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Changes to the HW
News and the HWA
For a trial period we are going to publish
the Hadley Wood ...
Christmas Gifts now in stock
Neom Candles plus new
ranges. Something for all
the family & our
beautifully presented
Crème ...
Road a few metres to the east of the
existing old gate posts. This will give
better alignment for cycles joining and
All aspects of general practice
covered. Same day and
weekend appointments
@ Hadley Wood or local
Private Hospitals
Hadley Wood Station
looking north. Four
trains and a local bus.
October 2013
This is a compilation of four photographs

Tel: 01707 663 738
St Jude’s day.
October 28th
St Jude the Patron Saint ...
Farewell from Chris Hepworth, Head
Coach at the Tennis club.
It is sixteen and three quarter years since I started work at...
one to one fitness

Beware of cheap imitations
One to One Fitness studio Hadley Wood
Offering one to one personal training...
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor
The Barnet Appeals Committee are
also once more holding their popular
Julie Hall and Sue
Clark. Creative Cookery
The story of our cookery courses begins
25 years ago. A friend who came to



Just over 3,000 sq ...
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Hadley Wood News October-November 2013


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Hadley Wood News October-November 2013

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE HADLEY WOOD NEWS DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482 ‘Where have all the ducks gone?’ OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE AGM. Dec.11th. With David Burrowes MP Hadley Wood News and website. Changes. Tennis Club. Peter Blackmore remembers Local Hospital issues. David Burrowes MP Hadley Wood Pre-school and Playschool. Update Chris Hepworth tennis coach. Time to go home. Pedestrian/Cycle path to Waggon rd. Swerving. St Jude’s Day storm. Not poplar Barnet Appeals Committee. Christmas Stop and Shop. Nov.21st Barnet Market. Unstalled Ghita’s story. A homecoming. Southgate Scouts. Celebrations. Julie and Sue’s book for the Peace Hospice. Creative Cookery.
  2. 2. Changes to the HW News and the HWA website ( For a trial period we are going to publish the Hadley Wood News every two months. We think this will make it more interesting, less of a newsletter and more of a magazine. Recognising the widespread move to reading newspapers online we are updating and improving our website, now managed by George McCormick. Included amongst other useful information on the website are past and present copies of the Hadley Wood News. In this way we aim to provide residents with a regular account of what is going on in the area. We hope you will join in by sending us letters, articles about the area, children’s occasions, birthdays, weddings and forthcoming events. If you or your children take any interesting photographs of Hadley Wood please send them in and if appropriate we will put them onto the website or even the cover of the News. In due course we will include them in a future local Photographic Exhibition. Editor. Memories of Hadley Wood Tennis Club. Scheduling an interview with Peter Blackmore, now aged a mere 91 years, was more difficult than I imagined such is his busy lifestyle. However I managed to corner him in the HWGC to ask him if together we could write something about the history of the Hadley Wood Tennis Club. Peter was heavily involved in this club serving as Vice Captain, Captain, Chairman and President until retiring (from tennis) in 1987. He first joined the tennis club in 1961 and subsequently oversaw the birth of the Hadley Wood Association with its incorporation of the Tennis Club and later provision of a preschool, ballet school, football, bridge and cricket club. Opened in the 1890’s Hadley Wood Tennis Club is one of the oldest in the country. Peter recollects looking through some of the old Tennis Club minutes and finding an entry referring to their Annual Ball. ‘In the event of the Queen’s death’ it read ‘the Annual Ball will be postponed’ Which Queen? Victoria no less. Peter remembers the pavilion well. Also known as the Pagoda it first had a thatched roof. Catching fire from sparks caused by a passing steam engine the roof was later replaced by tiles. The pagoda was there in 1961 when Peter and Helen moved to Hadley Wood and were ‘played in’. “Not a pleasant experience” recalls Peter. “We were closely scrutinised throughout this ordeal by a group of senior members”. Having survived flying for the RAF throughout WW2 Peter was not easily intimidated and they were accepted. Soon he was Assistant Secretary of the Club but things were changing. Although two more grass courts had been added as well as a