and presented at the last class – Reflection Ceremony
    • Capstone Project
      • Due: Friday, December 2, 2011, by 2pm
      • 3 Format Choices: Digital Storytelling, Written Paper, ePortfolio
  • 3. Citizenship Journey Project
    • Content
      • Reflection on service
      • Application of values
      • Reflection on citizenship status
      • Describes how Service & Information Gathering contributed to understanding of citizenship
      • Illustrates how passions, values & skills are related to service choices
  • 4. A Map of Your Exploration
    • Structure
      • You will get a chance to reflect and create a map that shows your journey of citizenship since joining EL
      • The project will be done at the December 2 meeting and all supplies will be provided
      • 3-5 minute presentation to your family group
    • Grading
      • Completion of the project
      • Depth and genuineness of reflection
      • Content questions answered
    Map of My Journey
  • 5. Citizenship Journey Project
    • Preparation – Discussion Board Questions Due 12/2/2011
      • What does service mean to you in general--- how has your view of service changed from the beginning of the class till now?
      • Which values were significantly demonstrated (or the lack there of) during your service planning and experience?
      • How, if any, have you and your concept of citizenship changed due to your service and information gathering experiences?
      • If you were to be more involved in service (any kind of service that you chose), what are 3 questions you would need to ask yourself before getting involved? Think about the values, passions and skills you investigated during the retreat as you answer this question.
      • *Print out your responses for the December 2, 2011 project
  • 6. Capstone Project
    • What is a Capstone?
      • cap· stone n.
        • 1. The top stone of a structure or wall.
        • 2. The crowning achievement or final stroke; the culmination or acme.
    Capstone of the Washington Monument
  • 7. Capstone Project
    • 3 Options
      • Digital Storytelling
        • Video/slide reflection 3-5 minutes with narration
      • Written Paper
        • 3-5 pages
      • ePortfolio
        • Web-based reflection that incorporates various learning artifacts
  • 8. Capstone Project
    • Content Requirements
      • Learning About Self from EL program
      • Learning About Leadership from EL Elements
      • 7 C’s (personal description with examples)
      • Learning About Collective Action & Shared Responsibility
    • Grading
      • Structure (objectives varies for medium)
      • Content
  • 9. Capstone Project
    • Resources
      • Digital Storytelling
        • VoiceThread
        • iMovie
        • Power Point w/Narration
      • Written Paper
        • Samples on Bb
        • LSC Writing Lab
      • ePortfolio
        • Google Sites
  • 10. Final Projects
    • A draft of your project is due Monday, November 8 (50 points). Must be reviewed by the Learning Support Center.
    • We are looking forward to seeing what you learned!
    • Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for assistance with technical or other assignment related questions.