15 chapter ii lesson 2


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15 chapter ii lesson 2

  1. 1. Lesson Objectives: 1. To interpret Japanese Parasol Dance with the proper counting, costume and formations; 2. To identify the basic steps and terminologies used in Japanese Parasol Dance; and 3. To perform the basic steps and terminologies learned from the previous chapter. This is a very colorful, easy dance for girls. It is customary with Japanese girls to useumbrella for rain and sunshine.COSTUME: Girls - Bright color kimono, bright colored flowers in hair, a Japanese parasol, and Japanese wooden shoes.MUSIC - composed of three parts: A, B and C. The Music used here is “Mikado”.COUNT - one, two to a measure or one, two, three, four to two measures.
  2. 2. FORMATION - In groups of four facing the audience. The open parasol is held with two hands over the head, the hands holding the handle at chest level. They stand about four feet away from each other. One to any number of sets may take part in this dance. O O O O O O O O 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 O O O O 1 2 3 4 ABBREVIATIONS USED M – measure or measures Ct. – count Cts. – counts L – left R – right Figure 1Music A (a) Starting with the R foot, execute shuffling steps forward. Twirl the parasol overhead (8 cts.) (4 M) (b) With shuffling steps turn around in place clockwise. Twirl the parasol over the R shoulder (4 cts.) (2M) (c) Repeat (b) turning counterclockwise. Transfer parasol to the L shoulder (4cts.) (2M) (d) Turn right about and repeat (a) going to proper place. Twirl the parasol overhead. Finish facing front (4M) (e) Repeat (b) and (c) (4M) Figure 2Music B (a) Step R sideward (ct. 1), step L close to R foot (ct.2), bend knees slightly (ct. 3), straighten knees (ct. 4). Bend the head slightly to the right side, parasol resting on the R shoulder (do not twirl) (2M) (b) Repeat (a) to the left side, starting with the L foot. Transfer the parasol to the Lshoulder (cts. 1-4) (2M) (c) Repeat (a) and (b) (4M) (d) With No.1 leading, execute shuffling steps moving clockwise. Each group makes its own circle. Twirl parasol on the R shoulder (8 cts.) (4M) (e) Turn right about and repeat (d) counterclockwise. Transfer parasol to the L shoulder (4M). Lesson 2: Japanese Parasol Dance (Japan)
  3. 3. Figure 3Music C(a) All bend forward and drop on knees. Place the parasol behind. Bend trunk slowly forward until the head touches the floor (obeisance) (8cts.) (4M)(b) Raise the trunk slowly and take parasol with both hands and place it in front (8 cts.) (4M)(c) In kneeling position, sit in heels (Japanese Fashion). Raise the head and look around the parasol at the right side (4 cts.) and to left side (4 cts.)4M(d) Repeat (c) (4M) Figure 4Music A(a) Each girl rolls her own parasol around self clockwise ( 4cts.) and counterclockwise (4cts.) (4M)(b) Roll it in front to sideward right (2cts.), and to sideward left (2cts.)2M(c) Repeat (b) (2M)(d) Repeat (a) and (b) (6M)(e) All take parasol and stand up with the R foot first (4cts.) (2M) Figure 5Music B All face right, holding parasol with two hands at thigh level ( top toward theaudience, handle toward the rear).(a) Execute shuffling steps forward, twirling parasol clockwise (4cts.) (2M)(b) Turn left about, repeat (a), parasol top toward audience (4tcs) (2M)(c) Turn right about, (a) and (b) (4M).(d) Execute shuffling steps forward to form a square, each girl occupying a corner, facing a common center (4M). You can watch the video of the dance on the DVD presentation. Lesson 2: Japanese Parasol Dance (Japan)
  4. 4. Practice Quiz: Answer the following:1. Write down the fundamental dance position of the arms and the feet used in this dance. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ___2. Enumerate the basic steps used in the dance and write their corresponding dance patterns. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____3. Enumerate the dance terminologies that you have encountered in the dance then write their step pattern. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____4. What is the symbol of the dance? Why? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____5. Does the dance show the culture of the Japanese? How? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____
  5. 5. Shall We Dance!!! Lesson 2: Japanese Parasol Dance (Japan) Perform the Japanese Parasol Dance in front of the class with music and proper costume. You can watch the video of the dance on the DVD presentation. After the dance, answer the following checklist:Questions: Yes No 1. Did you execute the basic steps accurately? 2. Did you follow the dance steps properly? 3. Have you felt the essence of the dance? 4. Did you perform the dance properly? 5. Did you love the dance? After answering the checklist, write your conclusion about the dance and about yourperformance._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lesson 2: Japanese Parasol Dance (Japan)