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Caribbean project remake
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Caribbean project remake

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  • 1. By Evan Carney and Christian Hager
  • 2. 95% literacy rateLife expectancy is 75 yearsThe population below the poverty line is 9.3%The unemployment rate is 7.6%Only 40% of Bahamas citizens have healthcare.
  • 3. They make a lot of money from tourism and also exporting oils, fruits, fishResources they use areIn 1998 Bahamas got one billion dollars from tourist
  • 4. The three types of music in the Bahamas are Calypso, Soca, and Junkanoo.Several famous American musicians used calypso style music.
  • 5. In the Bahamas they eat boiled fish, stew, chowder, fruits, crabs, seafoods, and macaroni.Conch chowder and pea soup is a popular dish.
  • 6. They speak English but use a lot of different words from the Creole dialectconfuddle up: to get confusedspirit agree: to get along well with someoneleg short: arrived too late
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