bowling green, the old pagoda like pavilion with its Ladies and Gentlemen’s changing rooms (and a bell for tea), was falling into disrepair. In 1963 the Tennis Club applied to Enfield Council for renewal of its lease. The Council responded by pointing out the parlous state of the clubhouse and announced it was going to develop the site with football grounds, public tennis courts, leaving two courts for the Tennis Club and replacing the pavilion with a new building to house changing rooms and toilets. What happened next is recorded in Nancy Clarke’s book. The Tennis club members were dismayed but so were many other residents in Hadley Wood who felt the area needed some sort of Centre/Village Hall and a organisation which would represent the Community. Local residents, in particular Mervyn Glennie and Leslie Ross Collins (then President of the Tennis Club) started speaking up. Finally after a public meeting in the Mount House Convent School (now St Marthas) attended by 400 people the Hadley Wood Association was born. Its recorded aim was ‘Promoting the benefit of all inhabitants by providing facilities for recreation, social welfare, education and leisure pursuits. Providing an Association Centre and other amenities and representing the district in matters of general public concern starting with the Hadley Wood Open Space’. The Council agreed. Grants from the Sports Council and Enfield Council as well as funds raised from Hadley Wood residents The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to A be FSA approved for insur rance insurance claims. Fully Equipped. Fr i e n d l y, Friendly, Compassionate g & Caring Professionals. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Workshop eatre Wo orkshop ory copy • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e e The Place for Puppy Parties! Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit ww om 2
  3. 3. Christmas Gifts now in stock Neom Candles plus new ranges. Something for all the family & our beautifully presented Crème Gift Certifcates 32 Crescent West T: 020 8449 2687 were obtained and the Hadley Wood Association Centre as we know it was built and a lease arranged with Enfield Council. Peter remembers this and subsequent stages clearly. “The plans did not show any space for a bar for fear of antagonising some of the substantial established residents” he said. “and the building was supposed to be temporary one with perhaps a life of 30 years!” However all was agreed and it was opened by Ian McLeod in June 1968. However the lack of any bar facilities was proving to be a problem. Peter recounts how in 1970 the Social and Sports committee pressurised the HWA Council to provide them. The first application for a Club Licence was turned down by the Metropolitan Police on various technicalities. The Police however had underestimated the determination of the tennis players to have a beer after a match and solicitors were engaged by the HWA with successful results. The Bar eventually opened on Friday and Saturday nights as well as Sunday lunchtimes. However it was a small area and the Tennis Club could not entertain visiting teams properly especially if the Club room was in use. Around 1989/90 the Tennis Club approached the HWA Council to ask if they could have their own pavilion. This lead to lengthy discussions and a compromise was reached. Alterations had to be made and plans for this and for a kitchen upgrade were prepared. The HWA agreed these but only if the Tennis Club made a contribution. This was forthcoming and on the understanding that it would not give the tennis club exclusive rights to the bar area and that any member of the HWA could use the bar at any time, work was completed in 1992 with Peter as Project Manager. The Tennis Club thus lost its autonomy but was strengthened and its future guaranteed by becoming one of the HWA’s several constituent clubs, all with equal rights to the facilities of a large village hall. Although the ‘ownership’ of the bar area has sometimes been a focus of dispute between the Tennis Club and its HWA parent, the system has worked well. Successive Chairmen of the HWA have worked closely with the Tennis Club to ensure facilities have been kept as up to date as possible. The Club has flourished and with a strong input from key members and resident coaches has provided a first class sporting centre for residents and their children as well as for visitors. Peter Blackmore and Rod Armstrong Sustrans plans for the railway path to Waggon road. New path proposals are described here which complete the walk and cycle link from Hadley Wood Station to Waggon Road. This continues the works carried out earlier in 2013 to surface the railway path across land owned by Network Rail from Hadley Wood