Hadley Wood News January 2011


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Hadley Wood News January 2011

  1. 1. BRINGINWS yth Nikki Fors Charity r C ycling fo E HS ISSU IS MONT INSIDE TH te! stm inster. Vo ge from We • Messa s. On came ra. speedster HS ISSUE • Hadley’s the Act. IS MONT . Get into INSIDE TH • Party wa lls r in the sh ower. ange rse. corner. Str Bad to wo • Meldrew the Crescent. Memorie s. • Parking in . nchendon es where • Mi HADLEY ns. Who go l power. MARCH 2010 hospital pla rsyth. Peda • Local to come? • Nikki Fo on concern s. WOOD NEW Less grabbing dley. Comm ns in HW. • Monken Ha s farewell . ISSUE • Garde . Captain’ go delights . Blackburne ling. • Stephen and dog fou S Aires. Tan g, rubbish • Buenos ep healthy . rs. Speedin Florida. Ke • Lette 4482 from : 020 8441 • Letter & PRINTED BY KALL KWIK BARN ET TELEPHONE derson >>> DESIGNED mie An •Profile. Ja days. nchenden • Letters. Mi Leatherdale JANUARY 2010 HADLEY by John Photograph 4482 : 020 8441 ET TELEPHONE KWIK BARN WOOD NEW BY KALL & PRINTED DESIGNED ISSUE S >>> JANUARY 2011 ISSUE HADLEY WOOD NEWS DESIGNED & PRINTED BY KALL KWIK BARNET TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. 2010 review FIG 1 January 2010 in Hadley Wood started with the annual Tug of War between Crescent West andCrescent East organised by HowardYates and Chris Redburn. No one is quitesure who won. (Figs 1 and 2). In February John Leatherdale drew ourattention to the Edward V111 letterbox inWaggon Rd, one of only 161 madebefore his abdication and reminded usthat Fanny and Anthony Trollope oncelived at Grandon on Hadley Green. In the same month some unluckyresidents had their cars stolen having leftthe engine running to defrost whilst theyfinished breakfast. On the political sceneseven Area Forums were started in March saw some angry letters and FIG 2Enfield allowing local residents to photos from residents complaining aboutraise issues in the presence of local commuters parking in front of their drives.councillors. Ours is the Cockfosters, The Council and the police promised toGrange and Highlands Area forum. Did help. Reconfiguration of health servicesanyone go? I fear not. between Barnet General and Chase FIG 3 Farm hospitals continued amidst con- troversy and anger and the Conservatives promised to reverse the classification of gardens as brownfield sites. Thus preventing so called ‘garden grabbing’ and inappropriate backland develop- ment. We shall see. Residents went on holiday, amongst them Erika Lindsay who danced the Tango (Fig 3) in the famous dancehalls of Buenos Aires. With more protocol in place than an English golf club she warned against changing into dance shoes at the table, and explained 2
  3. 3. of the shops at Crescent West purporting to be a telephone box and ATM (but was actually neither) was removed to the great relief of the residents. A later replacement faintly remniscent of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s masterpiece was an improvement but given its position in a Victorian Crescent was a sad reminder that BT does not bother too much about our heritage. April produced over thirty letters from children at the Hadley Wood Primary school protesting against those residents FIG 4the courteous Cabeceo system by whichstrangers invite one another to dance. FIG 6Guy Davis, a one time Hadley Woodresident, wrote about Life in Florida, hisdescription of an alligator on the frontdrive deciding all of us against going tojoin him. Myrle White and Gillian Dayhaving come across an old Lower 1Vmagazine reminded many residents oftheir schooldays at Minchendon Schoolin the Forties. A grey coffin like structure (Fig 4)erected by BT on the pavement in front FIG 5 who allow their dogs to foul our fields and open spaces. More signs and bins were promised. Speeding on Camlet Way created comment and criticism. The Safe Neighbourhood Team responded by stationing police with hand held speed cameras (Fig 5) at the straightest sections and asked residents to forward the licence plate numbers of any speedsters. The Council erected Vehicle Activated Signs which slowed the thoughtful and evaded the attention of the thoughtless. In the same month Bob and Sangita from Londis received an award for running one of the best small shops in the country. An immaculate Bob (Fig 6) picked up the award at the Houses of Parliament. Roger Headey and 3
