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    12 chapter evaluation 1 12 chapter evaluation 1 Document Transcript

    • Chapter Evaluation 1Name:_____________________________ Date:____________P.E. Schedule:______________________ Rating:__________A. Identify the Different Position of the Arms and the Feet Write down on the space provided the position of the arms and the feet describeby the statement._______________1. Both raised sideward with a graceful curve at shoulder level._______________2. Both arms raised over head._______________3. One arm raised sideward as in 2nd position ; other arm raised upward._______________4. Both raised forward in a circle in front of chest with the finger tips about an inch apart._______________5. One arm raised in front as in 1st position ; other arm raised overhead._______________6. Heel close together; toes apart with an angle of about 45 degrees._______________7. Heel of front close to big toe of rear foot._______________8. Astride sideward about a pace or 1 foot distance._______________9. Heel of one foot close to in-step of other foot._______________10. One in front of other foot of a pace distance.B. Fix Me Up!!! Arrange the following scrambled words to form the basic dance steps. Clues aregiven under the scrambled words. 1. lebkign tpes - ______________ 6. oscrs altwz - _________________ 2. zurakma - _______________ 7. wltza alnceba - _______________ 3. igncokr pset - ______________ 8. pvtio urtn - __________________ 4. kspi tsep - _______________ 9. vsoveiarnen pets - ____________ 5. chtou tsep - _______________ 10. flifsnhg teps - _______________
    • Clues: 1. Place R heel in front and hop on the L foot (ct. 1), with a spring reverse the position of the feet, that is L heel is placed in front (ct. 2). This is taking one count for each movement. Place R heel in front (ct. 1), step R close to L (ct. 2). This is taking two counts for each movement. 2. Slide R foot sideward (ct. 1), cut R sideward with the L foot (ct. 2), hop on L and bring the R foot in front or in rear of the L ankle (ct. 3). 3. Fall onto L foot forward and raise R foot in rear (ct. 1), fall onto R foot backward and raise L foot in front (ct. 2). 4. The movements are the same as in step-hop, but done in one count only. Step on R (ct. 1) and hop on R (ct. ah). There are two skip steps in one measure. This may be executed in any direction. 5. Point R foot in front (ct. 1), step R close L foot (ct. 2). 6. Step R across L in front and raise slightly the L foot across in rear (ct. 1), step L close to R in third in rear (ct. 2), step R forward (ct. 3). 7. Step R foot forward (ct. 1), close L to R in third in rear or in first position and raise both heels (ct. 2), lower heels with the weight of the body on the R foot (ct. 3). 8. Slide R foot diagonally forward R (ct. 1), step L close to R in third in rear or in first position (ct. 2), step R sideward (ct. 3). Point L foot in front (cts. 1, 2, 3). 9. Step R foot in fourth in front and bend the R knee slightly (ct. 1), execute a quarter turn right with a push on the ball of the L foot and raise the R foot slightly off the floor (ct. and). 10. Tiny sliding steps forward on the balls of the feet. Execute as many steps as necessary.
    • C. Basic Steps or Dance Terms Chapter Evaluation 1 Tell whether the following words fall under the basic steps or terminologies. Write your answer on the space provided.__________1. Clockwise __________6. Chasse__________2. Pivot Turn __________7. Counterclockwise__________3. Free Foot __________8. Rocking Step__________4. Free Hand __________9. Skip Step__________5. Cross Waltz __________10. CurtsyD. Answer the following. 1. What are the basic steps you had encountered in Foreign Folk Dance that are also basic steps in the Philippine Folk Dance? Differentiate each. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _____ _________________________________________________________________ _ _________________________________________________________________ _ _________________________________________________________________ _ _________________________________________________________________ _ 2. Which is easier the Philippine Folk Dance or the Foreign Folk Dance? Explain. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
    • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter Evaluation 1