Station to the boundary of the Network Rail land and the Hadley Wood Association’s Open Space. At this point the Public Footpath (FP 119) continues north to Waggon Road. Path Construction Sustrans preference is for a bonded or sealed surface as this will withstand water erosion, wear and path deterioration and greatly reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Leaf fall under trees will weather and soften the tarmac finish more quickly than the path in the open area. We propose a standard construction which involves digging out approximately 150mm (6”) of top soils to create a solid and durable foundation layer for the path. If significant tree roots lie across the path we will consider a ‘nodig’ construction which avoids compacting the tree roots, allows air to the roots to minimise impact on the trees. This construction would raise the path (approx 100mm - 4”) above surrounding ground level and may require extra work to accommodate existing service covers ( BT have a cable route and access covers that run along the length of the path from Waggon Road to Crescent West) The path would need to be curved – not straight- to avoid some trees and we may need to remove some small trees within and/or leaning over the path (numbering 12 in total ) Environmental measures Options to reduce the impact of the construction in the woods are as follows. Where taking the path through the area of scrub and dead wood by Waggon Rd we can create log piles from the dead and felled wood to create insect habitats. With the help of the HWA we will also put up some bat and bird boxes in the woods and plant new tree saplings for each tree removed. Access control The path would emerge onto Waggon 3
  4. 4. Road a few metres to the east of the existing old gate posts. This will give better alignment for cycles joining and leaving the carriageway and greater visibility and safety for cyclists/pedestrians for traffic on Waggon Road. Access to the path from Waggon Road will be controlled by an array of bollards. This will slow cyclists down on approach to the highway and deter unauthorised use while maintaining access for wheel chair users, pedestrians with child buggies and cycles. Unauthorised use by motorcycles is a concern which will be monitored. Enfield Council will review access controls if unauthorised use occurs and causes problems to residents and other users of the path and the open space. The existing path alongside the private fence has concrete gate posts for a ‘Kissing gate’ though there is currently no gate in place. This would not be affected by the proposed new path. If our budget allows we could re-instate a wooden gate in the existing posts. Residents in the adjoining Railway cottages have been informed of the plans and the plan has met with the approval of the Hadley Wood Association. Bryn Lockwood. Area Manager North, SUSTRANS Tel 02077807204 The Future of our local Hospitals since 2008 that primary care improvements would be in place by the time of this decision; the risks of delay to both Chase Farm Hospital and North Middlesex Hospital, and the negative impact on Enfield residents, particularly in the North East of the Borough. It is important to recognise the issue at stake. It is not whether the downgrade of Chase Farm's A&E and maternity services should take place. Sadly, despite our campaigning that decision was made back in 2008 by Labour's Health Secretary and following a moratorium and review was confirmed in 2011. The decision is one of timing. Are services ready to be transferred from November? The reality is that well over £100 million has been invested in the last year in our local hospitals with improved and expanded women's, children's and emergency services at both North Mid and Barnet hospitals as well as the investment in new urgent care facilities, paediatric and older persons assessment units and an elective surgical centre at Chase Farm. We heard that there is a real danger that our hospitals will be put at risk by a delay in the reconfiguration of services. We heard that all the hospitals are ready for the changes. To cope with the changes to Chase Farm, over £20m is being spent at Barnet Hospital to achieve the most modern, high quality provision of services for patients. The main clinical changes that will benefit patients include: A&E expansion, expansion of the intensive care unit/higher dependency unit capacity, an additional CT scanner, larger treatment areas for children, an improved medical day treatment unit, a midwifery led birthing unit and expanded delivery facilities. Chase Farm Hospital is not closing and we should not give credibility to the shroud wavers who talk about its demise. The reality is that following the service changes there will still be