  4. 4. FIG 7 his team of committed residents (Fig 7) FIG 10 carried on their good work keeping the woods and the Common clean and expressed the hope that some of us might join in. Nikki Forsyth (Fig 8) decided to cycle from Beijing to the Great Wall of China for charity and was frequently seen wobbling around Hadley Wood as she trained on her beautiful white bike. FIG 8 FIG 11 wonderful Nancy Blishen (Fig 10) who reached her 90th birthday. The Hadley Wood Bridge League (Fig 11)celebrated its 25th anniversary with a meal at Auberge du Lac where Peter and Helen FIG 9 Later in the month the London Blackmore were sincerely thanked Marathon saw several Hadleywooders for their superb organisation of the running for charity. Nikki Staton, Ellie Bridge League over all of these 25 years. Penfold, Elena Chrystostomou, Paul In the political arena our representatives Berlyn, Stuart Singer, Mukesh Shah and Michael Lavender, Paul McCannah and Jessica McCormick sent in their stories Lionel Zetter were re-elected as our Ward (Fig 9). We were all proud of them. The Councillors in a Labour Council and May issue contained the new Hadley David Burrowes became Our Man in Wood Directory full of (we hope) useful Westminster. telephone numbers. The next issue will June was sometimes sunny and the be out in May 2011 and we would be Primary School’s Summer Fete (Fig 12) grateful if you would send in some more was once again a lovely occasion with its useful contacts. The News that month bouncy castles, tombolas, lucky dips and also included an article about the raffles not to mention the barbecue and4
  5. 5. FIG 12 Bridge Lessons in Hadley Wood Robin Nunn Director of Bridge at the Hadley Wood Bridge Club is arranging a series of ten Bridge lessons for absolute beginners. The teaching sessions will be held at St Pauls Church Hall, Camlet Way, on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. Starting Feb 2nd. The course will follow the English Bridge Union ‘BRIDGE FOR ALL’ teaching program and will be run by EBU members and associate teachers. It will not be a classroom type of course but will concentrate on playing the cards right from the start. Even after the first lesson absolute beginners with no knowledge of any card game will be able to play at home. By the end of the course you should be able to play with confidence. All ages are welcome. Cost £3 per session. Please contact Robin Nunn on 02083634380 or email robinnunn@blueyonder.co.ukthe amazing cake and jewellery stalls. FIG 14 FIG 15The event was organised by the Friendsof Hadley Wood School and raised over3.5K for improvements to the school’soutside areas. Gardens were opened to the public,prominent amongst them the beautifulAnand garden in Fairgreen East. To thehorror of all local couch potatoes JamieAnderson and his team from One to OneFitness opened their Bootcamp (Fig 13)on the sports field behind the shops inBartrams Lane. Under the eagle eye of year or possibly the year after that. was cut by Mrs Elizabeth Slingo the firsttrainer Russell Turner local athletes honed Hadley Wood Primary schoolchildren President.their physiques and improved their took part in a long walk around the area In the August issue the Chairman of thefitness. The rest of us liked the idea but as part of a nationwide support for the HWA Mr Graham Sharp reported onthought we would put off joining until next Charity BRAKE (Road Safety) and during improve-ments to the HWA Centre. For their end of term Sports week those unsure what the HWA actually is, FIG 13 had a parade in which every this refers to your village hall at the end country taking part in the of the tennis courts. New floors and World Football Cup was a new central heating system have represented by children been installed. GS also mentioned that holding flags and singing Vodafone and O2 had approached the national songs (Fig 14). This Association for permission to site a mast left most of us with the only next to the tennis courts. This was not a happy memory of that popular suggestion but alternative sites competition. were suggested. So far no decision has Finally the Hadley Wood’s been made. Women’s Institute celebrated Locals went on holiday, couples were their Golden Jubilee with a married and babies were born but sadly dinner at the Golf Club (Fig no one sent us any details we could 15). A special birthday cake publish. 5
