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New microsoft office power point presentation

  1. 1. What WIE?Women In Engineering (WIE)IEEE women in Engineering is the largest internationalprofessional organizationdedicated to promoting women engineers andScientists.
  2. 2. IEEE WIE strives to:_Recognize womens outstanding achievements in electrical and electronics engineering through IEEEAwards nominations;_Organize receptions at major technical conferences to enhance networking and to promote membership in WIE;_advocate women in leadership roles in IEEE governance and career advancement for women in the profession;_provide assistance with the formation of new WIE Affinity Groups and support ongoing activities;
  3. 3. IEEE WIE strives to: _Promote IEEE member grade advancement for women to the membership grades of Senior Member and Fellow; _Facilitate the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs; _Administer the IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program to mentor young women in junior and high schools.
  4. 4. In IEEE WIE Magazine Today, most individuals do not create a path plan to return to work after taking a leave of absence for family reasons. We will look at “career maintenance” and life balance issues for families including young children or aging parents. IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine will showcase thebest practices and profile the companiesat the forefront of supporting theiremployees’ needs.
  5. 5. In IEEE WIE MagazineIEEE Women in Engineering Magazinewill present informative topics inengineering and science, while providinga well-rounded and transnational view ofcurrent events affecting women of allcultures.
  6. 6. What other individual is better suited to ask the tough questionsabout engineering and technology than an engineer? Oftentimes, I am met with questions about the need for the existence of groups such as WIE. Less than 30% of all engineers are women, with the majority of this number falling in the chemical and biomedical engineering fields. Electrical engineering and computer engineering still continue to be the most underrepresented engineering fields for women. The attrition of women in the electrical engineering profession also shows that women are leaving the discipline at extremely high rates. Women are a valuable untapped resource that makes up 50% of the world’s workforce. This, coupled with the fact that there are so few women pursuing engineering, is evidence that a problem exists and demands action. Furthermore, we often forget that places in the world still exist where women are not allowed to pursue education, never mind the possibility of pursuing an engineering career. There are countries that have IEEE chapters, yet women are still not permitted to present their work due to cultural issues.
  7. 7. What other individual is better suited to ask the tough questionsabout engineering and technology than an engineer?* IEEE WIE is committed to overcoming the barriers thathave kept women from pursuing and advancing in their careers.Another common question I am often asked as the chair ofthe IEEE WIE Committee is whether we are doing women adisservice by having an organization that seemingly excludesmen. People are surprised to discover that WIE has over 2,700male members. This is not unusual considering that our missionis to foster a community of women and men that supportstheir mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives to pursue engineeringand science careers that will inevitably lead to enrichinglives within
  8. 8. What other individual is better suited to ask the tough questionsabout engineering and technology than an engineer?the global community and the environment.They are even more surprised that every WIE-sponsored eventhas attracted an equal number of male and female attendees,regardless of the country in which the event was held.Remember, WIE is pronounced “WE,” and only together asa community of women and men can we change the waynations perceive women in engineering and help initiate thechanges necessary to finally tap into that 50% of the world’smost valuable resource, brainpower.