access to 24 hr urgent care at Chase Farm. In fact the urgent care will be better for older people and children with dedicated assessment units. Outpatients, planned surgery, rehabilitation, women's diagnostics, paediatric outpatient services, gynaecology outpatient services, ante natal services and maternity day units will all continue to be available at Chase Farm. Much as we continue to regret previous decisions about A&E and maternity services we are where we are and need to make decisions for the best future for Enfield patients. I believe that the biggest risk for Chase Farm's future is the blight of continued delay and uncertainty. We now need to get the necessary investment in Chase Farm to make it fit for modern day purposes rather than fight old battles. David Burrowes MP I attended the meeting in September when local GPs unanimously agreed "that the changes to A&E, paediatrics, maternity, and neonatal and planned care services agreed under the BEH Clinical Strategy (in accordance with the decision of the then Secretary of State in 2008 and 2011) should happen as soon as possible from 15 November 2013". I raised questions about the expectation 4
  5. 5. All aspects of general practice covered. Same day and weekend appointments @ Hadley Wood or local Private Hospitals Mobile Car Valeting Patio Jet Washing New Carpet Cleaning Service Call Adam for a Free estimate on 0208-440-5135 or 07973-272347 Patients on the NHS list are excluded Double Celebration for 11th Southgate Scout Group On Sunday 29th September a very special double celebration for the 11th Southgate Scout Group took place. Firstly, Roger Colebrook, County Commissioner for Greater London North Scout County, presented Peter (Jumbo) Davis MBE with the Chief Scout’s 60 years Service Award during the All age service at Christ Church, Cockfosters in recognition of his 60 years of service to Scouting. Jumbo has spent the last twenty-two years as Group Scout Leader of the 11th Southgate Scout Group, Chalk Lane, Cockfosters. Secondly, as readers of this newsletter will be aware, the 11th Southgate Scout Group received grants from the Enfield Residents’ Priority Fund (ERPF) to assist with upgrading our heaters and to refurbish our toilet facilities including providing facilities for disabled people. This work was completed during the summer. After the service the new facilities and work of the Scout Group were blessed by the Rev Dr. Richard James, Vicar of Christ Church, Cockfosters and officially opened by Roger Colebrook, County Commissioner. The 11th Southgate is very grateful for funding received from the ERPF and to those in the local community who supported our application. We look forward to welcoming more boys and girls into Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and being able to offer our smart HQ for use by the wider community. For hiring our Scout Headquarters for children’s parties, meetings or fitness and dance sessions please contact: Nafisa Ashing Tel: 020 8449 6747 Email : Section Contact Details Beavers (6 - 8 year olds) – Glenda Hunter 020 8361 2350 Cubs (8 -10 ½ year olds) – Geraldine Palfreman 020 8275 0608 (eve) 020 8361 2444 (day) Scouts (10½ - 14 year olds) – Darryl Ashing 020 8449 6747 5
  6. 6. Hadley Wood Station looking north. Four trains and a local bus. October 2013 This is a compilation of four photographs taken in an hour on 22nd October with the camera firmly mounted on a tripod. The main photograph includes the two trains on the left travelling north. Our local train is stopping and is quite sharp but the East Coast express is travelling fast and is slightly blurred. The two southbound trains and the bus were taken on three separate photographs and superimposed on the main photograph as small patches. This is not difficult to do using a digital camera and Photoshop Elements particularly if the camera has not been moved. The only hindrance was the sun which kept disappearing behind clouds - just had to be patient and wait till a train came by on each track while the sun was shining. Similar view of Hadley Wood Station looking north in 1899 The railway line through Hadley Wood was opened in 1850 but the station was not built until 1885 when Charles Jack, the local property developer, made a substantial contribution towards the construction and annual operating costs. The original station straddled the line with the entrance in the middle of the bridge. To 6 the left there was a siding, built to bring construction materials for the station, which became a goods yard and the small building was the office for placing orders for deliveries of coal. At the extreme left was No.1 Crescent West, intended but never used as the railway hotel. It became Albert Kingwell’s estate office. To the