  6. 6. Moira Leatherdale was made aFreeman of her native city Newcastleupon Tyne. She can now help to defendthe city against any invaders. Given theage of the musket she had to shoulderduring the ceremony any potentialinvaders need not worry. Our Horticultural Society lead by JohnHenley enjoyed their annual outing.This time to Kathy Brown’s garden inBedfordshire and then to Elton Hall. The September issue was all aboutlocal sport. It carried an article about the errant golf ball plunging into the lakes.Hadley Wood and Wingate football club Not all sports were of the organised(Fig 16) who play every Sunday morning variety and the Hadley Woodon the field behind the shops at Association’s field at Bartrams LaneBartrams Lane. The club include 10 proved to a valuable asset for allteams of youngsters from under 9 to including the kite flyers (Fig 18).under 15 yrs who have an excellent October’s issue dealt with part one ofrecord of success in the various leagues. Nikki Forsyths wobble free ride to the Monken Hadley Cricket Club continued Great Wall of China on behalf ofplaying on their superb site at the top of Professor Winston’s research groups.Camlet Way causing many of us to Subsequent issues completed her veryfrighten wives and damage wheel hubs funny story which did not mention theon the kerbstones as we drove by trying amount of effort and courage on her partto watch the next ball. The runners amongst us joined Barnetand District A.C. and competed in theChingford league doing well in therunning but not so well in the field events.Any aspiring Geoff Capes are asked tocontact Richard McCormick throughthis magazine. The tennis club (Fig 17)continued to be a popular local facilityand the juniors in particular were FIG 17successful in Middlesex competitions.Nathan Fernandes one of the 9 year oldslooks a terrific prospect for the future. FIG 18 The Hadley Wood Dance centre undertheir Principal Janice Salmon followed upits superb production of Cinderella in2009 by having a particularly good yearfor examination results. The Golf Clubwon the prestigious National Mackenziemedal (again), members were as usualalternately enraged or ecstatic with theirgame and all enjoyed the beautifulsurroundings. Ducks on the course,amongst many others of God’screatures, gave birth to small fluffyoffspring which somehow survived theoccasional (well fairly frequent actually) FIG 16 6
  7. 7. FIG 19 evening. A great turnout of residents and their children saw a fantastic firework necessary to embark on such an show by Pa-Boom as well as enjoyingFIG 20 undertaking. face painting, ghost train rides and all the On Hadley Common a selection of the fun of the fair. East and West residents of Monken Finally December arrived and with it the Hadley, and Hadley Highstone played cold. Somehow Bill Morris one of our their annual cricket match (Fig 19). The local residents managed to walk from East side reclaimed the shield. Several Glasgow to the top of Ben Nevis with a retired colonels watching became team of friends raising a huge amount of apoplectic on noticing the presence of at money for the charity Help for Heroes. least one female in the ranks of the Throughout the year the Friends of cricketers (Fig 20). Barnet market (Fig 21) fought tooth and St Pauls Church held its annual Harvest nail for its survival As things stand at the Festival in a wonderfully decorated moment the situation looks promising church as well as holding a Light party in though by no means perfect. This group the Church Hall. Both St Pauls Church need our support. The last issue of the Playschool and the Hadley Wood Pre and magazine for 2010 was devoted to the Playschool at the HWA Centre continued many groups of Hadleywooders who are to provide a very high standard of care involved in charity work and of whom we and gentle teaching for local children. are justifiably proud. Observers might be November saw the annual Fireworks forgiven for thinking that our community and Bonfire show by the Hadley Wood has a heart. Association on a dry and not too cold Rod Armstrong FIG 21 7
  8. 8. THIS IS A PROOF The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.com www.hadleywood.org.uk Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 sharpie14@btinternet.com Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 rodarmstrong@btinternet.com Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.com Hall Bookings Karen Fernandes 07831 753 268 Security Task Force Membership secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 Safe Neighbourhood Team Police Sergeant D.Walker 020 87212688 or 07920 233 775The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or viewsexpressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accesseddirectly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained byanyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.HadleyWood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication.The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2010 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit www.hadleywood.org.uk 8