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presentation on topic choice of career

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choice of career uet fsd

  1. 1. Group Members• H.Usman Hameed• Shoaib Arshad• Mohsin Ahmed• H .Usman Hafeez• Adeel Sajjad• M. Shoaib Haider
  2. 2. TopicChoice of career
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4.  Deciding a career 1-Interest 2- Abilities 3-Goals 4-Job Steps for better future
  5. 5. Choosing A Career Choose a career that is something you really like to do Do your research & choose carefully & thoughtfully Make it meaningful to you Don’t follow others Find people who work in the field & learn from them
  6. 6. Exploring your interest Which of the 6 categories best fits you ?
  7. 7. Six career fields Investiga Realistic tive Artisticconventional so cia Enterprising l
  8. 8. Realistic Agriculturist Civil engineerMechanic Surveyor
  9. 9. InvestigativeScientist AstronomerPharmacist Veterinarian
  10. 10. Artistic MusicianArchitectGraphic `artist Writer
  11. 11. Social TeacherHealth and workers Liberarian Police Officer
  12. 12. Enterprising LawyerBusinessMan Hotel managerSaler
  13. 13. Conventional Accountant Worker SecretarAdministrator
  14. 14. Problems in choosing a career
  15. 15. TOPICS Parent’s will Parent’s restriction Materialistic effect Lack of education Life style classification Problems at school level Student’s immaturity Mental approach
  16. 16. PARENT’S WILL Some parent’s push their children in a certain direction because they fell certain profession has social status
  17. 17. PARENT’S RESTRICTION Use of internet Outdoor games restriction
  18. 18. MATERIALISTIC EFFECT Many parent couldn’t afford their child’s interest field Often materialistic thinking of parent via children force him to choose that field in which he is not capable
  19. 19. LACK OF EDUCATION Related to illetracey or less educational views parent could not guide their child in order to achieve their perfect goal related to their abilities and interest
  20. 20. LIFE STYLE CLASSIFICATION Classification of people life style standard in third world countries on merit of wealth1. Low class people2. Middle class people3. High class people
  21. 21. PROBLEMS AT SCHOOL LEVEL Teachers limited awareness for modern profession Carelessness of school management
  22. 22. STUDENT`S IMMATURITY Taking guidance of inexperienced people related a profession Considering enjoyable life of institution Prefering to become a white collar rather than blue collar
  23. 23. MENTAL APPROACH Mental approach of a person greatly effect in order to choose a right career “Right decision at right time takes a man in heaven of dignity”
  24. 24. How to choose a career?
  25. 25. Unawareness of a student himself First of all at this stage a student even don’t know what basically are the courses in a particular field & in which field he is more talented
  26. 26. NOW WHAT TO DO ?
  27. 27. STEPS Begin by determine what you like to do? Identify the skills
  28. 28.  Think the field broadly Consider cross field work Find people who work in the field & learn from them
  29. 29. Become knowledgeable about your field Research several careers , not just one See a career counselor
  30. 30.  Scope out internet resources Networking Browse the career section of a local book store
  31. 31. By following these steps Perfect career Happy life
  32. 32. Advantages of selecting a career by yourself
  33. 33. Benefits Effective job search interviewing strategies Developing an effective resume & cover letter Creating a healthy life balance Helps in achieving personal goal Give opportunity to use personal skills
  34. 34.  Feel comfortable Know what your employer wants Plays an important role in the progress of company
  35. 35. Assess your skillsAcademic Strengths Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Creative Thinking Problem Solving and Decision MakingPersonal Qualities Self-Esteem, Self-Management, ResponsibilityPeople Skills Leadership, Teamwork
  36. 36. Be able to answer basic questions  why do you want this job?  What are your strengths ?  Your weakness ?  What set apart from other candidates?
  37. 37. Network Able to communicate with people you know about career information. It is an effective way to learn about the type of training necessary for a particular position, what it took to get into the field, and the positive and negative aspects of the work.
  38. 38.  More and more professionals are active on online networks such as and Some professionals even use Facebook to get in touch with others in their field…as well as research potential candidates
  39. 39.  Play an important role in the progress of country
  40. 40. Career planning in Pakistan
  41. 41. Lack of career planning in Pakistan
  42. 42. Effects Lack of interest Hindrance in country’s development Demoralization Unemployment stress
  43. 43. Craziness of studying abroad In pakistan it is a trend now that rich families prefer to send their children abroad for study. They don’t see whether in which institution they are sending their child is a recognized institution or a bogus one . By doing such mischief they are spoiling the future of their child … Students must also research about it before going there to study ….
  44. 44. Conclusion
  45. 45.  First of all question arises . Who should select your career? Parents or a student himself ? Choosing a career path is one of the most important decision that a person make in his life time If you choose a career according to your own interest you will not hesitate to explain your task in front of others
  46. 46. NOW SIX FIELDS TO GO realistic Investigative social Artistic Conventional Enterprising
  47. 47. Advices Parents are well positioned to give their children advice How ? Strong determination “ don’t wait for a perfect moment let a moment and be a perfect ”
  48. 48. Benefits You use your natural talent Can gloom your knowledge Can earn a reasonable salary Transform your life into a comfortable zone if you select a field of your choice than you can give full knowledge of that field to others also
  49. 49. Examples
  50. 50.  When I think of what I want to do in the future, a wide array of jobs come in mind. Yet none stands out as much as that of being a restaurant owner. I find it to be the perfect mix of business with culinary arts. Every since I was a little kid I’ve been playing with pots and pans or helping my family in the kitchen. I have carried this love all my life in hope that in the future I would be able to own my own restaurant
  51. 51. Famous rock starSalman Ahmad is a doctor by training and arock musician by profession
  52. 52. Quotes ”A good beginning, makes a good ending”A chinese philosopher one’s said : ”Choose a job you’ll love and you will never never have to work another day in your life”
  53. 53. Questions ???