east of the railway was the stationmaster’s house, recently rebuilt as Gables Court. Further to the right, the tennis courts were already in place and the pavilion where the HWA Centre now stands. Across the fields in the distance, the hedge and line of trees ran beside Waggon Road with no houses there yet, other than the railway cottages close to the tunnel. In the foreground and above the North Tunnel were the tips where the spoil from excavating the tunnels was dumped, not yet overgrown with trees. The double tracks through the three tunnels at Hadley Wood severely restricted the traffic on the line and in 1959 the new tunnels were opened and the station rebuilt without the decorative wooden dags. John Leatherdale
  7. 7. ITALIANDESIGNER KITCHENSBY Tel: 01707 663 738 St Jude’s day. October 28th St Jude the Patron Saint of Lost Causes found himself in the news on October 28th when a major storm swept over the south east corner of England. Hadley Wood with its rich collection of trees suffered as usual, losing two big poplars and a large number of branches and foliage but thankfully no injuries to residents. The Bartrams Lane poplar thoughtfully measured its length straight down the lane without any damage to the houses at the side. However residents could not get their cars out and access to the field was difficult. By November 1st the Council had moved in and removed the fallen tree. Wednesday 27th November between 10am - 12.00noon H a d l e y Wo o d A s s o c i a t i o n C e n t r e , C r e s c e n t E a s t , H a d l e y Wo o d , B a r n e t , H e r t s , E N 4 0 E L Te l : 0 2 0 8 4 4 9 6 0 8 9 o r 0 7 7 5 4 1 7 9 8 8 4 w w w. h a d l e y w o o d p r e s c h o o l , c o . u k (Just behind the tennis courts) 7
  8. 8. Farewell from Chris Hepworth, Head Coach at the Tennis club. It is sixteen and three quarter years since I started work at the Tennis Club and during that time I have met and coached some amazing players from Hadley Wood and the surrounding areas. Now however after much thought and soul searching I believe the time is right for me to move back North. I will finish coaching at the Tennis Club on Sunday 24th November and will be moving closer to my family in Hull. I have a new job there at David Lloyd’s which will include some off court development work with Junior players as well as creating School links. I love the game of Tennis both coaching and playing but the body is saying "slow down". The knees are starting to complain and creak loudly!!! I will take away so many fond memories and stories, maybe I should write a book!! How can I forget: – Coaching a nine year old player who worked very hard and qualified to compete at the Orange National Finals at the National Tennis Centre. – Working at Hadley Wood Primary School for the last five years. This year our teams came 1st and 3rd in the Enfield schools festival and the 'A' team represented Enfield in the London Mini Games at Crystal Palace. – Working with our Ladies Teams. They always showed great commitment and dedication in training and matches & deserved their success. – In 2005-08 Hadley Woods Mini Red, Orange and Green teams qualified for the Middlesex County Finals. – Our Tuesday and Thursday Ladies Tennis groups. They have turned out in all weather but always worked with the same enthusiasm and dedication. – Our Mini and Junior term time and holiday courses. The laughter, hard work and fun was often heard around Hadley Wood. We had some great players. There are many other things that have made my work so enjoyable over the years. Individual lessons were always a pleasure; whether a Monday, Friday morning or Saturday evening. I really appreciated the many Juniors who attended our courses and then in their teenage years worked with our Mini players. And how can I forget the dogs!!! Many take their owners for a walk by the tennis courts, then stop to say "hello" as they pass me working on court. I want to thank everyone for their support. All the players I have coached, tennis club members, the Tennis and Association committee, Hadley Wood primary school and its staff and pupils.. to name but a few. A special thank you goes to Stuart Martin, who I have worked with for the last sixteen years. I wish him all the best in the future. Thank you to all my pupils and friends past and present. I will miss you. BO O TA KI KI N N GS G N O W All courses and activities at Hadley Wood will continue when I leave. For more information and private lessons contact: HW Tennis club: or visit Stuart Martin 07787 552326 or Nick Wheeler 07812 462428 or Best wishes for the future. Chris Hepworth 07789 555008 CHRISTMAS AT Christmas Eve Party £30.00 Glass of Champagne on arrival, Meze Dishes & Live Music from Dan Rosen with Anna Watts. Christmas Day £75.00 Champagne Reception, 3 Course Luncheon and Live Music from Dan Rosen with Anna Watts. Children under 12 years £35.00 New Years Eve £47.50 Champagne Reception 4 Course Dinner Glass of Champagne at Midnight 18 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, EN4 0EJ T: 020 8275 0268 8 See our website for more details and to view our food & wine menus
