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Shevek talks about Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop

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Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop

  1. 1. Karmasphere Studio™ for Hadoop™ Shevek, Lead Engineer
  2. 2. Introduced at Hadoop World Gerster karmasphere studio integrates with amazon, hadoop. Push a button to deploy to the cloud. fourbitsdotcom Definitely downloading #karmasphere the minute I get back home. Thanks@amazon! benhardy Karmasphere at #hadoopworld looks “"Wow! Fantastic! Last night I cool, & NetBeans supports #Clojure too! worked through the online tutorials, gravitymonkey Karmasphere studio for netbeans and deployed to both the unit test to manage hadoop, and in amazon map environment and to my Amazon reduce! account. It was just like deploying any Java project to Tomcat or stuartsierra Karmasphere at #hadoopworld looks some other server; all the usual cool development, debugging and igrigorik this is AWESOME. karmasphere = deployment tools were there. You netbeans IDE for developing + running MR guys get my vote for 2009 product Hadoop jobs of the year."” Confiden'al

  3. 3. An IDE for Hadoop •  Develop •  Debug •  Deploy •  Monitor
  4. 4. Karmasphere Studio Capabilities •  Prototype on the desktop –  Get going quickly. No cluster required. •  Deploy to a private or cloud-based cluster –  Deploy job/s easily. Even through firewalls to remote clusters. •  Debug on the cluster –  Visual tools deliver insight into the job during and after the job flow. •  Visualize and manipulate graphically –  Clusters, file systems, job configuration, debugging information, log files. •  Monitor and analyze Hadoop job/s in real- time –  Real-time, workflow view of inputs, outputs and intermediate results 4

  5. 5. Compatibility and Integration •  Major platforms –  Windows; Mac; Linux •  Major Hadoop distributions –  Cloudera; Apache; Yahoo! –  0.18, 0.19 and 0.20 •  Closely integrated with Amazon cloud –  Elastic MapReduce and Amazon S3 Confiden'al

  6. 6. Creating a Job
  7. 7. Deploying a Job Confiden'al

  8. 8. Developing Jobs Confiden'al

  9. 9. Accessing a Cluster Datacenter User
  10. 10. Accessing a Cluster Datacenter User
  11. 11. Configuring a Cluster Confiden'al

  12. 12. Configuring a File System Confiden'al

  13. 13. Monitoring Clusters and Jobs Confiden'al

  14. 14. Inspecting Jobs Confiden'al

  15. 15. Cluster Capacity and Usage Confiden'al

  16. 16. Monitoring a Job Confiden'al

  17. 17. Demo Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop Including support for private and public cloud deployment, monitoring and debugging. Confiden'al

  18. 18. Join the crowd… Free Beta Available Today www.karmasphere.com
  19. 19. Contact Us •  Technical –  shevek@karmasphere.com •  Business –  martinh@karmasphere.com •  Support –  support@karmasphere.com •  Web –  www.karmasphere.com