Perimeter control for prison


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Perimeter control for prison

  1. 1.  Video here…..
  2. 2.  -To make sure that perimeter of prison is protected  -Restricted areas need to be constantly guarded to prevent any unauthorized access and escape.
  3. 3.  Prison has a perimeter that must be protected,ensuring no unauthorized access to the plant  The key to overall security is to implementing several layer
  4. 4.  Prison security layer › Outdoor perimeter › Indoor security
  5. 5. Is to Detect and impede an attack Physical control  › Gates › Door › Fences  Perimeter wall  Concertine wire
  6. 6. -Installing outdoor perimeter system in pre existing structure: -triggering alarm signal if crossed • Microwave barrier/ intrusion detection system • Infrared beam • Doopler sensor
  7. 7.  CCTV Camera › Wide area surveillance allows cameras to be used to create a barrier zone › Apply rules to these zone ( what can enter this area) › If violates rules alarm would be triggered
  8. 8. Technology How its works magnetomeers Detect vibration disturbance when someone climbs the fence or cut the links Fiber optic Monitor long and wide barier Basics Disturbance-sensitive cable is installed on existing chain link/metal fences Radio barrier wireless technology of intruder detection and transmission of alarm information via two-way secure radio channel with a guaranteed delivery of alarm messages to stationary and portable receiving units Fence detection system Deploy any combination of fence, buried cable, or digital microwave sensors on a single communications platform
  9. 9. Fence detection system
  10. 10.  operator do not have to look at all over the perimeter but only at ne display showing all the necessary information.
  11. 11. • Segments to considered : – Perimeter security: includes lighting,fencing,electronic detection,equipment for staff and electronic contraband detection – Staff and inmate communication: involves technology related to intercom,radios,telephone,emergency callback system, pagers and cell phones – Contraband detection: entail metal detectors, x ray machines and ion scanners.
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  14. 14.       1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.