  9. 9. one to one fitness Beware of cheap imitations One to One Fitness studio Hadley Wood Offering one to one personal training, back rehabilitation, nutrition coaching, rapid weight loss, outdoor bootcamps and more Email: Tel: 020 8447 1661 12 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts EN4 0EJ Hadley Wood Association Annual General Meeting Wednesday December 11th in the HWA Association Centre At the end of the tennis courts Crescent East 1. Apologies 2. Minutes of last meeting 3. Matters arising 4. Chairman’s report 5. Financial report 6. Reports from the Clubs (tabled) 7. Newsletter and Website 8. Local affairs. David Burrowes MP will discuss Local Hospitals, Neighbourhood plans and the Malaysian university at Trent Park. 9. Election of Officers. Graham Sharp is resigning but is available for re-election. 10. AOB HWPP News… Hadley Wood Preschool and Playgroup, Hadley Wood Association Centre. The new term has got off to a fantastic start with the opening of our extended playground. It has been a long time in the planning but at last we finally have it! Children who attended the setting last term returned for a ‘playdate’ one Friday afternoon. Following tea and cake, we all gathered outside for the children to ceremoniously cut the ribbon. “This is really good!” one child was heard to say. It was lovely to see the children having fun leaping, jumping and climbing. Fund raising for the project started several years ago with the children taking part in sponsored obstacle races. Our parent committee have held fish and chip suppers, many raffles as well as other Dr Keith Garber Dr Andrew Halmer Dr Alvise Marin All aspects of general dentistry offered throughout the week including Saturday morning appointments Please contact our reception 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJ Tel: 020 8441 0257 enterprising events in order to raise funds. We would like to say a very big ‘Thank you’ to all our contributing families. Future developments include additional seating and an area in which we can garden. Having this extended area is going to truly enrich the experience the children receive. Now we have a climbing frame, mushroom seating and more space to play where they can develop core strength, hone their social skills and discover more about the world in which they live. Judy Quickenden, Supervisor 9
  10. 10. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor The Barnet Appeals Committee are also once more holding their popular 'CHRISTMAS STOP AND SHOP' on the evening of the 21st November from 7pm - 9pm, and the morning of the 22nd November, from 10am until 1pm. (Minimum donation of £3 on the door). To be held at 4 Newmans Way, Hadley Wood. Bubbles and canapes in the evening or coffee and bakes in the morning......Bring a friend and do your Christmas shopping early...AND support a great cause at the same time. If you would like further information or you would like to know more about the work of the Barnet Appeals Committee please contact Susan How on 078881900050 Vanessa Northam Dear Editor I thought residents should know about the unpleasant and obviously planned incident in Crescent East on Halloween Night. At 10.00pm hearing thumping on the windows at the front of our building I discovered broken eggs streaming down window panes, on porch glass and at the 1st floor windows. A neighbour noticed a gang of youths on Camlet Way and Crescent East later that night, and earlier teenagers were seen purchasing trays of eggs at a local supermarket. Parents of the culprits are doubtless unaware of this unacceptable behaviour under the guise of Trick or Treat. Gloria Neal Dear Editor There seems to have been a spate of lost cats in Hadley Wood recently, causing grief and anxiety to their owners and family. Some people think that cats are inferior to dogs as friends and companions but we beg to differ. Cats are quieter, cleaner, less demanding of attention and exercise. They amuse themselves, but respond lovingly when cuddled or stroked. And they are warmer than a duvet. More than 20 years ago Thomas was top cat in our Crescent East house. There were French doors from the living room into the garden and Thomas learned that by standing on his hind paws and drumming on the glass pane he could make somebody inside the room let him in. It was a necessary trick as Thomas was jet-black and could not be seen at night-time, but that bombom-bombon-bombon on the door was strong enough to ensure his admittance. He used to go off for a few days from time to time, dealing with some sort of feline business no doubt. But then he went 10 away and did not come back, not for weeks, not for months. We sighed and cried for a bit, but then resigned ourselves to his loss, and eventually forgot about it. Until one evening, more than two years later, when we were watching television and suddenly heard ‘bombom-bombom-bombom. We opened the window and Thomas strolled in, gave a quick miao and went to the scullery where his dish was. Delighted though we all were, no one was quite as thrilled as our ginger sheltie, Matty, who followed Thomas around for the rest of the day. So all those bereft families who are missing a much-loved cat - do not despair. Owners are responsible for their dogs but not for their cats; the law recognises that cats are independent creatures who come and go according to their own rules and timetables. Keep on hoping: your cat may turn up one day, sooner or later. Ghita Cohen
  11. 11. Julie Hall and Sue Clark. Creative Cookery The story of our cookery courses begins 25 years ago. A friend who came to supper asked me for the recipe for one of my puddings but then had difficulty making it at home. I offered to show her one day when my now 27-year-old was having his lunchtime nap. She arrived with flowers... plus five friends. They so enjoyed sitting watching me making the pudding that they asked if I would demonstrate dishes to them in my kitchen on a regular basis. As a qualified Home Economics teacher and Cordon Bleu trained, this was an opportunity that really appealed to me. It was very different then – a maximum of six people, who all helped make the coffee/ wash up etc... and the morning had to finish very promptly before midday as we all had to dash off to collect our toddlers from Playgroup. After a year or so, more people became interested in the lessons, and so I started up a second group – which included Sue. She soon had the idea of expanding the group and making it more of a home enterprise....and we therefore joined forces to launch ‘Creative Cookery’. In those days, we ran courses that lasted for several weeks – ‘starters’, ‘pastry’, ‘puddings’ etc, but it was when we adapted the demonstrations to a ‘one-off’ day that they really took off. Juggling the demands of young families, we realised early on that what people with similarly busy lives want are easy-tofollow recipes that are imaginative, original, taste great, look good and do not involve endless hours of slaving away in the kitchen. We also aimed to teach a wide range of skills for both beginner and experienced cooks, as well as short cuts and practical tips. Over the years, more than 300 ladies (and at least 5 brave gentlemen!) have come to the demonstrations, and it is a testament to Sue’s charm and dedication to ‘Creative Cookery’ that so many returned year after year and became good friends. Even after she retired in 2011, Sue continued to help me to plan the recipes for each course – it was a real team effort. In recognition of Sue’s inspiration, I have chosen some of our favourite recipes for this book – ones that have stood the test of time – along with a few newer recipes. The introductions to each section were written by Sue for the original book. I have adapted them slightly to fit the recipes which have been selected. All the dishes have been tested many, many times; but just a word about the ingredients – I have used both imperial and metric measures, although in some cases, for example when referring to a certain size of tin, packet etc to be purchased, I have simply used the metric quantity specified; and one final thing... the eggs are always large! Last but not least, I would like to thank my family for their encouragement and support in putting this book together, in particular my daughter Elizabeth (Lil) who typed up all the recipes, took the bulk of the photos and dealt completely with the technical side of the book. I could not possibly have accomplished this project without her. Sue’s sons, Simon and Miles, have been involved too - Simon took the amazing front cover picture and other stunning photos, and Miles (6000 miles away in Vancouver... the wonder of email!) did the graphics and designed the layout of the cover. Brian, Sue’s husband, took care of the printing and binding which was an enormous task. Many thanks also to Huw Penson, one of Miles’ best friends, who photographed several of the dishes. And, of course, I must not forget the fortitude of my husband, John, who has tasted test versions of these recipes many times... no mean feat when a course deadline was due! All the profits from this book will be donated to The Peace Hospice in Watford. The nurses from there were a tremendous support to Sue and her family during her final illness. There is a message from the CEO of The Peace Hospice on the inside back cover of the book where you will be able to read more about the wonderful work they do. Julie Hall Peace Hospice The Peace Hospice provides specialist care and family support for people living with life limiting illnesses across South West Hertfordshire. Most of our patients have cancer but an increasing number have other conditions such as end stage heart disease, respiratory and neurological disease. We care for the whole person, helping with emotional and spiritual issues as well as physical symptoms. We focus on enabling patients to live their lives to the full and providing the best quality of life when a cure is not possible. We have a team of specialist staff including doctors, nurses, social workers, counsellors and therapists who use their expertise and skills to support each patient to meet his or her individual needs. We treat pain and other physical symptoms, help patients come to terms with their illness, provide practical support with home care and benefits, and support patients’ families and friends through bereavement. As well as this, we offer complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques. The Hospice is a warm, friendly and supportive environment and our team of staff and volunteers work hard to ensure everyone feels welcome. We provide inpatient care in a 12 bed unit and day services for people who are well enough to stay in their own homes. We also provide bereavement support to anyone in Hertfordshire who has been bereaved not just those whose loved one has been cared for by the Hospice. The ‘STARS’ grief support programme for children and young people is also part of our bereavement work. Outside the Hospice building we provide a Hospice At Home service to patients across South West Hertfordshire which takes hospice care to patients in their own homes and gives them the choice of staying at home and dying there if that is their wish. We need to raise £4 million of charitable income alone this year to continue running and developing our services. All the care we provide to our patients and their families is free. 11
  12. 12. OFFICES AT BARNET TOTTERIDGE HADLEY WOOD BROOKMANS PARK RADLETT HADLEY GREEN HADLEY WOOD £1,850,000 Just over 3,000 sq ft 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 4 Receptions Integral Double Garage Garden 140ft HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD £1,895,000 Just over 3,900 sq ft Completed to a high specification 6 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3 Reception Rooms Garden Garage ENFIELD £1,595,000 ENFIELD £1,295,000 Approx 3,500 sq ft 5 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 5 Receptions Integral Double Garage Gated Development HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 £1,795,000 Plot 0.6 of an Acre Electronic Gates Swimming Pool Complex 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Receptions Detached 1 Bed Annex HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Reception Rooms Kitchen Utility Room Southerly Aspect Rear Garden Garage HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD £999,950 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Reception Rooms Kitchen/Breakfast Room Utility Room Driveway with ample parking Integral Garage Rear Garden HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 SALES OFFICES AT: BARNET 020 8449 3383 TOTTERIDGE 020 8445 3694 HADLEY WOOD 020 8440 9797 BROOKMANS PARK 01707 661144 RADLETT 01923 604321 NEW HOMES SHOWCASE HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9555 PREMIER LETTINGS HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9796 RADLETT 01923 608383 Associated Offices in Mayfair & Moscow The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 Advertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 Hall Bookings Nike tel. 07904019119 niki_ Security Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 HWA Membership Secretary Mrs Sue Finlay Tel. 0208 441 2595 Website Manager George McCormick The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news, views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for the direct benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editor and Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accessed directly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by anyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.Hadley Wood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication. The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2011 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit 12